Tuesday, August 31, 2010


As we all know we have made it through the first Double Eviction of the Season.

The house is happy to have both Matt and Brendon out and are ready to move on.

The top row of pictures of the house guest is now all in black and white. Which means the top row is now done.

Hayden is ready for Ragan to leave the house.

Lane is ready to have the Brigade regroup and get it done.

Of course the boys want Ragan out he knows they are all working together. Plus he knows that Britney and Lane are together as a team. Which leaves him out and all alone in the house.
Poor Ragan.

'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Nominations and Another Pandora's Box

It time for HOH Black Jack Style in the Big Brother house.

It is not as easy as to play black jack in the house. I bet you would have a better chance in Vegas. The house guest have to get a gold ball in the right slot to make their 21 black jack. They have to shoot this gold ball through the air and make it into correct spot. The one who does it with less tries will win or if they get it right away the win and go on to the next round.

Finally it is down to Lane and Ragan. Lane pulls it home and wins the HOH. Ragan takes this loss to heart and is seen crying and talking to himself. He knows he is going to go up and just feels like an out cast.

Lane wins HOH
'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Who is the New HoH?

It's time to see Lane's HOH room. He has a stuff dog, hard hat because he is in the oil business.

Britney is really happy to see the HOH room and see his family.

Lane's Brother is a big guy and Enzo calls him a Gorilla.

When Lane reads his letter we find out he has a cow named Susan who loves being feed. Lane's whole family wrote his letter together.

Britney feels that Lane does not need to win the money because he is in the oil business and owns his own house at twenty four years of age.

Enzo wants Britney to go up.

I guess being in the house can make you a bit crazy. Enzo tries to fly a space ship by using the weight set as a ship.

Lane gets a chance to open Pandora's Box and of course he goes for it when he sees a Money Tree. He can go in and pick three envelopes that may add up to ten thousand dollars. But no luck for Lane he only won $91.17. Which Lane says will fill up his truck. Since he choses to open these envelopes the house will not get three punishments. Lane has to break the news to the house.

Soon all of the silverware and cups are now gone. The house guest have to find a way to drink and eat with these items.

Britney is nervous and wants to know who Lane will put up. Enzo is getting all fired up. While Britney finds out that Lane would rather have Hayden then her up on the block. She feels they are friends and now Lane is doing this.

Lane feels this is the worse HOH and just wants to put himself up. Lane knows that know one wants to go up as a pawn Lane just wants to go and play golf.

Lane decides to put up Ragan and Enzo on the block.

Ragan is on the Block

Enzo is on the block

Ragan know he needs to win the next POV.

Enzo thinks this is a baby move and Lane needs to make a power move.

Lane has a great point Enzo has not won one thing and at least Britney has.

Who will win the next POV?
If it is used who will go up on the block Hayden or Britney?
What will be the next punishments the house guests get from Lane opening up Pandora's box?
What will happen next?
Will we get a look into the jury house?

Stay tuned to see what happens on Wednesday....

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