Friday, August 13, 2010

Half Way there

Julie opens the show letting everyone know another "Show Manse" will be broken up this week.
'Big Brother 12': Head of Household candid pictures: Lovebirds

Plus it is the half way point of the game.
Which means either Brendon or Rachel will be stepping into the jury house.

Brendon wants a Target on his back and wants to leave.
He has met a wonderful woman who could become his wife, and mother of his children? Really?

Rachel was very happy that Brendon stuck up for her while she was in the hot sit. Brendon did go on a rampage and fought harsh words with Ragan and Britney.

Rachel decides that she should be nice and say sorry to Ragan and Britney since she may be in the house and my need some friends.

Hayden and Enzo are very impress that the cover of the Brigade has not been uncovered just yet.

Guess what? She gone, yes a six to zero vote and Rachel is out of the house.

But before she leaves the house Ragan the Saboteur has made all the house guest think that someone one my not really be going but staying in the house.

Which makes all of the house guest upset but Brendon and Rachel.
They want to stay together.

Matt's mind is still going since he has his crazy power and is not sure what will happen next.

We get to met Brendon's old fiance Candice. Who was with him for two years and was engaged for six months. She says, that everything Brendon has said to Rachel was all said to her. Really they played the BB Game at home? They are all happy that he is not going to be apart of their family anymore. Candice may think that Rachel is just blinded by his good looks.

BB12 Ex-Fiance Candece

When Rachel takes her exit she just kisses Brendon and says nothing to the other house guests.

Brendon tells the house guests to get ready.

Rachel is not really shocked she is out because she played a great game.
Rachel thinks she will move to L.A. with Brendon and be happy after the game is all over.

Rachel gets her good bye messages but does not get to insight about the bridged.
Maybe Julie is right when she told Rachel this may not be the last time she sees the BB 12 house.

Does that mean another twist is coming?
Will the jury house know about Bridged?

We are left watching the house guest weave their way with ropes. Each house guest has to get themselves and their rope to the other side.
Then ring the buzzard when they get there.
Chicken feathers are flying, and rain is falling and so is Brendon.
He is just going fast and you just see him flipping and falling...
Big Brother 12 HOH

Who will win HOH?
Who will be on the Block next?
This week's Have Not's will be picked by the new HOH and there will be three this week.
Who will those three be?

Stay tuned to see what happens next..

Click here if you want to see who HOH is..

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Great recap Amy. I can't wait to watch it when I get home.