Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Spinning Endurance Comp

As predicted we do have an endurance comp going on right now!

7:01 BBT So far the people who have dropped so far are:

(The spinning got to Natalie and she threw up!!)

That means these house guests are still fighting for Hoh!!


7:17 BBT No one else has dropped! They all seem to be holding on well. The feed cameras are only on Russell, Chima and Michele so I am not exactly sure how Jordan or Jeff are doing! It's "raining" right now and Chima said she's freezing!

7:25 Chima just mentions that she's not gonna be able to hold on much longer, that's she's not doing that great. I predict she's the next to drop!

7:28 BBT Just as hit published Jordan fell (dang it!) She got lots of "good jobs" from several of the house guests, most especially Jeff. And now the feeds cut out!! Ugh!! I'll be back in a sec! If you are following me on this post right now, keep hitting refresh as I am publishing often to help keep you updated!!

7:35 BBT Feeds are back! We still have: Chima, Michele, Russell and Jeff still hanging on!

7:56 BBT We still have the final 4! Michele starting to look really tired! I hope she can hang on!

8:11 BBT Chima's OUT!!! (I was so happy!! I was hoping she would be the next to drop!) And once again the feeds cut out! (They seem to be doing that when someone drops! Ugh!!!)

8:33 BBT The feeds cut out and when it came back Michele was in the shower! We are now down to two! Jeff and Russell! (I guess my theory in my last post was wrong! But that's ok! I am happy!) I really want to see Jeff win but if Russell wins it should make for an interesting week!

9:06 BBT Jeff and Russell are still holing on! They send everyone inside so they can talk. They both agree that they want the same one (Ronnie) out this week. Jeff recommends they, "Paper, scissor, rock") it but Russell says he can't, he wants a letter from his Pops! Both are being stubborn and not giving up! Jeff say's he's too low on the pole to give up now. Russell also tells Jeff that he was the one vote for Casey! That he promised Casey early in the game that he would never vote him out. So I guess for now we will see which on can hang on the longest!!

9:25 After a deal with Russell that he and Jordan are safe, Jeff dropped! So the new HoH is.....


It will definitely be an interesting week!! They just showed Ronnie and he looks SCARED!! He should be!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My thoughts on the up coming endurace comp!

As I mentioned in last night's post, I am pretty sure the next HOH competition will be an endurance comp! I also mentioned, if history repeats its self it's most likely the smaller girls have a better chance at winning! Why I do think this? Well, lets think back to other endurance comps of seasons past!

Season 8- Danielle won
Season 9- Natalie won
Season 10- April won

All three of these girls were the smallest girls in the house!

Even though Jessie, (although he won't be playing) Russell and Jeff are athletic and muscular their bodies are heavy therefore it's harder to endure with all that dead weight. The small lighter girls have less weight to "hold" up therefore are able to endure longer!

So, if my theory is right (and I actually hope I am wrong) Natalie and Chima have the best chance at winning! Michele and Lydia may have a chance also! I think a lot of it depends on how much they really want to win!

Chima, even though she probably weighs the least, is a diva and in my opinion a weak player so she may not be able to handle it mentially. Michele's not the lightest girl in the house but I think she's really starting to play the game and may be able stick it out! (although she was the first to drop in the very first HOH comp. The Big Brother wedgie!) So it just depends! I checked out the first HOH comp on line, it was definitely apparent that Natalie was the strongest player in that game! Russell actually held on to the end too, so you just never know!!

It might be an endurance comp but we don't know exactly what they will have to endure! So I suppose anything is possible! I just really HOPE Natalie is not the winner! I don't think I or America for that matter can watch ANOTHER week of Jessie and Natalie having the power!!! So I am rooting for Lydia or Michele but would be THRILLED if Jordan won!

I guess for now we wait until tomorrow night to see how it all plays out!

And watch, the joke would be on me, if it's not even an endurance comp after all!! Ha!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's going on in the BB house!

Today's been a busy day in the BB house! I actually haven't watched it much on the feeds today but read up on what was going on BB Dish! BTW if you don't have the feeds, Carolyn and her crew over at BB Dish do a fantastic job transcribing the import happenings going on in the house all day everyday!!

Well from tonight's episode we know Michelle won the PoV! I felt so bad for her when she went head first in the mud but was happy to see her win! And as predicted Casey is up in her place!! (Bummer) I really liked Casey but I think he shot off his mouth one too many times which put a target on his back! I have a feeling he will be going home this week, however you NEVER know what's going to change in the BB house!

I am pretty certain this week's HOH competition will be an endurance competition. Today the house guests all received new tennis shoes which is a pretty good sign that it's an endurance comp this week. In seasons past it's typically the 4th HoH comp of the season. If history repeats its self, the smaller house guests have a better chance at winning. Which scares me a little because one of the smallest house guests is Natalie, UGH!!

So definitely TUNE in this Thursday for the live eviction and HOH competition. OH and the competition will be shown on the live feeds so I recommend getting the feeds this week! (FYI, I don't have ANY affiliation with REAL player or CBS!) If you don't have the feeds, once again check out BB Dish, I am sure they will be covering the comp!

Who do you want out of the house this week? Jordan or Casey!


Who would you like to see win HoH?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Laura with Ross Matthews

Here's the video of Laura with Ross Matthews on Inside Dish! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not Jessie AGAIN!!!

The athletes have the power AGAIN this week!! Jessie won Hoh and honestly I am bummed! I am tired of the athletes being in power! Even though technically a Brain won last week, we all know who ran Ronnie's Hoh week!

It will be interesting though, to see how Jessie handles the whole Ronnie situation. From what I gather from the feeds, he actually doesn't want Ronnie out this week! I predict Jessie will put up Michele and Casey or Maybe Michele and Jordan. Honestly with four of them safe this week it doesn't give him as many options.

I wonder who will be the Have Nots this week! I hope it's not Jordan again! I will say she handled it pretty well last week!! It should be interesting to see how it plays out with her being the only one in the popular group!

I am not excited about this week but we all know this game changes all the time!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

11 Against 1

Wow!! Tonight this morning the house has erupted! I was up late because you know. it's Summer and I become a night owl, and I was debating whether or not to turn on the feeds one last time before going to bed and boy I am glad I did!! When it came up all I heard was a bunch of yelling and talking. It turns out it was the ENTIRE house yelling and fighting against Ronnie! For the past 2 weeks Ronnie has been playing both sides, putting everyone against each other and tonight the 2 sides started talking and comparing notes and POW!!! If you are a feed watcher, check out the Flashback machine at about 1AM. It's worth it! Trust me!!

Ronnie is literally all by himself and NO ONE will talk to him! I actually feel bad for the guy! I believe he's a good person, he just tried to play the game too hard from the beginning! Things have definitely taken a turn in the big brother game! It will be interesting to see what happens when the dust settles!!

Ok, it's really late! I am off to bed!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Week 2: FIip Flop Week

I didn't get much of a response on my spoiler question. I think that means there aren't too many people reading this blog so I figured I'd go ahead with the latest news that's going on in the house this week!

As we all know Ronnie is HoH this week and MAN the dude can flip flop!! He cannot make up his mind! I have to say I've been frustrated watching him this week! He talks to EVERYBODY and he is so easily influenced by what other's say, especially Jessie and Natalie. As last night's show told us Laura and Jeff have been nominated for eviction.

If you don't want to know who won the PoV don't read any further!!!!

The PoV competition was held Saturday and Jeff WON!! This is where the flipping and flopping has come into play! Since Jeff won, the big question is who to put up as Jeff's replacement. There was serious talk of back dooring Russell. Chima, Lydia, Kevin and Ronnie were all on board! They then brought in Jordan, Jeff and Laura to this plan (which of course they were in agreement) UNTIL Jessie and Natalie got wind of this plan, EVERYTHING changed!!! Who is running Ronnie's Hoh? Utlimately Ronnie chickened out of the backdoor plan and put up Joran at the POV ceremony!!

So we now have Laura and Jordan on the block! Tonight there's been campaigning by Laura to Ronnie as to why she should stay! She pretty much agreed to do anything Ronnie says. Ronnie is now trying to convince the rest of the NBK(Natural Born Killer) allignance to keep Laura! (The man is SO impressionable!!) Keeping Laura would be a DUMB move! But nothing is for sure! It's only Monday and I am sure there will be LOT more flipping and flopping before Thursday!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spoilers: Yes or No

Ok BB Fanatics, I have a question for you!! Do you want to get info from the live feeds before it's aired on CBS or do you want to wait!! I've been wanting to post the results from the Have/Have-Not composition and Ronnie's nomination but I don't want to SPOIL it for others!! So let me know! Should I dish the dirt or wait until Sunday?


The house is Twisted....

Last night was such a twisted show with many turning events.

Lydia was still happy as a calm and letting Russell know it by hugging on him. Does she think she needs him to keep her going? I mean it is kind of twisted and creepy. Lydia can use fighting words when she has been knocked down by two guys in the house Jeff and Braden. Yes, Braden was cruel with his words but why did Lydia go after Jordan?

Jordan did not do anything she just became close friends/maybe a love match with Jeff. Lydia is not having it as she bashes out at Jordan. I am so proud of Jordan for not sitting there and taking it. Yes, Lydia got on the block and no tears were shed for her. But when Braden went up they were there. Who cares it is a game Right? Jordan is supporting her team member Right??

Water was thrown by Braden which was kind of amusing because I saw a side of Kevin I did not like. What is up with his little attitude and swaying around and being all big? I mean he was just being a snot. I think even when he gave up his vote it was pretty snotty. I think he needs to go. I just do not care for his attitude. Kevin sure has done a bit of twisting.

As we have seen clicks are forming and changing at a flip of a dime. Like Jordan trying to be strong and getting everyone behind her. She is a kind soul I think and I hope her and Laura stick together to make it through.

Ronnie is just a twisted mess. I mean he won HOH. What??? I guess being a liar and sneak gets you by. I just hope it catches up with him soon enough. He is twisted and needs to leave also.

Braden is now gone which is sad in away. He did say some harsh words but Chima did also. I mean what happen in that speech? She is safe for now but I hope not for long.

What is Michele doing? I am starting to like her. She seems to mind her own. Maybe her and Casey will team up.

What do you think will happen next?

Who do you think is going up in this twisted house?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eviction Day: Week 1

UPDATE: So I was wrong, Chima stayed!! The swing vote was Ronnie and I have to say I thought that may happen! Last night he was telling each group exactly what they wanted to hear so I had a hard time knowing exactly who is was voting for! It's a good thing he won HOH because he would probably be going home next week!!

So today's eviction day in the Big Brother House!! Who will go home Chima or Braden? It's surprising to see the house divided so quickly! Remember last year when the house voted and played the game as an entire house for weeks? Well this year it seems our house guests are shaking up the house and playing their cards early!! I honestly don't know who's going to be evicted! There were times throughout the week, I thought it was going to be Braden and then after watching the feeds last night I am thinking Chima is on her way out!! It won't be long now!! I always enjoy Thursday nights as we get to see who's evicted and who will be the next HoH! Will the power shift in the house? Oh I just love it!!

So who are hoping will be the next Hoh?? I am routing for Jordan or Laura! No, they are not my favorite players but I think they will shake things up!! I want my favorites to float a little longer before gaining power!!

On a personal note, I am now home from vacation and plan on getting more involved with this site!! I haven't even added Jessie's picture to the house!! Sorry for not being up with the latest!! I promise this week I'll be better at updating! Thanks Rebecca Jo and Amy for picking up my slack!! I'll be back after we know who's been evicted and who's the next Hoh!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pop Goes the House

The house has now erupted. No more being nice it is Game Time.

I love the first veto game. I thought it rocked with pimples and gross stuff flying around. Can you say eruption?

Lydia is very upset that she may go home since she is on the block. She is crying and feeling she is up on the block because she is different. It is a game that can get mean and ugly. If you want to win then keep your head held high and keep going. I think Lydia can do it. I mean she was rubbing up on Russell when he won the power of veto. She wanted him to take her off. In a way maybe she does not how to play the game.

Did Chima really make the right choice to be a pawn? I think she is regretting this idea. Not really sure what is going to happen. I mean when the veto game started she wanted to win and chose a very big word that she could not even get out. Oops....

I mean all you had to do was pick a simple long word you could spell. Like Natalie (also know as Scrappy) chose her word LAST.

Then you have Russell who takes it all with "shot gun". Now he thinks he is a king and a ruler of the house. I mean he is a "shot gun" with the way he went after Jesse for no reason. That was so crazy. He put a big "shot gun" on himself by doing that.

Poor Ronnie chose to lie to Russell's face and swore on "God" he did not tell. That is going to come back and give him a big pop when the news erupts. I do not really care for Ronnie that much he is just so sneaky in the wrong way.

Besides Russell being a "shot gun" You have Natalie blowing it also. If you blow up early even though you feel you have the upper hand watch your back. Others will catch on to this game.

Is love coming into the mix? Jeff and Jordan playing this little piggy goes to the market instead of the game?

Braden is left in the green chair.
Why him???
He wears leather pants, does silly things with his hair and makes others laugh. Or is this just a way to keep him in?

Who do you think will go on Thursday?



Do you have a favorite player yet?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Muscles = Meatheads?

We start to get in the game... what did I learn about this? That muscles are ruling the house & in the end, I'm going to see alot of testosterone that is going to be butting some heads - or pecs - whatever muscle bound people do!

We see from the get go that Jessie hasn't changed much... lots of flexing - lots of thinking he is wonderful - lots of smack talk - lots of cocky! And anyone wonder why he got booted last season?

We also learn that Ronnie is excited that Jessie is there because he wants to work out too! If Jessie can make Ronnie looks like a muscle man - I'll take back everything I ever said about him & I'll but his videos that he would no doubt put out!

Anyone find it SHOCKING that Ronnie was considered "not popular" in high school because all he did was play games? His words - not mine! Then Michele tells her story of how everyone spread rumors that she was a lesbian.... oh, how cruel kids can be... but then we hear that Jordan would never be mean to anyone - even if they SMELLED? What? Where did that come from? At least we know she's not a smell-ist... always good to know that about someone.

We get to see a great game of chess with Natalie & Jessie... is that really a challenge when two athletes who do not seem TOO smart in the head are playing each other... I think I even seen them jumping other pieces & thought I heard one of them say "King me"... maybe not - but in my world, I'm sure that's how the game went down. We did see the athletic side come out though when Natalie lost. Girlfriend has a big mouth that is going to get her in trouble! I'm anxious to see how long before she tells on herself that she's not 18 years old....

This year - we see its not only food you are playing for but having some luxuries taken away - like a bed & warm water... just anything you need to make you comfortable. And how do they play that this first game - by going all RAVE & flashing back to 80's neon!

The BRAINS.... poor little brains.... not much brain power going on. Maybe it was the glow of all the lights. After all, they probably have not been to many clubs in their life & the excitement of the lights probably put their little brain cells in shock... needless to say, they were last & Chima was not a happy loser. Someone should really tell her that bad attitudes - especially at the beginning of the game - makes you stand out. And SAYING "I just want to go home to my bed & warm water..."... yeah - you may get your wish.

Another question - how does Chima know so much about insane asylums? She seemed to know what they look like pretty darn well.... just saying...

And even after all the massage therapy going on & relationships that seemed to be involved - Lydia still got on the block - thanks to Russell the Muscle. Oh yes... his muscles & Jessie's muscles... I see hitting a big road block in the future. Already snooping to hear that Jeff & Russell have butted some heads... competition IS in an athletes nature...

Chima is the other "PAWN" up on the block... & like it has been said throughout the night - Big Brother History shows you do NOT want to be the pawn... but as Chima said, "I think I may be able to trust you all - right?"... yeah girlie - that is showing that NO, you should trust your instincts & NOT trust anyone!

So we shall see who happens with this first nomination...

Anyone else play the tattoo game? Trying to figure out all the tats on Lydia in case she does get booted out this first round....already found Hello Kitty (cute) - some WEIRD giraffe on her arm (who designed that thing?) - & is that a tribute to Madame Butterfly across her chest? That is going to be the challenge - making out all the tats... at least, hopefully, they wont have to be blurred out due to the obscenity of them like James tats of past year....

So is Jessie running the show - or Russell? Who's still your favorite clique (I'm still all for the Off Beats!)? Anyone else already cant stand Laura & her "assets"?

So glad our summer show is back!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It has begun!!!!

The fun has just begun!!! I have been so excited & now, already loving getting to know the cast. The following are just little things I picked up about the new crew!

Ronnie - the Gamer.... he is 30 yrs old & needed his mom to come tell him bye.. hmmm..

Jordan - "NO BOOGER"... when did Sex = slang for nasty, disgusting stuff from a nose?

Natalie - How is girlfriend going to lie & say she's 18? Everyone knows they try to liquor everyone up in the house so they have to be over 21... Kevin totally called her on it speaking of which....

Kevin - LOVE this guy... Love the different races he calles himself - "blackinese"... & how he speaks "Geekinese"... I may have to become "Kevinese" by the end of this!

Chima - anyone else think her face changes completely when she smiles?

Michelle - gotta say I like her because she does exactly what my step-daughter does...but thought its weird she's saying her husband wouldnt want a man sleeping with her, but yet she's on camera saying "He's my type".... trouble brewing there!

Laura - Boobs... all you can say... again, Love Kevin saying "I think I threw up a little in my mouth"

Lydia - she made the best line of the night for me.... "He'll be my Duckie - I'll be his Molly"... ahh - who doesnt love a girl who is a fan of 80's movies!

Casey - 5th grade teacher who seems pretty DOPE (is that a good word for a 40 yr old white rapper?)

Jeff - Football... that's the only word I have for him - he didnt impress me much... he did all the ladies though... he's Michelle's type by the way

Russell - boxer... intimmidating looking... muscles.... & can withstand some major underwear ripping him in two!

Brayden - Surfer... shows he can do wonderful chin ups on a toilet bowl... nice to know if you are ever in that situation that you need to do that

And then, my nightmare happened... no not flashbacks of a wedgie - I could handle that - even the SUPER wedgie - but NOT JESSIE!!!!! Dang! I couldnt stand that guy... & now he's back!!!

One thing I can say for sure - he'll mix it up!

So who do you like from the get go? Which "clique" would you be in? I'd totally want to be friends with the "Off Beat" group... they seem the one with the most laughs!



Here is Julie on The Late Late show with Craig.

This clip can be racy.... that clears up any rumors???? and revels something about Julie Chen

Are you ready for the show???

It starts today Thursday July 9th @ 8:00 p.m. ET/PT

Then tune in three times a week to see what happens as the house unfolds.

Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday are the days to watch. Only on CBS

Enjoy the show......

Thursday, July 2, 2009

One more week!!!

Big Brother lovers we only have one more week!! That's just seven more days!! I am so excited, I can't even begin to tell you!!

Have you checked out this season's cast? If not what are you waiting for???? Here's the link to CBS so you can read all about them!! I think it's going to be a great season! Here are somethings I've found out yesterday but was too tired to post after I worked on the new look of our blog!! What do you think??? (I knew all long that I would redo the look once I got more of a feel of this season's theme!!)

Speaking of themes this is what I've found out, there is a theme of going green! Recycling, reusing, etc. There's even speculation of a recycled house guest being apart of the mix! Do you see that blank box with the question marks?? So it seems there is going to be 13 house guests NOT 12! I even counted the number of seats around the big table in the big brother house and there are in fact 13 chairs!! If this is true, which former house guest would like to see back in the house? Which one would NOT want to see back???

To check out more pictures of the house click HERE!

It's not exactly a Geeks and Freaks theme but "Going back to High School!" The house guests fit in to categories: the popular group, brain-iacs, jocks and the off beats! To find out more about this concept check out this video!

There's a lot going on about BB on the internet that can hold you over until the 9th! I've linked a couple of my favorite BB blogs on the sidebar. If you know of a good one let me know so I can add it to the list! If I find out more!! You know I'll post it here!! It wont be long now!! Just SEVEN more days!!