Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blind Sided

We find out that the Diamond Power of Veto will be used tonight and that this is the best
Blind Side to be seen in The Big Brother House.

It is day 48 now is what Julie has let us know.
Brendon did follow through and put Matt on the block which will bring the magic power.

For this Diamond Power Matt can remove himself off of the block and he chooses who goes up. With this said, Matt can not put up the HOH/Brendon or the POV holder Ragan.
This will turn the house upside down again and blind side someone.

Lane is not happy because he really wants to stay in the house.

Brendon is so happy because he has kept his promise to his love Rachel and he loves her.
When is he going to start playing the game for himself now? She is gone.

Enzo thinks that Matty needs to leave.

While Ragan is so sad and wants him to stay. I mean he has a sick wife. (NOT)

Matt has watch Ragan cry and be sad all week and he can't say a word to him that he will be safe.

Matt is also feeling he may have to go and find a new alliance if the Brigade does not seem to be in tact anymore.

Hayden was talking at one point with Matt and Matt finds out that Kathy was the one who told Hayden about the pretzels.
Matt feels a be trail from Hayden.

The house is a bit torn on how to vote because they do not know about this power just yet. Hayden wants to vote for Lane knows that Britney will not vote out Lane.
While Enzo feels Matt is the one going home.

But Enzo goes and talks straight to Matt and lies in his face telling him that this sucks that he is up.
Enzo I thought you are all with your boys and taking care of them.
Enzo has not won anything just yet while both Hayden and Matt have won something. I guess he should Meow at the moon instead.

The Saboteur hits the house one last time. Ragan goes to the diary room and a fan asks him to leave a note for a house guest to find that says, "I know your secret".
Ragan decides to place this note under Enzo's pillow.
Which is wonderful when Enzo finds it he feels that the Saboteur is coming after the "Meow Meow" Enzo knew that Kathy had made his bed so he thinks that Kathy is the one who is the Saboteur.

I liked Enzo's response, "he feels is is a scooby doo letter and he has solved it and needs a scooby snack. "

Julie comes back to talk with the house guest.

Asking Britney about Pandora's box being opened and letting Rachel back in the house. Britney was sleepy and was in shock if it really was her or not. It was crazy.

Then it goes to Ragan and Julie asking him if he was upset that he went toe to toe with her. He said, "No he was not going to let someone bully him" I am so proud of Ragan it was not a great fight in the house but he did stand up for himself and not let anyone push him down.

Lane gets asked what he wants sent in if he would win HOH and he says, "Muscle Milk" What?
Muscle Milk Chocolate - 1 lb - Powder

Then Julie lets them know that Saboteur time is up. That the Saboteur is still in the house but it is now over.
Ragan gets his $20 grand and no one knows it was him.
Will it come out?
Or will BB wait until he is gone to say something?

Then in comes the Britney and Lane story.
We get to see their families and what they think about Lane and Britney in the house together. Lane's brother Gunter says, he is a meat head and a jock who loves does.
He really likes Britney. Britney is more like a friendship.

Now it is time for Matt to use the power.
Julie lets him go first so he can give his speech before they vote.
He lets Brendon know he is on his radar and that his girlfriend is still playing the game.
He knows about the message and that Brendon is a big chump and needs to go home.
He congratulates Brendon for achieving his goal of getting him up.
Ragan's mouth flies open and he is happy.
While Julie lets them know about Pandora's box being opened and this power is going to be used.
Lets the house guest know who it can be used on.
While Britney is in shock saying, "WHAT!"
Brendon is in total shock and Ragan is laughing.
Since Matt can not put up Brendon who he wants to he puts up Kathy.

Both Lane and Kathy give I love you guys kind of speeches.

While with a vote of 5-0 Kathy is voted out.
The Sheriff is now gone. Kathy says, it is okay and ask the house guests to feed her fish twice a day.

'Big Brother 12': Head of Household candid pictures: Kathy and her fishies again

Kathy says, she is fine with leaving and tells Julie it is a little hurtful because know one voted her to stay.
It has been a hard game for her and that others are closer and she is older and so on.
But Kathy really did not play that hard in the game.

It is now time for HOH, early in the week the house guest played along with a game called, "Big Brother Says"
This was tied in with the HOH game this week.
It was down in Enzo and Britney to win it.
Enzo took a wrong turn and answered wrong.

Britney won HOH.

Britney Haynes picture

On Sunday we will learn who is on the chopping block next.
Wednesday will give us the POV.
Then Thursday there will be a double eviction and a new HOH will be crowned.

What will happen next in the house as the week goes on?
Who will be the next HAVE NOTS?
Who will go up?
Who will win the POV?
Will the Brigade continue to fall.
What will Rachel think when Kathy is the one who shows up in the jury house with her?

Do you have a favorite to win Yet?

I am so happy that Lane is in the house to stay for now.. Yeah.


Just Breathe said...

I am okay with several people winning; Lane, Enzo or Hayden. I guess I would be okay with Ragan too so as you can see I want Britney, Matt and Brendon to go.
The POV should be interesting.

Amy said...

Yes, it is getting pretty wild in the house. I am really enjoying it.. I hope that Brendon, Matt, and Enzo go. I want Lane to win..