Friday, August 27, 2010

Double Time...

I did not have a chance yet to watch the show but I went on line and got the scoop..

We learned that tonight is going to be a double eviction tonight.

Matt and Enzo are the ones who are on the block and one of them is going to go home for sure.

Matt may have made the worse move ever by throwing the last HOH. He did good on not letting the Brigade alliance out of the bag. But it seems as Ragan knows that Matt, Lane, Enzo, and Hayden are a team. Matt does his best not to say a word and puts it towards Hayden.

In the end Enzo gets up and gives a very long speech and really does not make sense.

While Matt is short and sweet and to the point not exposing anyone.

The house guest were ready to say good bye to Matt. It is a 4 to 0 vote and Matt is out of the house and on his way to meet up with Rachel and Kathy in the jury house.

Matt is out.
'Big Brother 12' Recap: Double Eviction, Triple the Drama

There was a HOH competition that was played fast. The house guest had to dive into peanuts to find the names of the two house guests who have won the HOH twice this season. Which was Rachel and Matt who are no longer in the house. Poor Ragan had no chance against the boys and Hayden takes the HOH.

Hayden wins HOH.

Way to go Hayden now you are right there with Rachel and Matt for winning HOH twice.

Hayden has to put up two house guests right away.
Up goes Ragan and Brendon as a pawn.

It is time to move on to the POV to see who will get pulled off of the block and which house guest will go up.

This time it is quiz time a Before and After Game.

Ragan surprises everyone by winning his second POV.

He is able to pull himself off of the block again.
That is amazing, Ragan is not ready to leave.

Hayden now has to put someone else up off goes Ragan and now it is Britney up with Brendon.

Brendon is not happy and maybe he should have not made the deal with Enzo and Hayden.
He is shock that he has to leave the house. I guess he got blind sided.

There will be Love in the jury house now. Brendon is on his way to see the love of his life, the mother of his children. Yes, it was a 3 to 0 vote and Brendon is now gone.

Brendon is now out of the house.

What a fast night to see two people gone and on there way to the jury house.

We have to now sit and wait to see who wins the next HOH this Sunday.
If you know who my favorite player is that is a big hint on who has won it.

Who will the next HOH put up on the block?
What will happen to the last members of the Bridged?
Will they go wild when they have to start putting each other up?

What will happen next?

Find out Sunday night.


Debby said...

It should be interesting. I am sad because it will be ending soon :(

Amy said...

I know me too. But I can't wait to see who wins.. Thanks for always leaving comments and talking with me..