Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let the Stabbing begin

As we know Enzo is on the block for now. He is not happy even though Britney adores him he is not happy to be up.

Matt is happy that Brendon and Enzo are up on the block which keeps him safe for now.

Britney wants Brendon out the door.

Brendon is still a lost soul with out his love Rachel. He was in the have not room talking to her letting her know he loves her and misses her. He is mad that she got stabbed in the back from the house when she left. Matt he feels was the main cause of this. Brendon is not happy to be up. He thought he made a deal with Britney but it fell through.

Britney talks with Enzo that he is not going home she puts it on her family that she is not sending him home. What? I do not understand why someone would do that to their own family? Like Enzo said, he word is like mud.

Hayden and Lane are talking about Matt. That he may be in the final two and they will have to make a power move and back door him.

Lane makes his way to Britney to let her know that they need to get rid of Matt and back door him.
Start the stabbing..

He thinks that Matt has Ragan and Ragan has Britney and they need to get the couples out.
Lane feels that Matt is playing the house. Now it is time to leave the Brigade and he needs to go along with Brendon.

It is time for POV.
Big Brother Zoo is the game with wild animals every place you look in the back yard. Gorillas, Lions and cages. Yes, all house guest playing in the POV are placed in cages. They can not see what other house guest are thinking or doing. They are given a buzzard to ring in when they want to take a deal. Who ever get the most POV points win the game. The best part is that the house guest will not know who won what in this game. Along with fun winnings there is a punishment if you take that you will get more POV points which in turn will give you a better chance of winning. Ragan is the host but he has to be inside of the house and reads questions out to the house guest.

Up for grabs:
To be dipped in chump for 24hrs.= Brendon takes this one.
Handcuffed for 24hrs. to a house guest of your choice= Brendon also takes this one and picks Britney to be his partner.
A phone call from home=Lane
To be a Have not for three weeks=Brendon
If you are a guy you shave your head and if you are a girl you dye your hair pink for the Summer.= We see Brendon's lovely hair get shaved off from Ragan with some clippers.
Wear a Penguin suit= Enzo
Hawaiian vacation=Hayden
Five thousand dollars=Hayden
Have not pass no= No house guest took this one.
Donate all of your clothes in the BB house to Charity except for the ones you are wearing=Enzo

As we have seen the POV is won by Brendon. The house is in shock and Britney is the one who is the most up set. She is crying because everyone was busy winning prizes except for her. She picked Matt in to play and thinks maybe she should have not then Brendon would go home. Now she is BBF's with Brendon because she has to be handcuffed to Brendon for 24hrs. While he gets dunked for 24hrs in chum. Which leaves both of them with no sleep.

Like the past house guest who have won HOH Britney is ready to take a chance and open up Pandora's box. She will get some advice from a past BB house guest. She goes for it, and out pops Jesse from a huge box. He is there to give her tips on working out and not on the game. While the house guest enjoy a party Luella style. Britney got it bad this week. She was the one who got it when Pandora's box opened this time not the house guest.

Britney and Matt talk about who should go up since Brendon is coming off of the block. She does not want to put Ragan up because he did not get to play in the POV and win prizes like everyone else. Of course she will not put up Lane they are buddies. Matt let her know he will not go after people who go after him but he does put his friend Ragan under the bus saying to put him up. More stabbing.

Matt goes around the whole house asking everyone to put up Ragan up and let Britney know this plan.

Hayden is not a part of the Ragan bit. He wants to back door Matt.

It is up to Lane to tell her the plan but he won't even look her in the eye when he is telling her to back door Matt.

Britney does let Ragan know what Matt was up to. That everyone was wanting him up but it was Matt's idea. Ragan seems hurt and sad. Matt and Ragan seemed to be friends.

Brendon does safe himself from the block and it is now Britney's turn to put a new person.

She says that Brendon did earn the POV and they were chump buddies for 24 hours.

She puts Matt up who is very mad.

Britney does not trust him because he turned on his best friend in the house.

Matt said, he has to come up with an under dog story for the Brigade.

Then the huge sword fall as the real stabbing begins.

Ragan says something like this, " I would fall on a sword for you but you stabbed me in the back"

This was all towards Matt. I guess Matt's days may be number in the house.

Will anyone save Matt off of the block?
Or will Enzo go home?
Will the Brigade stick together if Matt leaves?
What happen tonight when it is a double eviction?
Who will win HOH and will they be the person to send home the second person tonight?
What will happen next...

Stay tuned

HOH is Britney

Enzo is on the block

Matt is on the block

POV was won by the now bald Brendon.

Will we get a look in the jury house to see how Kathy and Rachel are doing?
What do you think?

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Debby said...

I hope they show the jury house soon. Brendon did take a lot of crap to win the POV, he deserved it.