Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lovers Lane

As we have know the Big Brother house there is a time when the Tears and Drama will fall.

Matt is sliding by and feeling great but can he become a threat?

Ragan is happy to see Rachel and Brendon up.

Brendon feels it was a stupid move to be put on the block.

Rachel is the one who is giving Tears and Drama feeling there are six guys in the house and she is the bad one.

Sometimes BB will be nice and give everyone a chance to do a practice round for competitions. This time for the POV the chance is given.
It is a bowling type of game and everyone gets a chance to practice.

At first Rachel decides to pout and not practice.
She ends up crying and Brendon follows her like a lost puppy kissing her and telling her it is okay..
Yes, BB house plays this terrible sad music, which makes me laugh.

Rachel and Brendon end up practicing until 4:oo a.m. while the other house guest go to sleep..

We know that Matt is playing POV along with Ragan because he has his special ticket to play along.

Brendon is very cocky and says, hand over the medal now.

The Door bell rings and in come Jeff and Jordan from last season.
(Jeff and Jordan are still together and going strong. Jordan has let Jeff know what kind of ring she wants someday. Jordan is finishing up school while Jeff is traveling around the world)

They get to host "Lovers Lane" which they are happy about because they never got to host an event when they were in game.

For this game one player goes and knocks down as many pins as they can.
Then they pick a house guest to challenge them.
Whomever gets the most points wins.

Rachel goes first and gets down 6 pins, and ask Kathy for the challenge.
Kathy beats her with knocking down 7 pins and is so happy and yells for joy.

This is when the Tears and Drama begin again.
Rachel is on a rampage going after Kathy telling her all kind of harsh words.

As POV is yet awarded again to Britney she is not willing to use the veto.
Britney Haynes

Poor Kathy she is being yelled at by Rachel.
Telling her she has no character and it is uses some ugly words.
Kathy just wants her to stop and leave it.

This gives the house another look at Rachel.
Uh wasn't Rachel the one who told everyone all of the floaters to watch out she was coming after them.
Wasn't she rude to Kristen.
She needs to look at herself.
Oh and the way she treats Brendon sometimes is just crazy.

Rachel it is a GAME....

Ragan is the Saboteur but he is not really willing to do much.
He does decided to try and push Rachel and Brendon up against each other.
But Rachel says, that is not going to work at all.

Rachel tries one last time to give Britney the money she has already one to pull her or Brendon off.

In the end it does not work.
The POV stay the same..

Not with out Brendon calling Britney a spoiled Brat and name calling.
No one in the house cares.

They just want one of them out..

Who will go?

Rachel or Brendon?

Who will be the next HOH?

Will Ragan start to do some real work with his Saboteur Power...

Let's Find out tonight...

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Do you think anyone is catching on yet??

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