Wednesday, September 1, 2010

POV is won

The house is getting smaller and smaller with fewer people to be put on the block.

Hayden loves that the target is not him but on Ragan. This helps Hayden get further in the game.

Enzo is not happy to be up on the block and thinks that Britney should be up there and not him.

Ragan is talking with Enzo letting him know this is his third time up on the block. Enzo is feeling like this is not fun and both guys ask each other how they are feeling.

It is time to say good bye to the Penguin. They have a shunning ceremony for the penguin suit. Enzo says now Meow Meow can be himself again. A new celebrity is in the house and it is Howie the pool duck. Enzo lets Howie know he is not his Daddy and that the Penguin Suit is now Evicted from the house. Enzo feels there is no longer a black cloud over him anymore.

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Ragan feels all alone and has to study a lot. If the POV is an a game of knowledge he will be ready to go. Ragan knows that there are four people against him. He know about the boys sticking together and Britney and Lane are together.

It is time for the POV this time it is a swamp, smelly and a singing clam. They have to find two house guest names that make out a song and bring it back to the clam. If you pick up the wrong CD with names on it or are the last one back you are out.

Ragan is ready and wants to win and knows his butt is on the line.

Britney knows it is slim pickings and she better win.

Enzo feels his life is on the line and he has to win.

It is down to Enzo and Ragan. The calm gives them and both boys are off. Enzo knows right away where this CD is and goes running down into Ragan. Enzo goes flying and lounging down the slide and knocks Ragan out of the way as Enzo slams his body down on the CD. Ragan is so made he throws the CD which bounces off the calm and hits Enzo in the head. I guess they both go it in the game.

Enzo takes his win with pride and yells at Ragan in a way to make Ragan feel lower than he already does.

Ragan does feel again all alone and cries. While Enzo calls him a sore loser.

Lane asks Britney is she has her speech ready. She does not want to go up and lets Lane know that if he is up against Hayden will probably win and Lane won't.

Hayden and Enzo have time to talk and they both want Britney up so they can back door her.

The house guests are still waiting on two punishments from Pandora's box. The first was not
having the use of silverware or cups.

The next one deals with sock puppets that looks like each of the house guest. The house guests have 12hrs. and every time they talk they have to talk by using their puppets. If house guest do not do this they may become have nots for the week. Enzo's puppet has whiskers, and his hat. Ragan's has a bow tie. Lane even has his hat. Then of course you have a Blondie one for Britney.

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Ragan is crying and talking to his sock puppet.

While Enzo, Lane and Britney are talking about golf with their sock puppets. Finally they hit 12hrs.

The third and final punishment is released and it is another one that lasts for 12hrs. This time it is dancing. Any time the house guest hear the music they have to get up and dance. No matter what if they are sleeping, swimming or showering.

Lane made me laugh a lot as he moved around. All of the house guest did a pretty good job. Hayden was the funniest he could not dance at all. Just kind of hopped around like a bunny.

Britney decides to clean the kitchen out. Tons food in a huge trash can sad to see all of that food go.

Lane talks with Hayden about maybe going up as a pawn. He really does not want to go up. But Lane know that if he puts up the Britney she will go home.

Enzo does take himself off of the block and is happy to do it.

It is time for Lane to put someone up.

Lane lets them know they are an amazing group of people who have made it to the final five.

Hayden is not happy to be a pawn and is not sure what Ragan may do. Will Ragan make deals and have Hayden leave?

Hayden is on the block

With Ragan

Ragan is ready to use some factors and division to do what he can do to save.

Lane wants the final two to be with Britney. He think he will do better and hopes the Brigade does not know this.

Who will go home next?
Who will join Lane, Enzo, and Britney to make it the final four?
Who will be the next HOH?
What will happen next..

Wait until Thursday to get these answers...

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