Friday, July 30, 2010

Cleaned up

The house guests are in a dust bowl as Andrew gave his speech this week during the POV.

Britney feels that "one wrong word could send you packing"

Rachel was very upset with Brendon because he did not talk with her about the deal with Andrew. She feels she can only trust herself in this game. Brendon lays on the love with kisses and I love you comes out of his mouth.

Kathy is ready to fight to stay in.

While Andrew feels he is safe because he wants to go after Rachel and Brendon and that will keep him safe.

Matt thinking Andrew is not really going after the Rachel and Brendon because of the blow up Rachel had.

Kathy really wants to stay in to help send her son to college.

Andrew's mops and brooms are starting to dance on their own. As he pushes harsh words towards Kristen. He is not happy that Kristen and Kathy are friends. He does not have anyone and wants someone to talk with.

The dust blows way too hard that Andrew goes off on Kristen and the house see it all unfold. Kristen letting him know he is digging his own grave.

The Brigade thinking they should maybe get rid of Andrew because he has a huge Target on his back. While Kathy is easy to get rid of later.

Rachel is Thankful she has not been on the block yet.

Julie is talking with the house guest.

Lane about what he misses about not being home. He misses the spot lighting and fishing.

Enzo gets a lesson in accents and finds out the house guest will be free of slop for a week.

We hear from Matt's wife. She is not happy about the lie and thinks her husband lacks common sense. Is a little bit shocked but she did help him out with the letter she wrote. She must not be that upset.

Matt is all cocky with Julie about everything. That he is the best player in the house. He is part of the Brigade but also in it for himself. He feel Hayden is the weaker link and has a secret friendship with Kristen.

Then the dust really falls when the last speeches come.

Kathy all I love you and so on.

Then Andrew gets up and exposes everyone. That Kristen and Hayden are hopping into bed with each other kissing and giving massages. Talking bad about Britney, Ragan, Enzo and Lane.

In the end Andrew is left cleaning up his own mess. He is booted out of the house.

With Andrew out Julie is amazed by his speech. It was the best speech ever. Andrew feels Hayden is a great guy but needs to stay away from Kristen.

Is Kristen really mean? I do not have any feeds or after dark shows to watch. I just see her on the show and she seems okay.

Now it is time for the HOH "Big Brother Knock Out"

Which fits in with all that has just happened in the house.

Rachel, Brendon, Kristen, and Hayden are put up against each other in this game a lot.

In the end Lane is knocked out and Rachel wins her second HOH.

New HOH is Rachel.

We find out that Pandora's Box will be back and another Saboteur will in the house again.
It is America's chance to chose who it will be.

We are left seeing Rachel and Kristen exchanging words.

Will Rachel put Kristen up?

Or who do you think she will put up?
Stay tuned for Sunday's Show

What is your thought about the house right now?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who is going home?

It seems as Matt is playing both sides.
That is how the house guests feel.

Is he really with the Brigade or just for himself.
He is all talk saying he is there for him and is playing by himself.

Kathy lets Matt know she wants to stay and she was not gunning for him.

Hayden and Kristen are a little socked about Andrew. Hayden wants to help him get off the block with the POV.

The Brigade wants to do a back door and get rid of Rachel and Brendon. They are not sure if it will work or back fire.

Uh it went boom as Brendon won the POV.

Andrew is one in the house who kind of reminds me of myself. He is a clean freak and is always cleaning.

Enzo calls him "Captain' Clean up". I love it.

I also enjoy Lane he is from Texas. I love how he informed the house guest about the guns in his truck. The funny games he plays with his friends. I know it is not a cool game but Lane and his friend my drink and then go out into the woods and shoot at eyes and things they see.

Brendon thinks he is a cowboy.

Before the POV is given Brendon strikes up deal Andrew. Brendon wants to keep Andrew around he likes him. They plan to stay together until the end.

But when Andrew gave his speech to say in and it may have blown up. He makes it seem like he is totally after Brendon and Rachel. The house guest may have caught on.

With Andrew will he be mopping himself into a corner or will Kathy be there to clean it up...'Big Brother 12': Head of Household candid pictures: Sad nominees

Who will go home this week?'Big Brother 12': Head of Household candid pictures: And then there were 11...

Monday, July 26, 2010

BB's schedule

I am back from my wonderful vacation and finally getting caught up with what's going on in the BB house!

Here's a rough sketch of the weekly schedule in the BB house

(CBS Live TV Show)
HOH competition

Possible Have/Have Not competition
Nomination ceremony

POV competition

(CBS Show Night Nominations Revealed)
Lots of game talk and campaigning

POV ceremony

Game talk and Campaigning


(CBS Show POV Comp/Ceremony)
More Game talk and Campaigning

(CBS Live TV Show)
Live Eviction

And it starts ALL over again!

----------------SPOILER ALERT!!-----------------

With today being Monday the POV ceremony did take place. Brendon WON the POV competition on Saturday and DID NOT use it today! Andrew's speech shook up the house a bit with him basically saying he's going after Brendon and Rachel (****Not a great idea if you want Brendon to use the POV on you.....Just saying!) Apparently Rachel had a huge dramatic reaction that seemed fake to the rest of the house. The house guests are now saying that Andrew must be in an alliance with Rachel and Brendon. It's been a crazy afternoon with LOTS of game talk going on! Several of the HGs mentioning that TODAY the game is ON!!! Honestly at this point I am not sure what will happen on Thursday. All I can say is it seems Andrew maybe in trouble!

In case you're wondering I don't have the feeds this year. With being on vacation for most of July I decided to wait to get them. Now that I am home I figure I can continue to get my BB fix by watching BB After Dark on Showtime and then during the day reading BB blogs on the internet! I may break down and get them eventually. I don't know! We will see!!

Back Door maybe be shut?

After 2:15:48 of surfing on a board a new HOH is crowned.

It is the one and only Matt who has won.

Matt Hoffman Big Brother 12

While Andrew, Ragan and Matt are the last three standing.
Deals are made that Ragan will not put up Andrew, leaving Matt out of these deals.

Matt speaks up wanting to know if he can get in on any deals but then choose to stay out of it until Andrew falls.

Ragan ask everyone to go in the house so some dealing can be done.

Finally Ragan falls and we have our new HOH Matt.

When it comes time to see the HOH room it seems as the letters are back. As Matt reads his letter from his wife, "She says she is feeling better and that everyone has been taking care of her." Which leads the house guests to think she is really sick and Matt was telling the truth about her.

NOT!!! We all know she is fine but not the house guests.

Brendon is now sad and feels he let Rachel down and they will be a huge target for Matt.

The Brigade is finding out about Hayden and Kristen. Saying that they look alike and my be cousins.

Then Enzo saying , "Bro's before H**'s in this game."

Will this make the Brigade start to fall apart?

Since Brendon and Rachel are not sure if they are safe they have been making out all week and cuddling.

Britney and Lane take a chance to poke fun at the couple. Brendon and Rachel are outside working out. While Britney and Lane are inside talking for them. Making silly comments.

I guess the house guests do not have much to do and can at least have some fun.

We find out that the Have Not's are eating Baby Food and Bok Choy?

Have Not's this week:

Andrew is so happy to have the Baby food?
I have a little one and when she ate that stuff a tasted it to see if it was okay. I have to say it was kind of gross.

Poor Andrew is another target as Matt lets him know he will be putting him up so he can back door Brendon and Rachel.

Matt plans on putting Andrew up and when POV is won Matt will then put up Brendon or Rachel. There's the back door move.

Is this a smart move?
What if Rachel or Brendon win?

Matt wants Kathy out because she voted for him.

Turns out that Andrew
Andrew Gordon Big Brother 12

and Kathy are put up on the block.
Kathy Hillis Big Brother 12

Matt saying, that they are gunning for him and he is on his own.

Enzo does hope there is a back door plan for sure.

What will happen next?

Will the nominations stay the same?
Will all of the love birds continue to find love?
Will Matt be in trouble with the Brigade if things fall apart?

Stay tuned and find out this Wednesday..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tears are rolling

Hello BB 12 Fans,

I was not able to watch the show last night. We had huge storms rolling in along with tornado warnings.

So on my t.v. I got the weather man and the station going in and out.

I did hop on the Internet to find out what happened in the house though.

Here is how the votes went:

Andrew =MONET
Kathy =MATT

Turns out Monet is no longer a house guest. She was so sad and cried as she left the house. Not giving hugs to anyone just leaving.

When out of the house Julie asked "Why no hugs or good byes?" She told Julie that she had said her good byes to Britney and Kathy already.

The "Mean Girls" are now down to one as they cry and sob to each other.

Another "Show Manse" is in the making Hayden and Kristen are starting to hook up with each other. But guess what Andrew is right there hearing everything and knows about this new love connection
'Big Brother 12': Head of Household candid pictures: A new showmance... ?
What will the Brigade think about this one?

There was an endurance competition this week for HOH.

Here are some facts about the competition:

*The giant wave wall was 65 feet long and 12 feet high!
* The surfboards that the Houseguests balanced on were 8 feet long!
* The surfboards could be lowered to a 40 degree angle, increasing the difficulty of balancing!

'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Week 3 <span class=
We are left wondering who will be the new HOH?

Stay tuned to see who wins on Sunday.

Do you want to know who won HOH?

Leave a comment and I can let you know or do a post about it.

Just let me know.

Besides the competition for HOH it is one for the Haves and Have Not's.
The first five that are eliminated with be the Haves
and then the next four will be the Have Not's.

Monet is gone.

'Big Brother 12': Who Will Be Evicted in Week 2?

We are left wondering who the HOH is?

Who will that person put up?

Find out Sunday.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tears roll and backstabbing begins

This week the as I call them "Mean Girls" are on the chopping block.


Let the tears roll as they realize they are up while the Brigade is still safe.

Rachel and Brendon give love and hugs but Rachel is worried. Was her speech okay?

Then you have Miss Britney crying feeling it is personal that she is up and not happy because she is a Have Not.

While Monet is flinging ugly words about Rachel, "Stupid hooker"

Britney pulls Rachel aside to give a huge guilt trip filled with lies.

Which in turn makes Rachel cry to Brendon and feel bad that Britney is up on the block.

I am not sure there are enough tissues around this week.

Not for long though Britney starts the back stabbing right after this talk and cutting Rachel down. With harsh words of "STD'S gone air born" What? I guess once a mean girl always one.

While her mean buddy Monet thinks Rachel is jealous of her.

It is story time while Matt comes up with a story to tell about his wife. That she is sick and that is why he is here to win to save her. He saw something on a medical show about a bone disease. No worries though she is fine and if Matt wins he will make a donation to the cause.
Excuse me? Not cool in my eyes. What about the people who are really going through this? I bet they are not happy.

Andrew who is a doctor is unsure of this term.

It is time for the mean girls to get the show on road. It is VETO time.

Wall street style this time. House guest are put in a holding spot with their heads and hands in a hole. (like a cut out) They have to hold a brief case for an hour with out going over. The one house guest that does not go over wins. Of course there is a bit of the twist as the house guests get hit with a dollar bill in the face.

Guess what? Mean girl Britney has the winning time.

Of course it is time for the "Mean Girls" to attack Rachel with more lies to get her to put up Andrew.

Monet is full of lines and Rachel is ready to listen. At least she has Brendon to talk with. He does not trust the "Mean Girls"

Then you have story teller Matt say he will be a pawn and go up to help get Monet out. He feels nice and safe and this will show his loyalty to the brigade.

Rachel feels that Matt is up to something but in the end he is up on the block.

Ragan thinks Pawns are bad because they seem to go home first.

While Monet wants to kick a$$ and have a sweet revenge.

What will happen next?

Will Monet go home?

Or will Matt get the boot for putting himself up there?

The bridged has Enzo, Lane, Hayden to keep Matt in.

How will all of the votes go?

Stay tuned tonight to find out if a "Mean Girl" goes or a Pawn?

Who will be the next HOH and what will happen next?

Do you have any thoughts?

As of right now HOH is Rachel

One the Block




Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grenades are thrown

Tonight a re-cap is played to get everyone one up on what has happened.

We now know the Saboteur was Annie and she is now out of the house.

While Rachel has now become the new HOH and has left the house in world wind wondering what will happen next.

The Brigade is now exploding out grenades.
As Enzo has said, "Brendon and Rachel have hit the house with some grenades with the winning of Rachel.

Rachel is happy to be safe along with Brendon.

While Andrew jumps for joy in thinking he is safe. Which makes other house guest think there is an alliance in place between Rachel, Brendon and Andrew.

Brendon does come clean with the house and let them know that he is really a swim coach but does have a B.S. and is going for his PHD to help treat Cancer. He just did not want them to just think he was all of that because he did not want a Target on his back.

Rachel does show off her HOH room filled with Family Pictures and her Boa, M&M's and tequila. Which she is happy to have. Most of all she is happy to have a room alone with Brendon. Rachel is all filled with kisses when her and Brendon are alone in the HOH room.

Then they start to talk about who will go up and Rachel just wants to get those out who will go after her and Brendon.

Now you are starting to see the mean sides of Monet and Britney. To me they seem like those mean girls you would see in high school.

Britney does not like anyone in the house but Monet. Even going after Kristen who has done nothing but stay quiet.

Monet and Britney are two of kind just giving off rude comments.
Watch the Big Brother 12 House Online with the Live Feeds

Is it because they feel threatened? Rachel is in charge now.

Will another romance come to the house as Hayden tries to crack the tough cookie of Kristen?

He thinks she is so hot. While she does not like cocky guys.

Who knows if Hayden will make her change her mind?

An Alliance may be made between Rachel and Brendon, with Hayden and Kristen. Hayden only wants to save himself, Kristen and of course the Brigade. Does the Brigade and Kristen know his thoughts?

What will happen when Rachel and Brendon find out this was just a lie?

It was time for the Have and Have Not's Competition:

This week it is time to for the house guest to team up in teams of four.
The one house guest from each team is placed on a wall and taped up and squirted with huge water guns and who ever stays on the wall wins.

Britney is up on the wall nice and tight and getting lots of water in the face feeling that everyone is doing it on purpose.

While Ragan falls of the wall.

In the end Britney is stuck on the wall and can't breathe while Kathy holds on.

Britney losses and is now a Have Not.

Along with:

America chose to give Have Not's fish sticks and fruit cake to eat along with slop.


Rachel /HOH puts up:


Britney who crying giving a sob story and is not happy to be up.


Monet who already has ten thousand dollars does not like Rachel anymore. What? This is a game and you know you have to leave at some point.

Who will win POV?

Who will go home next?

We will have to wait and see.

Lies are being spun around as each house guest tries to stay safe. As we have seen Annie is gone now and all of the house guest now know there is no Saboteur to get them just each other..

What will happen Next?

Find out this Wednesday as the battle for POV begins.

Here are a few Questions for all of you:

What are you thoughts on what has been going on?
Do you have any favorites yet?
Do you like the Show Manse?
Or the Brigade?

Friday, July 16, 2010

One gone

The house has finally exploded in a way...

Alliances have been made by the so called Brigade. Which Enzo master minded.

Which includes:
Enzo/Meow Meow

The house guest have now been in for 13 days.

Of course you will see some more Cat fighting this time between Annie and Britney.
It does seem that Britney is the one who always gets brought into these fights.

Annie was put on the Radar by the Brigade to be placed out of the house.

After POV was won by Brendon there Radar beeps off as Hayden puts Annie up.

Hayden wants Annie to get her gun and move on out of the house.

Of course the fun language is back Britney saying that Annie is a Mountain Lion.

When the house guests are now dealing with one new person put on the chopping block along with Rachel.

Things stir again.

Brendon being a kind soul and is ready to comfort both women first Rachel telling her to lay low because Annie has already let it be known she is upset and is ready to blow.

Then the drama unfolds as Annie is upset and crying that Brendon is not her friend and right with Rachel because he likes her.

Of course Rachel is not happy and wants all of the attention on her not on Annie.

America thinks that the Saboteur is Kathy.

In the end we find out it is little Annie.

She was the one who locked up the food, put fun beeping sounds and left all of those crazy messages.

Then left a message that everyone thought it my really be Brendon who was the Saboteur.

Which leaves everyone thinking maybe the "Show Manse" should be broken up.

But no way.

Everyone voted to have little Annie the Saboteur out on her way.

As Annie comes out she said, she left a few things behind.

As everyone taped their good bye messages Rachel has words for Annie that she is glad she is gone so she does not mess with her man.

While we find out that Annie said, "Brendon had flirted with her first, but she turned him down". Annie let it be know that Rachel got her sloppy seconds.

Annie feels that Brendon will carry Rachel to the end. Just like last seasons love Jeff and Jordan.

Julie asked the house guest about being a slop.
Enzo was on it for a short time and said, "Is like an X girlfriend and wants nothing to do with it."

Now Annie and the Saboteur are both out of the house. It would have been fun to see her do more silly pranks.

But I guess Annie was not meant to stay in because it the was 10-0 vote...

Time for a new HOH.

This time it is questions and how the majority would vote.

It comes down to Britney, Monet and Rachel to win HOH.

They have to guess how much Carmel was used in the Popcorn challenge.

Britney guessed 40
Monet guessed 725
Rachel guessed 80

Rachel had the winning guess.

Now I wonder if the Brigade is re-thinking how they voted?

The women are taking over... Yeah...

Should they come together and be the Pink Ladies?

I bet that Brendon is safe this week.

What do you think will happen next?

Sunday the house guest will find out that Annie is the Saboteur while two other house guests are put up on the block. Ragan had a feeling it was her.

Wednesday is another POV challenge.

Then Thursday is another live eviction..

New HOH:

big brother 12 cast,rachel

Who will go up next?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quick and Fast...

Last night the first POV was played...

I am not sure on all of the details.. I cheated today because I have not seen the show...
I got all of my information on the internet...
Which I see is a spoiler..

Sorry if you did not know who won..

My house has been pretty wild with a visitor of my own..

Any ways here are the facts for now..

HOH is Hayden
He picked:



Brendon to go up on the chopping block...

Soon the tables would turn as Brendon won POV and took himself off..

Now it is two ladies up on the block...





Who will go home tonight?


Will the love connection between Brendon and Rachel be saved?
Big Brother 12: Brendon <span class=

Who is the Saboteur?

We will soon find out...

Then we will get a chance to see who will rule the House and become the next HOH..

Any guesses on who will go home?

Who will be the next HOH??

Stay tuned to find out..

Enjoy the first eviction...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Out of the Loop

So far this season of BB, I feel like I am out of the loop!! Last year I had both the internet feeds and watched BB After dark on Showtime, so I got to really "know" the house guests and what's going on in the house! This year, since I am out of town I am so out of the loop!! Fortunately I have been able to watch the two shows on CBS and I've kept up some, by reading BB blogs but it's just not the same. I don't feel like I know the characters at all! As much as I LOVE being on vacation, I am looking forward to getting home so I can get caught up with what's going on in the house!!

Can't wait to for tomorrow's show!! Do you know who won POV?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sticky Mess

The house guests are going wild.

All the food is locked up and they are stuck eating slop for now.

Andrew is one person who is getting the Saboteur card pulled on him.
He decided it would be funny to hang out by the couch on the floor and scary everyone one.

While others think the Saboteur may be Brendon because he decided to brush his teeth when the black out happened.

We get a chance to see the HOH room as Hayden shows it off.
Hayden feeling the room is "sick" I guess he loves is. Of course you see the family pictures and learn the Hayden use to rope.

Clicks may be starting to form as house guest break off into groups and talk.

There my even be a love connection of chemistry between Rachel and Brendon. They are both into weird science.
'Big Brother 12' Recap: Nerd Love, Caramel and Sabotage

Annie lets Ragan know she has a girlfriend and a bond is made.

Then you we have Enzo who is trying bring in a Godfather kind of alliance that will be the best to be seen on Big Brother has ever seen.

That includes all men with nick names:
Enzo: Meow Meow
Lane: Beast
Matt : Brains
Hayden: Animal

All together they are known as THE BRIGADE.

It is time to get that room opened up and get some of those house guests off of slop.

Hayden is dressed as a tooth fairy while everyone one else is broken up into four team of fours.

Yes, "The Have Not's" and "The Haves" are back this season.

There is a fun pit filled with Carmel and each house guest has to go across the Sticky Carmel to get into the popcorn and look for white teeth.

The first two teams to get all eight teeth on their mouth board win.

What a sticky mess as they all compete to win.

In the end the "Have Not's" get stuck and have to eat slop, take cold showers, and live in a gross room. This room is filled with bugs in jars. Like maggots, and have to sleep in lawn chairs.
They really did a great job on this room this season.

"Have Not's " this week:

As the house guests get hit again by the Saboteur.

A Huge Green X's is placed upon Britney's and Kathy's face on the eviction board.

Of course it was Andrew who found clue which leaves the house guest wondering if he is the Saboteur.

While other house guests may think it is a woman is the Saboteur.

We all know Andrew is safe this week.

Hayden chose to put up:

Rachel because she has not connected with him.

Brendon because he was not around during the black out.

Is that who should have been put up?

Or are these two put up because they have a "Show Manse" as Hayden said?

I am not sure but Kathy and Britney are already cat fighting and maybe that is why they had a huge Green X's on their faces on the eviction board.

As the Saboteur runs free in the house what will happen next?

Stay tuned because the POV is coming into play.

Wednesday @ 8/7c more answers will be revealed.

Do you have a guess yet of who the Saboteur is?

I thought is was Lane but I am not sure anymore.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's kick off time get your game face on

Welcome to a new season of Big Brother...

Yes we have now made it to Big Brother 12 (BB12)

As Julie welcomes the houses guests to the house we find out that there will be 52 cameras watching every move that is being made.

While 95 microphones will record every word or lie that may come out.

As these 13 strangers move into the house.

Each house guest is not allowed to speak until they go into the house in groups of four.

When in the house the house guests go running in finding beds and exchanging names and a few words.

Knowing there is going to be a half of million dollars up for grabs as they find there bed or friends for 75 days.

Champagne is poured will others house guest are talking.

Then Julie has to reminds the house guest "to expect the unexpected in the BB House."

As Julie informs the house guest there is a Saboteur in the house.
The Saboteur has five weeks to stay hidden and if so he/she will win 50 thousand dollars and if he/she is evicted they will walk away with nothing.

The first HoH competition is held.

With one Mascot which is Andrew.

He soon becomes a human hot dog.
While the other house guests get divided into two teams of six.

Which are Red and Yellow teams.

House Guest get out to the yard to see a huge grilling pit. With huge ketchup and mustard bottles and huge hot dogs swinging in the air.

Before the games begin we find out Andrew will be safe from eviction and everyone else has a chance to win some money.

As the house guest ride this huge hot dog across the grill when they make it to the other side the first person to land will get money and the last person to land will win HOH.

The game goes on and the huge hot dog becomes slippery.

In the end Hayden wins HOH.

But a deal is made by Hayden in Matt that in hopes Matt will not go up.

Later that night The Saboteur hits as the house goes pitch black in the house.

A lock is placed on all of the food and supplies.
No worries house guest there is plenty of Slop to eat.

Who is the Saboteur?
When the lights went out you see two house guest walking around Andrew as a joke and Brendon thinking he needs to brush his teeth and go to bed. What?

I think it The Saboteur is Lane just by watching his moves.
What do you think?

Who will Hayden put up for HOH?

Find out Sunday night 8/7C

Then Wednesday is The Power of Veto Competition 8/7c

Thursday is the first live eviction.
Then The Saboteur will be shown the viewers but not the house guests.

Stay tuned...

I wonder if the house guests are happy they have expected their key to the BB 12 house?

What do you think?

Premiere Night

And we are off!! Let the game begin!! I loved the premiere tonight!! Did you see it? We are on vacation but I convinced my hubby to be at the hotel just so I could I watch it!! When I realized I was going to be out of town on the night of the premiere I was so worried I would miss it!!

What do ya'll think? Do you have a favorite? What about the Saboteur?

I don't have a favorite yet. I can tell who is probably going to drive me batty!! I do think maybe Matt or Lane might be the Saboteur. They both seemed too quite about the who thing. Who knows though, CBS might have edited it to look that way! My original thought was Enzo but after tonight's show I am think NOT!!

I am so happy we are in the season of Big Brother!! I want to thank Amy for being such a great contributor to this blog! Especially while I am away on vacation!! Thanks Amy!

Lets start chatting and discussing our favorite show!! Hope to see you in the comment section!!


Let the games begin

Get ready BB 12 Fans the premiere is tonight..

What will happen when the house guests enter the house and the games begin?

Will there be fights, lies, and more?

What will happen with the twist? Who is the Saboteur?

Any love connections to be had?

Get ready to enjoy a season of who knows what...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Three Days Left...

Okay BB 12 Fans there are only three days left until the show begins..

When you sign-up for the Live Feeds, you will be able to watch the entire season of
Big Brother 12 for ONLY $29.99!!
That’s $10 OFF the regular price!

LIMITED TIME OFFER Expires July 7th!!!

You only have 3 days left to take advantage of this offer:

If you want this great deal then head on over...

Rumor has it that the house guests are already inside the house and are ready to play..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Winning for you on BB12

Want to win some cash while watching BB12 this season?

Then join the Big Brother Fantasy League to win...

Click here for the details..

You could win 1,000


You could win a trip to the Big Brother Finale....
Become an Ultimate Fan...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here they are...

Here is your cast this season for BB 12...

Age: 39
Current Residence: Miami Beach, Fla.
Name: Andrew Gordon
Occupation: Podiatrist

Age: 27
Current Residence: Tampa, Fla.
Occupation: Bartender

Age: 30
Current Residence: Riverside, Calif.
Occupation: High School Swim Coach

Age: 22
Current Residence: Huntington, Ark.
Occupation: Hotel Sales Manager

Age: 32
Current Residence: Bayonne, N.J.
Occupation: Insurance Adjuster

Age: 24
Current Residence: Tempe, Ariz.
Occupation: College Student

Age: 40
Current Residence: Texarkana, AR
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff - Sergeant

Age: 24
Current Residence: Philadelphia, Pa.
Occupation: Boutique Manager

Age: 24
Current Residence: Decatur, Texas
Occupation: Oil Rig Salesman

Age: 32
Current Residence: Elgin, Ill.
Occupation: Web designer

Age: 24
Current Residence: Glen Carbon, Ill.
Occupation: Model

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Like Jen posted there is a twist..
On July 15, 2010 we will find out the Saboteur's true identity!
Head on over and take a guess..