Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As we all know Kristen did the hippie shake right out of the house.

It was 6-1 vote. That one vote for her was from her BBF Kathy.

Now Hayden will not have his cuddle buddy that he wanted to hid from everyone.

Of course we all knew why Hayden did not go around asking for votes. He has his Brigade to keep him safe.

Which Kristen learned of while she was with Julie.

Another endurance competition was held for the HOH.
It was a spin of a time on a paint can.
The house guest getting hit with paint and then a slap in the face by a paint brush.

There is only one HAVE NOT for this week.
While everyone went round and round Kathy had an idea.

She told everyone she was taking the HAVE NOT.
Then asks if it is that a deal. The house guest thought it was funny.
The are lucky because Kathy took her own deal.
She is left in that stinky yucky room and is on slop and cold showers.
Way to take one. I mean whom ever fell off first got that deal any way.

As the competition goes on Enzo feels safe because he has his Brigade holding strong.
He falls along with other members of the Brigade.
I think these men are kind of smart.
They have each other and as long as one is still standing why not let them take one for the team.

I did enjoy Lane in this competition. He is biting the tips of the paint brush.

One heart falls when Brendon jumps off. Of course the drama begins as Rachel is upset. Brendon is sorry he fell and is sorry and giving kisses and saying, "I LOVE YOU"
While Rachel is pissed and not buying it.

Poor Brendon, did he pick the wrong woman to have a "SHOW MANSE" with?

Brendon's Backward Plan on 'Big Brother 12'

Finally we are back to the last two people in the house for endurance competitions Ragan and Matt.

Ragan does not want to win because he does not want to put anyone up or have a target on his back.
What? I thought this was a GAME.

When Matt finally wins it is time to see the HOH room.
I just love how everyone is overly excited about the room.
Britney screaming and being silly.
The house guest are doing this to make fun of Rachel.
Of course each house guest steps out of the HOH room. Leaving Matt alone with Brendon and Rachel.

Pandora's Box is back. Matt is able to see what is inside of the box.
Knowing something Good or Bad will happen in the house he goes for it.

In Matt goes to get the "Diamond Power of Veto"

This is powerful and he can use it to change things up in the house for the next two weeks. Which puts Matt in charge for more and he has another chance to send someone home.
Now that the box has been opened Matt tells yet another lie to the house that he won another dollar and that something bad may happen to the house guest.
But it does seem a little fishy to the house guests.

Ragan goes into the diary room to find a card.
America wants him to be the next Saboteur. If he pulls this off for three weeks he will win 20 thousand dollars.
Finally Ragan is ready to play along. He takes the deal.

Big Brother 12: The Saboteur is back baby! Here's the first message...

Want to tell Ragan what to do?
Go to here and tell him what you want to do.
We will find out Wednesday what he has been up to.

Rachel brings more drama in when she wants to talk to Matt and Ragan is there.
She tells them they are friends and the yelling beings.
Then Brendon is right at her side.

The house guest hear the Saboteur coming on the t.v..
The Saboteur thanks Matt for opening the box and letting the Saboteur out.

I guess Matt's plan has come into play again another lie is so covered up.

At nominations to know ones surprise Brendon and Rachel are up.
bb 12 rachel hoh

Brendon says, he is not sure he could live life in the house without Rachel.

While Rachel says, after 35 days she feels like a lost puppy. The goes all dramatic saying she will need an injection of botox to cover up her wrinkles.

Who will win the POV?
What will the Saboteur pull on the house?
Will the Pandora's Box bring in more Drama?

Stay tuned to find out on Wednesday..

Do you have any thoughts?


Jen said...

From what I can tell from other BB blogs and BBAD the Saboteur has not done much!! I think Ragan is scared it will ruin his game! Hopefully he'll be able to pull it off without it hurting him.

I believe Rachel will be the one leaving this week!

Amy said...

Yeah I think Rachel will leave also. I really think she needs to go. I feel bad for Brendon. She is kind of mean to him. I know Ragan should just go for it.