Tuesday, August 31, 2010


As we all know we have made it through the first Double Eviction of the Season.

The house is happy to have both Matt and Brendon out and are ready to move on.

The top row of pictures of the house guest is now all in black and white. Which means the top row is now done.

Hayden is ready for Ragan to leave the house.

Lane is ready to have the Brigade regroup and get it done.

Of course the boys want Ragan out he knows they are all working together. Plus he knows that Britney and Lane are together as a team. Which leaves him out and all alone in the house.
Poor Ragan.

'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Nominations and Another Pandora's Box

It time for HOH Black Jack Style in the Big Brother house.

It is not as easy as to play black jack in the house. I bet you would have a better chance in Vegas. The house guest have to get a gold ball in the right slot to make their 21 black jack. They have to shoot this gold ball through the air and make it into correct spot. The one who does it with less tries will win or if they get it right away the win and go on to the next round.

Finally it is down to Lane and Ragan. Lane pulls it home and wins the HOH. Ragan takes this loss to heart and is seen crying and talking to himself. He knows he is going to go up and just feels like an out cast.

Lane wins HOH
'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Who is the New HoH?

It's time to see Lane's HOH room. He has a stuff dog, hard hat because he is in the oil business.

Britney is really happy to see the HOH room and see his family.

Lane's Brother is a big guy and Enzo calls him a Gorilla.

When Lane reads his letter we find out he has a cow named Susan who loves being feed. Lane's whole family wrote his letter together.

Britney feels that Lane does not need to win the money because he is in the oil business and owns his own house at twenty four years of age.

Enzo wants Britney to go up.

I guess being in the house can make you a bit crazy. Enzo tries to fly a space ship by using the weight set as a ship.

Lane gets a chance to open Pandora's Box and of course he goes for it when he sees a Money Tree. He can go in and pick three envelopes that may add up to ten thousand dollars. But no luck for Lane he only won $91.17. Which Lane says will fill up his truck. Since he choses to open these envelopes the house will not get three punishments. Lane has to break the news to the house.

Soon all of the silverware and cups are now gone. The house guest have to find a way to drink and eat with these items.

Britney is nervous and wants to know who Lane will put up. Enzo is getting all fired up. While Britney finds out that Lane would rather have Hayden then her up on the block. She feels they are friends and now Lane is doing this.

Lane feels this is the worse HOH and just wants to put himself up. Lane knows that know one wants to go up as a pawn Lane just wants to go and play golf.

Lane decides to put up Ragan and Enzo on the block.

Ragan is on the Block

Enzo is on the block

Ragan know he needs to win the next POV.

Enzo thinks this is a baby move and Lane needs to make a power move.

Lane has a great point Enzo has not won one thing and at least Britney has.

Who will win the next POV?
If it is used who will go up on the block Hayden or Britney?
What will be the next punishments the house guests get from Lane opening up Pandora's box?
What will happen next?
Will we get a look into the jury house?

Stay tuned to see what happens on Wednesday....

Friday, August 27, 2010

Double Time...

I did not have a chance yet to watch the show but I went on line and got the scoop..

We learned that tonight is going to be a double eviction tonight.

Matt and Enzo are the ones who are on the block and one of them is going to go home for sure.

Matt may have made the worse move ever by throwing the last HOH. He did good on not letting the Brigade alliance out of the bag. But it seems as Ragan knows that Matt, Lane, Enzo, and Hayden are a team. Matt does his best not to say a word and puts it towards Hayden.

In the end Enzo gets up and gives a very long speech and really does not make sense.

While Matt is short and sweet and to the point not exposing anyone.

The house guest were ready to say good bye to Matt. It is a 4 to 0 vote and Matt is out of the house and on his way to meet up with Rachel and Kathy in the jury house.

Matt is out.
'Big Brother 12' Recap: Double Eviction, Triple the Drama

There was a HOH competition that was played fast. The house guest had to dive into peanuts to find the names of the two house guests who have won the HOH twice this season. Which was Rachel and Matt who are no longer in the house. Poor Ragan had no chance against the boys and Hayden takes the HOH.

Hayden wins HOH.

Way to go Hayden now you are right there with Rachel and Matt for winning HOH twice.

Hayden has to put up two house guests right away.
Up goes Ragan and Brendon as a pawn.

It is time to move on to the POV to see who will get pulled off of the block and which house guest will go up.

This time it is quiz time a Before and After Game.

Ragan surprises everyone by winning his second POV.

He is able to pull himself off of the block again.
That is amazing, Ragan is not ready to leave.

Hayden now has to put someone else up off goes Ragan and now it is Britney up with Brendon.

Brendon is not happy and maybe he should have not made the deal with Enzo and Hayden.
He is shock that he has to leave the house. I guess he got blind sided.

There will be Love in the jury house now. Brendon is on his way to see the love of his life, the mother of his children. Yes, it was a 3 to 0 vote and Brendon is now gone.

Brendon is now out of the house.

What a fast night to see two people gone and on there way to the jury house.

We have to now sit and wait to see who wins the next HOH this Sunday.
If you know who my favorite player is that is a big hint on who has won it.

Who will the next HOH put up on the block?
What will happen to the last members of the Bridged?
Will they go wild when they have to start putting each other up?

What will happen next?

Find out Sunday night.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let the Stabbing begin

As we know Enzo is on the block for now. He is not happy even though Britney adores him he is not happy to be up.

Matt is happy that Brendon and Enzo are up on the block which keeps him safe for now.

Britney wants Brendon out the door.

Brendon is still a lost soul with out his love Rachel. He was in the have not room talking to her letting her know he loves her and misses her. He is mad that she got stabbed in the back from the house when she left. Matt he feels was the main cause of this. Brendon is not happy to be up. He thought he made a deal with Britney but it fell through.

Britney talks with Enzo that he is not going home she puts it on her family that she is not sending him home. What? I do not understand why someone would do that to their own family? Like Enzo said, he word is like mud.

Hayden and Lane are talking about Matt. That he may be in the final two and they will have to make a power move and back door him.

Lane makes his way to Britney to let her know that they need to get rid of Matt and back door him.
Start the stabbing..

He thinks that Matt has Ragan and Ragan has Britney and they need to get the couples out.
Lane feels that Matt is playing the house. Now it is time to leave the Brigade and he needs to go along with Brendon.

It is time for POV.
Big Brother Zoo is the game with wild animals every place you look in the back yard. Gorillas, Lions and cages. Yes, all house guest playing in the POV are placed in cages. They can not see what other house guest are thinking or doing. They are given a buzzard to ring in when they want to take a deal. Who ever get the most POV points win the game. The best part is that the house guest will not know who won what in this game. Along with fun winnings there is a punishment if you take that you will get more POV points which in turn will give you a better chance of winning. Ragan is the host but he has to be inside of the house and reads questions out to the house guest.

Up for grabs:
To be dipped in chump for 24hrs.= Brendon takes this one.
Handcuffed for 24hrs. to a house guest of your choice= Brendon also takes this one and picks Britney to be his partner.
A phone call from home=Lane
To be a Have not for three weeks=Brendon
If you are a guy you shave your head and if you are a girl you dye your hair pink for the Summer.= We see Brendon's lovely hair get shaved off from Ragan with some clippers.
Wear a Penguin suit= Enzo
Hawaiian vacation=Hayden
Five thousand dollars=Hayden
Have not pass no= No house guest took this one.
Donate all of your clothes in the BB house to Charity except for the ones you are wearing=Enzo

As we have seen the POV is won by Brendon. The house is in shock and Britney is the one who is the most up set. She is crying because everyone was busy winning prizes except for her. She picked Matt in to play and thinks maybe she should have not then Brendon would go home. Now she is BBF's with Brendon because she has to be handcuffed to Brendon for 24hrs. While he gets dunked for 24hrs in chum. Which leaves both of them with no sleep.

Like the past house guest who have won HOH Britney is ready to take a chance and open up Pandora's box. She will get some advice from a past BB house guest. She goes for it, and out pops Jesse from a huge box. He is there to give her tips on working out and not on the game. While the house guest enjoy a party Luella style. Britney got it bad this week. She was the one who got it when Pandora's box opened this time not the house guest.

Britney and Matt talk about who should go up since Brendon is coming off of the block. She does not want to put Ragan up because he did not get to play in the POV and win prizes like everyone else. Of course she will not put up Lane they are buddies. Matt let her know he will not go after people who go after him but he does put his friend Ragan under the bus saying to put him up. More stabbing.

Matt goes around the whole house asking everyone to put up Ragan up and let Britney know this plan.

Hayden is not a part of the Ragan bit. He wants to back door Matt.

It is up to Lane to tell her the plan but he won't even look her in the eye when he is telling her to back door Matt.

Britney does let Ragan know what Matt was up to. That everyone was wanting him up but it was Matt's idea. Ragan seems hurt and sad. Matt and Ragan seemed to be friends.

Brendon does safe himself from the block and it is now Britney's turn to put a new person.

She says that Brendon did earn the POV and they were chump buddies for 24 hours.

She puts Matt up who is very mad.

Britney does not trust him because he turned on his best friend in the house.

Matt said, he has to come up with an under dog story for the Brigade.

Then the huge sword fall as the real stabbing begins.

Ragan says something like this, " I would fall on a sword for you but you stabbed me in the back"

This was all towards Matt. I guess Matt's days may be number in the house.

Will anyone save Matt off of the block?
Or will Enzo go home?
Will the Brigade stick together if Matt leaves?
What happen tonight when it is a double eviction?
Who will win HOH and will they be the person to send home the second person tonight?
What will happen next...

Stay tuned

HOH is Britney

Enzo is on the block

Matt is on the block

POV was won by the now bald Brendon.

Will we get a look in the jury house to see how Kathy and Rachel are doing?
What do you think?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Shock Waves

The house was in total shock when Matt pulled out that Diamond Power.

Brendon not happy because Matt called him a dumb.

Hayden thought they would be sending Matt home.

Enzo and Hayden told Matt they are keeping Lane and voting him out.
Now what are they going to do since
Matt knows all of this information and he is still in the house?

Lane felt Kathy did not belong but was happy she washed his clothes for him.

Britney is very happy to be holding the power of HOH.

'Big Brother 12' Recap: The Brigade Falls Apart

Lane is happy because he is not going to go up.

Will Brendon's deal stick with Britney or will he go up on the block?

Enzo is so mad that he did not win.

Hayden feeling it may be Enzo or him that is going up.

Then you have the happy dance going on between Britney and Ragan.

Matt is also happy to be in the house.

It is pretty wild how fast things do change in the house when a new HOH is crowned.

Britney's HOH was filled with wonderful pictures like her in a pageant picture.
Matt really loved this picture.
Then we get a look at Nick her fiance.

Lane says, "he has a beard but it is like painted on that is not a beard."

It is pretty interesting that Nick and Lane do look kind of a like.
But I have to say that Lane is the better looking one.

The Shock Waves begin to roll as the house guest wonder who will go up.
Who can get to Britney first to talk their way out of being put up.

Enzo wants damage control and was to get back in the game.
Matt finds it funny that Enzo kind of butters him up but he knows to watch his back.

Lane shows his beast side by lifting like 325 pounds.
He wants all of the weights to be on the weight bar.
He goes all gorilla and gets himself ready. Yes, he goes for it and shows his power.
Go Lane..

The house guest talk about some weird dreams they have had in the house.
Matt, Lane, and Britney talk about them. Matt having a dream about Hayden being with Matt's family and having his shirt off.
While Britney has a dream with Hayden shirt on and being with her family.
Lane says, in diary room that if you have dream like that you do not tell anyone about it.

It is time for the Have Not Game this week. It is a wild west kind of theme. With horses, hay and a saloon.

Britney comes out wearing a cute little dress while Lane wants to go to the bar and knock out her boyfriend and buy her a drink.

This game has four rounds. The house is broken into two teams.

Outlaws vs Lawmen

Outlaws are Ragan, Lane, and Matt
Lawmen are Enzo, Hayden, and Brendon

The boys take a shot. Two shots are good shots and one shot that is gross and bad.
The other team has to guess which guy took the bad shot.
If they guess right they get a point.
Big Brother 12 (Week 7 Nomination Ceremony)

In the end the Lawmen take a dive and are Have Not's this week.
This weeks HAVE NOT TREAT along with Slop is Broccoli and Bean Dip.

Matt goes to Britney HOH room and helps her with speeches for the Nomination meeting.

The Bridged has started to fall. We saw this last week with Hayden and Enzo wanting Matty out.
Now Lane, Hayden and Enzo are talking.
Enzo thinks Matty is playing them and he is trying to figure out what is going to happen.
Enzo wants Matt out of the house.

Britney talks with Enzo , Hayden and Lane on what to do.
They think Matt needs to be a pawn. But Britney wants to ask Matt about this one.
He does not want to be a pawn and tells her no way.

Brendon wants Britney to stick to the deal and if she does not he will put her up next and send her home.

Britney gives her speech as she puts up Brendon and Enzo.
Brendon is up he was planning on going after Britney last week.
While Enzo is up because he has never been up and she adores him.

Which turns Enzo very made and he wants Matty up because this is his game.
Then why is not playing like it? He has not won anything.
Matt has kept his Bridged boys in the game a few times.
Yes, Matt has a huge ugly lie but he is playing at least.

On the block:


Who will win POV?
Who will Britney chose if the POV is used?
When will we hear more about the double eviction this week?
Is the Brigade really over?

What do you think?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blind Sided

We find out that the Diamond Power of Veto will be used tonight and that this is the best
Blind Side to be seen in The Big Brother House.

It is day 48 now is what Julie has let us know.
Brendon did follow through and put Matt on the block which will bring the magic power.

For this Diamond Power Matt can remove himself off of the block and he chooses who goes up. With this said, Matt can not put up the HOH/Brendon or the POV holder Ragan.
This will turn the house upside down again and blind side someone.

Lane is not happy because he really wants to stay in the house.

Brendon is so happy because he has kept his promise to his love Rachel and he loves her.
When is he going to start playing the game for himself now? She is gone.

Enzo thinks that Matty needs to leave.

While Ragan is so sad and wants him to stay. I mean he has a sick wife. (NOT)

Matt has watch Ragan cry and be sad all week and he can't say a word to him that he will be safe.

Matt is also feeling he may have to go and find a new alliance if the Brigade does not seem to be in tact anymore.

Hayden was talking at one point with Matt and Matt finds out that Kathy was the one who told Hayden about the pretzels.
Matt feels a be trail from Hayden.

The house is a bit torn on how to vote because they do not know about this power just yet. Hayden wants to vote for Lane knows that Britney will not vote out Lane.
While Enzo feels Matt is the one going home.

But Enzo goes and talks straight to Matt and lies in his face telling him that this sucks that he is up.
Enzo I thought you are all with your boys and taking care of them.
Enzo has not won anything just yet while both Hayden and Matt have won something. I guess he should Meow at the moon instead.

The Saboteur hits the house one last time. Ragan goes to the diary room and a fan asks him to leave a note for a house guest to find that says, "I know your secret".
Ragan decides to place this note under Enzo's pillow.
Which is wonderful when Enzo finds it he feels that the Saboteur is coming after the "Meow Meow" Enzo knew that Kathy had made his bed so he thinks that Kathy is the one who is the Saboteur.

I liked Enzo's response, "he feels is is a scooby doo letter and he has solved it and needs a scooby snack. "

Julie comes back to talk with the house guest.

Asking Britney about Pandora's box being opened and letting Rachel back in the house. Britney was sleepy and was in shock if it really was her or not. It was crazy.

Then it goes to Ragan and Julie asking him if he was upset that he went toe to toe with her. He said, "No he was not going to let someone bully him" I am so proud of Ragan it was not a great fight in the house but he did stand up for himself and not let anyone push him down.

Lane gets asked what he wants sent in if he would win HOH and he says, "Muscle Milk" What?
Muscle Milk Chocolate - 1 lb - Powder

Then Julie lets them know that Saboteur time is up. That the Saboteur is still in the house but it is now over.
Ragan gets his $20 grand and no one knows it was him.
Will it come out?
Or will BB wait until he is gone to say something?

Then in comes the Britney and Lane story.
We get to see their families and what they think about Lane and Britney in the house together. Lane's brother Gunter says, he is a meat head and a jock who loves does.
He really likes Britney. Britney is more like a friendship.

Now it is time for Matt to use the power.
Julie lets him go first so he can give his speech before they vote.
He lets Brendon know he is on his radar and that his girlfriend is still playing the game.
He knows about the message and that Brendon is a big chump and needs to go home.
He congratulates Brendon for achieving his goal of getting him up.
Ragan's mouth flies open and he is happy.
While Julie lets them know about Pandora's box being opened and this power is going to be used.
Lets the house guest know who it can be used on.
While Britney is in shock saying, "WHAT!"
Brendon is in total shock and Ragan is laughing.
Since Matt can not put up Brendon who he wants to he puts up Kathy.

Both Lane and Kathy give I love you guys kind of speeches.

While with a vote of 5-0 Kathy is voted out.
The Sheriff is now gone. Kathy says, it is okay and ask the house guests to feed her fish twice a day.

'Big Brother 12': Head of Household candid pictures: Kathy and her fishies again

Kathy says, she is fine with leaving and tells Julie it is a little hurtful because know one voted her to stay.
It has been a hard game for her and that others are closer and she is older and so on.
But Kathy really did not play that hard in the game.

It is now time for HOH, early in the week the house guest played along with a game called, "Big Brother Says"
This was tied in with the HOH game this week.
It was down in Enzo and Britney to win it.
Enzo took a wrong turn and answered wrong.

Britney won HOH.

Britney Haynes picture

On Sunday we will learn who is on the chopping block next.
Wednesday will give us the POV.
Then Thursday there will be a double eviction and a new HOH will be crowned.

What will happen next in the house as the week goes on?
Who will be the next HAVE NOTS?
Who will go up?
Who will win the POV?
Will the Brigade continue to fall.
What will Rachel think when Kathy is the one who shows up in the jury house with her?

Do you have a favorite to win Yet?

I am so happy that Lane is in the house to stay for now.. Yeah.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Rumbling begins

Yes, the house did a 180 degree flip. All with a switch of a box called Pandora.

The house guest are ready to play the POV competition.

Brendan lets Lane know he is a pawn because he really wants to get Britney or Matt out. He really wants to win the POV to make his plan come true.

Britney does not feel safe just yet. She is waiting until the POV meeting is over.

Ragan is crying a lot and talking to himself in the Have Not room. He really wants to win the POV.

When players are picked this week to play in POV Brendon is happy to see that Matt and Britney do not get to play he wants them gone.

Ragan is really feeling the pressure to win.

A Robot comes into the house and giving out cruel statements to the house guest.

Like to Lane, "Everything is big in Texas but not your brain."

Zingbot 300 is in the house to rock it up for the POV Game.

The house guest get to wear these crazy robots and move around and acted silly before the POV game begins.

The house guest are on a spinning type wheel and have to go from spinning onto a beam to get puzzle piece. The first person to spell out the word Veto wins. If you fall of you are out of the game.

Of course the sheriff/Kathy spins herself crazy and falls and is out of the game.

Through out the whole game Brendon is watching Ragan and trying to see how he is doing it.

While Ragan is just working hard and knows Brendon is watching and cheating off of him.

In the end Ragan proofs his skills and wins the POV. He is so happy because this power can take him off and he can win the $20 grand for being a great Saboteur.

The Brigade has started to fall Hayden and Enzo thinking it is good to get Matt out. Hayden really does not care for Matt and calls him a snake. The leader of the other side of the house. Maybe meaning Britney and Ragan. Or Kathy, she just seems to be all over the place.

Brendon get tempted to open Pandora's Box thinking he will get some alone time and vacation time with Rachel. They show a cheesy clip of Rachel in a bikini on a beach. Brendon is ready to open the box so he can see his girlfriend.

Ding Dong.. The Witch is back.. Yes, Ragan opens the front door to release her back into the house Rachel comes in. Right away she says, "I'm back B**ches"

Britney wants to throw up and feels a hurricane has just hit.

It goes worse from there. Rachel go and Ragan go at it the whole time she is in the house.
It got pretty wild and I missed some of the words and thoughts. It was just mean and harsh and those two should not be happy with the way the acted.

Rachel did call Ragan out for being gay in a harsh way. I mean it is a game and you do not have to play that dirty. I was not happy with the fighting. NOT COOL!

Brendon is left for 24 hrs. in a beautiful house looking for Rachel only to find out she is really on her own vacation.

While Rachel was in the house she did leave a message for Brendon and spelled out I love you in pretzels and Matt's name. She let Kathy know this and gave her the key to the room so no one in the house could see it.

Of course Kathy told Hayden and Enzo about this.

Brendon returns and they tell him all that happened.

Of course Ragan takes himself off of the block while Brendon puts Matt up.

Who will leave next?
Will it be Lane or Matt?
What will Matt do with his special power?
Will he be able to send Brendon home?
That would be a shocker?
What will the Bridged do next?

Find out tonight..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The house went Boom..

We are left last week wondering who would win the next HOH.

If you clicked on my clue you know who has won it..

Brendon worked as hard as he could for a win.
He is doing this for himself and Rachel.
He is a one man team now and needs this so bad.

Matt feeling that the Brigade needs to pull it together and win. He always wins for them and now he thinks someone else should step it up.

The house guest have to carry a rope through a squares all the way until they get to the end.

Lane is working hard and trying to catch up to Brendon.

While you have Kathy and Enzo are in last place and are neck and neck.

Enzo says, "Meow Meow" likes to stay clean.

Ragan and Britney having a hard time and a few tears are shed.

While the other house guest are a little turned around trying to win.

Lane hearing grunting, and crying going on. He just wants to win push the button and go up to the HOH room and read his letter and not let anyone in.

While Britney wants to suck in the air in the mud and die since Brendon is ahead.

Yes, Brendon wins as BB house plays a song that sounds like eye of the Tiger.
Of course it is all for Rachel..

New HOH is Brendon


Right away Brendon picks the Have Not's for the week since he won HOH.

He picks Ragan, Britney and Matt.

Britney not happy but knew she would get picked because of the fight she had with Brendon.

Ragan is sad because this is his third time being a Have Not.

The whole house is not happy Brendon has won HOH. They are in shock and wish that they would have voted him out and not Rachel.

Enzo and Hayden are flying high because they feel the deal that made with Brendon and Rachel before she left will hold and they will not go up.

Britney knows she will probably go up and go home. Lane lets her know she is will stay. He feels he has the Bridge's power to help keep her in the game.

Ragan, Britney and Matt in have not room. Ragan happy to be in there with them not knowing who will go up on the block. Wishing for a miracle. But as we all know Matt has that miracle with his diamond veto power.

Brendon's HOH room is filled with pictures and things from his family.

Lane is so funny later on in the diary room he is saying this about Brendon, "he has a family and came from some place"

While other house guests are trying to suck up to him Enzo and Kathy.

No worries he has a picture of the Love of his life Rachel.

Britney and Lane have a bond in the house like a Brother Sister Bond. Always joking around and wrestling around.

Lane says, "they are like Raisin Bran" He is the raisin and she is the bran. Then he wonders if that is right or if it is cookies or what? I LOVE this.

Enzo heads up to see Brendon only to find out he is thinking about putting Lane and Britney up. Enzo letting him know that Britney is worse than Lane. Then reminds him of how tight Ragan and Matt are.

Brendon wants to put up floaters not those who are there to compete and win.

Enzo lets Lane know the news while Lane wants to go to a bar and find a hot girl and then beat up her boyfriend? Oh Lane. Really??

Ragan goes into the diary room for more Saboteur ideas. They want him to say there my be a secret alliance which kind of went with Annie said earlier in the game.

You have Kathy and Britney right away swearing on their family and relationships that they do not know anyone in the house they do not have a friend here.

Which makes the house question them.

Then Lane thinks it is just crazy.

Guess what America picked for the Have Not's to eat.

Egg plant and Escargot. Yes, Escargot is snails that people do eat.
Yuck I think this is the worse one this season.

Matt not happy saying, "the snails smell"
Britney okay about egg plant but not the snails.
Ragan is just not happy at all.

Ragan and Matt talking about not giving up. That Brendon has not really played the game until now it was always Rachel who did all of the work.
Ragan not sure if he should go and talk to Brendon so about things.
Matt telling him do what he needs to do for himself and that Matt will take care of himself. Of course he will he has his own power.

Ragan goes and talks to Brendon to keep himself safe. Talking about the fights and things that happen with Brendon and to move forward. If Ragan is safe he will not put Brendon up or back door him a 100%.

Brendon not buying it because Ragan was so mean to Rachel in the game. Brendon feeling that Ragan spit on the love of his life.

Brendon talks with Briney to see her game plan. Letting Brendon know she wants to be here and to fight for the veto. Then Brendon drops it asking her if she would use the Veto on Lane if she won? Then asking her if she would put him up if she won HOH. Britney lets him know what he does for her she will do for him.

Britney feels she is going up.

Lane feels that his boys have his back if he goes up.

Ragan is hoping Brendon takes his deal.

Brendon is ready.

and Ragan go up on the block.

Brendon letting them know it was hard decision but they have a chance to fight and win.
He wants anyone who is left here to fight until the end.
Not to have any floaters holding on.

Ragan feels he is a coward for not taking his deal.

Lane, thinks this is the dumbest move ever.
He will stay in the game until Brendon is gone.

Brendon says this is my house.

What will happen when Pandora's box is opened?
Who will win POV and will it be used?
What is going to happen with Matt and his power?
Stay tuned and find out what happens on Wednesday.
It is going to be a good one.

Side note: Lane is my favorite player and I am sadden he is up on the block.
He has been a great player so far. He has been kind and nice and stayed out of fights.
I really hope he gets to stay in the house.

What are you views?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Half Way there

Julie opens the show letting everyone know another "Show Manse" will be broken up this week.
'Big Brother 12': Head of Household candid pictures: Lovebirds

Plus it is the half way point of the game.
Which means either Brendon or Rachel will be stepping into the jury house.

Brendon wants a Target on his back and wants to leave.
He has met a wonderful woman who could become his wife, and mother of his children? Really?

Rachel was very happy that Brendon stuck up for her while she was in the hot sit. Brendon did go on a rampage and fought harsh words with Ragan and Britney.

Rachel decides that she should be nice and say sorry to Ragan and Britney since she may be in the house and my need some friends.

Hayden and Enzo are very impress that the cover of the Brigade has not been uncovered just yet.

Guess what? She gone, yes a six to zero vote and Rachel is out of the house.

But before she leaves the house Ragan the Saboteur has made all the house guest think that someone one my not really be going but staying in the house.

Which makes all of the house guest upset but Brendon and Rachel.
They want to stay together.

Matt's mind is still going since he has his crazy power and is not sure what will happen next.

We get to met Brendon's old fiance Candice. Who was with him for two years and was engaged for six months. She says, that everything Brendon has said to Rachel was all said to her. Really they played the BB Game at home? They are all happy that he is not going to be apart of their family anymore. Candice may think that Rachel is just blinded by his good looks.

BB12 Ex-Fiance Candece

When Rachel takes her exit she just kisses Brendon and says nothing to the other house guests.

Brendon tells the house guests to get ready.

Rachel is not really shocked she is out because she played a great game.
Rachel thinks she will move to L.A. with Brendon and be happy after the game is all over.

Rachel gets her good bye messages but does not get to insight about the bridged.
Maybe Julie is right when she told Rachel this may not be the last time she sees the BB 12 house.

Does that mean another twist is coming?
Will the jury house know about Bridged?

We are left watching the house guest weave their way with ropes. Each house guest has to get themselves and their rope to the other side.
Then ring the buzzard when they get there.
Chicken feathers are flying, and rain is falling and so is Brendon.
He is just going fast and you just see him flipping and falling...
Big Brother 12 HOH

Who will win HOH?
Who will be on the Block next?
This week's Have Not's will be picked by the new HOH and there will be three this week.
Who will those three be?

Stay tuned to see what happens next..

Click here if you want to see who HOH is..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lovers Lane

As we have know the Big Brother house there is a time when the Tears and Drama will fall.

Matt is sliding by and feeling great but can he become a threat?

Ragan is happy to see Rachel and Brendon up.

Brendon feels it was a stupid move to be put on the block.

Rachel is the one who is giving Tears and Drama feeling there are six guys in the house and she is the bad one.

Sometimes BB will be nice and give everyone a chance to do a practice round for competitions. This time for the POV the chance is given.
It is a bowling type of game and everyone gets a chance to practice.

At first Rachel decides to pout and not practice.
She ends up crying and Brendon follows her like a lost puppy kissing her and telling her it is okay..
Yes, BB house plays this terrible sad music, which makes me laugh.

Rachel and Brendon end up practicing until 4:oo a.m. while the other house guest go to sleep..

We know that Matt is playing POV along with Ragan because he has his special ticket to play along.

Brendon is very cocky and says, hand over the medal now.

The Door bell rings and in come Jeff and Jordan from last season.
(Jeff and Jordan are still together and going strong. Jordan has let Jeff know what kind of ring she wants someday. Jordan is finishing up school while Jeff is traveling around the world)

They get to host "Lovers Lane" which they are happy about because they never got to host an event when they were in game.

For this game one player goes and knocks down as many pins as they can.
Then they pick a house guest to challenge them.
Whomever gets the most points wins.

Rachel goes first and gets down 6 pins, and ask Kathy for the challenge.
Kathy beats her with knocking down 7 pins and is so happy and yells for joy.

This is when the Tears and Drama begin again.
Rachel is on a rampage going after Kathy telling her all kind of harsh words.

As POV is yet awarded again to Britney she is not willing to use the veto.
Britney Haynes

Poor Kathy she is being yelled at by Rachel.
Telling her she has no character and it is uses some ugly words.
Kathy just wants her to stop and leave it.

This gives the house another look at Rachel.
Uh wasn't Rachel the one who told everyone all of the floaters to watch out she was coming after them.
Wasn't she rude to Kristen.
She needs to look at herself.
Oh and the way she treats Brendon sometimes is just crazy.

Rachel it is a GAME....

Ragan is the Saboteur but he is not really willing to do much.
He does decided to try and push Rachel and Brendon up against each other.
But Rachel says, that is not going to work at all.

Rachel tries one last time to give Britney the money she has already one to pull her or Brendon off.

In the end it does not work.
The POV stay the same..

Not with out Brendon calling Britney a spoiled Brat and name calling.
No one in the house cares.

They just want one of them out..

Who will go?

Rachel or Brendon?

Who will be the next HOH?

Will Ragan start to do some real work with his Saboteur Power...

Let's Find out tonight...

Do not forget to read Jen's post below..

Here are the boys of the Brigade!!!
Do you think anyone is catching on yet??

Hooray for Thursday!

During the BB months I find I look forward to Thursdays!!

It's always exciting to see who goes home and even better who will be the new HOH!

Thursdays mean the game board changes and the players have to shift and readjust.

I think this week the game is going to change! Now with either Rachel or Brendon are gone (I think it'll be Rachel) the house will begin to split a little more. It's just the nature of the game! Last night on BBAD Enzo and Hayden talked about their next targets being Ragan and Britney.

Will Rachel leave?

Who do you want to win HOH?

It all starts over again tonight!!

I LOVE Thursdays!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As we all know Kristen did the hippie shake right out of the house.

It was 6-1 vote. That one vote for her was from her BBF Kathy.

Now Hayden will not have his cuddle buddy that he wanted to hid from everyone.

Of course we all knew why Hayden did not go around asking for votes. He has his Brigade to keep him safe.

Which Kristen learned of while she was with Julie.

Another endurance competition was held for the HOH.
It was a spin of a time on a paint can.
The house guest getting hit with paint and then a slap in the face by a paint brush.

There is only one HAVE NOT for this week.
While everyone went round and round Kathy had an idea.

She told everyone she was taking the HAVE NOT.
Then asks if it is that a deal. The house guest thought it was funny.
The are lucky because Kathy took her own deal.
She is left in that stinky yucky room and is on slop and cold showers.
Way to take one. I mean whom ever fell off first got that deal any way.

As the competition goes on Enzo feels safe because he has his Brigade holding strong.
He falls along with other members of the Brigade.
I think these men are kind of smart.
They have each other and as long as one is still standing why not let them take one for the team.

I did enjoy Lane in this competition. He is biting the tips of the paint brush.

One heart falls when Brendon jumps off. Of course the drama begins as Rachel is upset. Brendon is sorry he fell and is sorry and giving kisses and saying, "I LOVE YOU"
While Rachel is pissed and not buying it.

Poor Brendon, did he pick the wrong woman to have a "SHOW MANSE" with?

Brendon's Backward Plan on 'Big Brother 12'

Finally we are back to the last two people in the house for endurance competitions Ragan and Matt.

Ragan does not want to win because he does not want to put anyone up or have a target on his back.
What? I thought this was a GAME.

When Matt finally wins it is time to see the HOH room.
I just love how everyone is overly excited about the room.
Britney screaming and being silly.
The house guest are doing this to make fun of Rachel.
Of course each house guest steps out of the HOH room. Leaving Matt alone with Brendon and Rachel.

Pandora's Box is back. Matt is able to see what is inside of the box.
Knowing something Good or Bad will happen in the house he goes for it.

In Matt goes to get the "Diamond Power of Veto"

This is powerful and he can use it to change things up in the house for the next two weeks. Which puts Matt in charge for more and he has another chance to send someone home.
Now that the box has been opened Matt tells yet another lie to the house that he won another dollar and that something bad may happen to the house guest.
But it does seem a little fishy to the house guests.

Ragan goes into the diary room to find a card.
America wants him to be the next Saboteur. If he pulls this off for three weeks he will win 20 thousand dollars.
Finally Ragan is ready to play along. He takes the deal.

Big Brother 12: The Saboteur is back baby! Here's the first message...

Want to tell Ragan what to do?
Go to here and tell him what you want to do.
We will find out Wednesday what he has been up to.

Rachel brings more drama in when she wants to talk to Matt and Ragan is there.
She tells them they are friends and the yelling beings.
Then Brendon is right at her side.

The house guest hear the Saboteur coming on the t.v..
The Saboteur thanks Matt for opening the box and letting the Saboteur out.

I guess Matt's plan has come into play again another lie is so covered up.

At nominations to know ones surprise Brendon and Rachel are up.
bb 12 rachel hoh

Brendon says, he is not sure he could live life in the house without Rachel.

While Rachel says, after 35 days she feels like a lost puppy. The goes all dramatic saying she will need an injection of botox to cover up her wrinkles.

Who will win the POV?
What will the Saboteur pull on the house?
Will the Pandora's Box bring in more Drama?

Stay tuned to find out on Wednesday..

Do you have any thoughts?