Monday, August 23, 2010

Shock Waves

The house was in total shock when Matt pulled out that Diamond Power.

Brendon not happy because Matt called him a dumb.

Hayden thought they would be sending Matt home.

Enzo and Hayden told Matt they are keeping Lane and voting him out.
Now what are they going to do since
Matt knows all of this information and he is still in the house?

Lane felt Kathy did not belong but was happy she washed his clothes for him.

Britney is very happy to be holding the power of HOH.

'Big Brother 12' Recap: The Brigade Falls Apart

Lane is happy because he is not going to go up.

Will Brendon's deal stick with Britney or will he go up on the block?

Enzo is so mad that he did not win.

Hayden feeling it may be Enzo or him that is going up.

Then you have the happy dance going on between Britney and Ragan.

Matt is also happy to be in the house.

It is pretty wild how fast things do change in the house when a new HOH is crowned.

Britney's HOH was filled with wonderful pictures like her in a pageant picture.
Matt really loved this picture.
Then we get a look at Nick her fiance.

Lane says, "he has a beard but it is like painted on that is not a beard."

It is pretty interesting that Nick and Lane do look kind of a like.
But I have to say that Lane is the better looking one.

The Shock Waves begin to roll as the house guest wonder who will go up.
Who can get to Britney first to talk their way out of being put up.

Enzo wants damage control and was to get back in the game.
Matt finds it funny that Enzo kind of butters him up but he knows to watch his back.

Lane shows his beast side by lifting like 325 pounds.
He wants all of the weights to be on the weight bar.
He goes all gorilla and gets himself ready. Yes, he goes for it and shows his power.
Go Lane..

The house guest talk about some weird dreams they have had in the house.
Matt, Lane, and Britney talk about them. Matt having a dream about Hayden being with Matt's family and having his shirt off.
While Britney has a dream with Hayden shirt on and being with her family.
Lane says, in diary room that if you have dream like that you do not tell anyone about it.

It is time for the Have Not Game this week. It is a wild west kind of theme. With horses, hay and a saloon.

Britney comes out wearing a cute little dress while Lane wants to go to the bar and knock out her boyfriend and buy her a drink.

This game has four rounds. The house is broken into two teams.

Outlaws vs Lawmen

Outlaws are Ragan, Lane, and Matt
Lawmen are Enzo, Hayden, and Brendon

The boys take a shot. Two shots are good shots and one shot that is gross and bad.
The other team has to guess which guy took the bad shot.
If they guess right they get a point.
Big Brother 12 (Week 7 Nomination Ceremony)

In the end the Lawmen take a dive and are Have Not's this week.
This weeks HAVE NOT TREAT along with Slop is Broccoli and Bean Dip.

Matt goes to Britney HOH room and helps her with speeches for the Nomination meeting.

The Bridged has started to fall. We saw this last week with Hayden and Enzo wanting Matty out.
Now Lane, Hayden and Enzo are talking.
Enzo thinks Matty is playing them and he is trying to figure out what is going to happen.
Enzo wants Matt out of the house.

Britney talks with Enzo , Hayden and Lane on what to do.
They think Matt needs to be a pawn. But Britney wants to ask Matt about this one.
He does not want to be a pawn and tells her no way.

Brendon wants Britney to stick to the deal and if she does not he will put her up next and send her home.

Britney gives her speech as she puts up Brendon and Enzo.
Brendon is up he was planning on going after Britney last week.
While Enzo is up because he has never been up and she adores him.

Which turns Enzo very made and he wants Matty up because this is his game.
Then why is not playing like it? He has not won anything.
Matt has kept his Bridged boys in the game a few times.
Yes, Matt has a huge ugly lie but he is playing at least.

On the block:


Who will win POV?
Who will Britney chose if the POV is used?
When will we hear more about the double eviction this week?
Is the Brigade really over?

What do you think?

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The game is ever changing! I think that broccoli and bean dip is pretty awesome.