Sunday, August 15, 2010

The house went Boom..

We are left last week wondering who would win the next HOH.

If you clicked on my clue you know who has won it..

Brendon worked as hard as he could for a win.
He is doing this for himself and Rachel.
He is a one man team now and needs this so bad.

Matt feeling that the Brigade needs to pull it together and win. He always wins for them and now he thinks someone else should step it up.

The house guest have to carry a rope through a squares all the way until they get to the end.

Lane is working hard and trying to catch up to Brendon.

While you have Kathy and Enzo are in last place and are neck and neck.

Enzo says, "Meow Meow" likes to stay clean.

Ragan and Britney having a hard time and a few tears are shed.

While the other house guest are a little turned around trying to win.

Lane hearing grunting, and crying going on. He just wants to win push the button and go up to the HOH room and read his letter and not let anyone in.

While Britney wants to suck in the air in the mud and die since Brendon is ahead.

Yes, Brendon wins as BB house plays a song that sounds like eye of the Tiger.
Of course it is all for Rachel..

New HOH is Brendon


Right away Brendon picks the Have Not's for the week since he won HOH.

He picks Ragan, Britney and Matt.

Britney not happy but knew she would get picked because of the fight she had with Brendon.

Ragan is sad because this is his third time being a Have Not.

The whole house is not happy Brendon has won HOH. They are in shock and wish that they would have voted him out and not Rachel.

Enzo and Hayden are flying high because they feel the deal that made with Brendon and Rachel before she left will hold and they will not go up.

Britney knows she will probably go up and go home. Lane lets her know she is will stay. He feels he has the Bridge's power to help keep her in the game.

Ragan, Britney and Matt in have not room. Ragan happy to be in there with them not knowing who will go up on the block. Wishing for a miracle. But as we all know Matt has that miracle with his diamond veto power.

Brendon's HOH room is filled with pictures and things from his family.

Lane is so funny later on in the diary room he is saying this about Brendon, "he has a family and came from some place"

While other house guests are trying to suck up to him Enzo and Kathy.

No worries he has a picture of the Love of his life Rachel.

Britney and Lane have a bond in the house like a Brother Sister Bond. Always joking around and wrestling around.

Lane says, "they are like Raisin Bran" He is the raisin and she is the bran. Then he wonders if that is right or if it is cookies or what? I LOVE this.

Enzo heads up to see Brendon only to find out he is thinking about putting Lane and Britney up. Enzo letting him know that Britney is worse than Lane. Then reminds him of how tight Ragan and Matt are.

Brendon wants to put up floaters not those who are there to compete and win.

Enzo lets Lane know the news while Lane wants to go to a bar and find a hot girl and then beat up her boyfriend? Oh Lane. Really??

Ragan goes into the diary room for more Saboteur ideas. They want him to say there my be a secret alliance which kind of went with Annie said earlier in the game.

You have Kathy and Britney right away swearing on their family and relationships that they do not know anyone in the house they do not have a friend here.

Which makes the house question them.

Then Lane thinks it is just crazy.

Guess what America picked for the Have Not's to eat.

Egg plant and Escargot. Yes, Escargot is snails that people do eat.
Yuck I think this is the worse one this season.

Matt not happy saying, "the snails smell"
Britney okay about egg plant but not the snails.
Ragan is just not happy at all.

Ragan and Matt talking about not giving up. That Brendon has not really played the game until now it was always Rachel who did all of the work.
Ragan not sure if he should go and talk to Brendon so about things.
Matt telling him do what he needs to do for himself and that Matt will take care of himself. Of course he will he has his own power.

Ragan goes and talks to Brendon to keep himself safe. Talking about the fights and things that happen with Brendon and to move forward. If Ragan is safe he will not put Brendon up or back door him a 100%.

Brendon not buying it because Ragan was so mean to Rachel in the game. Brendon feeling that Ragan spit on the love of his life.

Brendon talks with Briney to see her game plan. Letting Brendon know she wants to be here and to fight for the veto. Then Brendon drops it asking her if she would use the Veto on Lane if she won? Then asking her if she would put him up if she won HOH. Britney lets him know what he does for her she will do for him.

Britney feels she is going up.

Lane feels that his boys have his back if he goes up.

Ragan is hoping Brendon takes his deal.

Brendon is ready.

and Ragan go up on the block.

Brendon letting them know it was hard decision but they have a chance to fight and win.
He wants anyone who is left here to fight until the end.
Not to have any floaters holding on.

Ragan feels he is a coward for not taking his deal.

Lane, thinks this is the dumbest move ever.
He will stay in the game until Brendon is gone.

Brendon says this is my house.

What will happen when Pandora's box is opened?
Who will win POV and will it be used?
What is going to happen with Matt and his power?
Stay tuned and find out what happens on Wednesday.
It is going to be a good one.

Side note: Lane is my favorite player and I am sadden he is up on the block.
He has been a great player so far. He has been kind and nice and stayed out of fights.
I really hope he gets to stay in the house.

What are you views?

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Just Breathe said...

I am glad that Brendon won but not because I want him to win the game.
It was just nice after the week they had as long as it doesn't go to his head! I would love to see Lane win. I would love to see Britney go home or maybe Cathy. I am still trying to absorb everything that happened while I was on vacation.