Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Rumbling begins

Yes, the house did a 180 degree flip. All with a switch of a box called Pandora.

The house guest are ready to play the POV competition.

Brendan lets Lane know he is a pawn because he really wants to get Britney or Matt out. He really wants to win the POV to make his plan come true.

Britney does not feel safe just yet. She is waiting until the POV meeting is over.

Ragan is crying a lot and talking to himself in the Have Not room. He really wants to win the POV.

When players are picked this week to play in POV Brendon is happy to see that Matt and Britney do not get to play he wants them gone.

Ragan is really feeling the pressure to win.

A Robot comes into the house and giving out cruel statements to the house guest.

Like to Lane, "Everything is big in Texas but not your brain."

Zingbot 300 is in the house to rock it up for the POV Game.

The house guest get to wear these crazy robots and move around and acted silly before the POV game begins.

The house guest are on a spinning type wheel and have to go from spinning onto a beam to get puzzle piece. The first person to spell out the word Veto wins. If you fall of you are out of the game.

Of course the sheriff/Kathy spins herself crazy and falls and is out of the game.

Through out the whole game Brendon is watching Ragan and trying to see how he is doing it.

While Ragan is just working hard and knows Brendon is watching and cheating off of him.

In the end Ragan proofs his skills and wins the POV. He is so happy because this power can take him off and he can win the $20 grand for being a great Saboteur.

The Brigade has started to fall Hayden and Enzo thinking it is good to get Matt out. Hayden really does not care for Matt and calls him a snake. The leader of the other side of the house. Maybe meaning Britney and Ragan. Or Kathy, she just seems to be all over the place.

Brendon get tempted to open Pandora's Box thinking he will get some alone time and vacation time with Rachel. They show a cheesy clip of Rachel in a bikini on a beach. Brendon is ready to open the box so he can see his girlfriend.

Ding Dong.. The Witch is back.. Yes, Ragan opens the front door to release her back into the house Rachel comes in. Right away she says, "I'm back B**ches"

Britney wants to throw up and feels a hurricane has just hit.

It goes worse from there. Rachel go and Ragan go at it the whole time she is in the house.
It got pretty wild and I missed some of the words and thoughts. It was just mean and harsh and those two should not be happy with the way the acted.

Rachel did call Ragan out for being gay in a harsh way. I mean it is a game and you do not have to play that dirty. I was not happy with the fighting. NOT COOL!

Brendon is left for 24 hrs. in a beautiful house looking for Rachel only to find out she is really on her own vacation.

While Rachel was in the house she did leave a message for Brendon and spelled out I love you in pretzels and Matt's name. She let Kathy know this and gave her the key to the room so no one in the house could see it.

Of course Kathy told Hayden and Enzo about this.

Brendon returns and they tell him all that happened.

Of course Ragan takes himself off of the block while Brendon puts Matt up.

Who will leave next?
Will it be Lane or Matt?
What will Matt do with his special power?
Will he be able to send Brendon home?
That would be a shocker?
What will the Bridged do next?

Find out tonight..

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