Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Final Night....

Yes, as the Summer comes to an end so does Big Brother 12.

Which was played hard by four men who called themselves the BRA-GADE. Enzo was was the master mind behind this great group of men. Even if Matt got let lose early in the game. Matt was always in the game for himself in a way. Matt was filled with lies and it is a good thing he got only into the jury house. If he did make it to the end I wonder if he really would have won.

It was fun to see the BRA-GADE shirts the boys had.

Enzo really hoped the last week would be a fun week but it was a hard one for him.

Britney made it into the jury house and let them know about the BRA-GADE. They were all in shock. Especially Rachel not thinking they could come up with it on their own. But Rachel and Brendon were the ones that did not understand how they made it that far because they did not win much in the game. Well, they had their side alliances and if you have the votes to keep you in then you would stay in. If not you were out. But if you were part of the BRA-GADE then you would be just fine and safe.

Julie got a chance to talk to the boys before they started the last part of the game.

Asking Enzo if it was worth it to be away from his family and if he missed them. Enzo said it was a ruff time but wishes he would win the money and then it would all be good.

Hayden being the college boy he was just happy to be there until the end.

Lane will miss a lot about the house most of all that a guy who would call himself Meow Meow. Plus all of the great friends he made was the best part.

The jury gets a chance to talk game. In the jury house we have Rachel, Kathy, Matt, Brendon, Ragan, and Britney. They talk about the big alliance with the boys. Matt got kicked out of the BRA-GADE because he was close with Ragan. Matt said, he was the one who started up this alliance and that why it worked for awhile. Britney learned the lie that Matt came up with and she was thought it was horrible. Britney also thought that Rachel would be pregnant already. Loved that thought. Rachel thought the boys got lucky and just slide on by.

The jury talks more about the final three. That Enzo had played a great social game, and everyone liked him. Ragan thought that Hayden was the strongest player in the house. While Matt thought he played the best social game. Kathy thought that Hayden got dirty and busy and got things done. Ragan felt that Lane did not do much but got pushed to the end. Rachel thought that Lane was a power player and was smart.

It was time for the Final Game of HOH between Hayden and Lane. For the final game they had to answer A or B to a statement that a jury member would have answered. There were going to be six questions that need to be answered. Hayden and Lane both answered four right and got a tie between the two of them. It was time for the final question on the chalk board. Julie asked the boys during the "Rumble in the Jungle" competition how many times did Big Brother slam you into the walls?

Hayden guessed 91 times.
Lane guessed 55 times.
The answers was 200 and something.
Which means that Hayden won..

Yes, he won HOH three times.

He chose to take Lane to the final two.

Evicting Enzo.

Enzo said, it is ruff but he loved both of the guys like a brother and he was part of the BG. That was the best part for him.

Of course the jury had a few questions to ask the final two guys.

End the end both gave great speeches to the jury.

Final two Hayden and Lane

Then the votes got locked in and we got a chance to see Annie, Monet, Andrew, and Kristen.

Andrew let out another shocker for Hayden, Lane, and Enzo. Matt's lie which Hayden was kind of shocked, Lane thought he should have made it up about a dog not his wife, and Enzo kind of new he was a bit strange.
Kristen and Hayden may be a couple or just friends. Hayden will take her out for pizza/pie.

Rachel loves Vegas but Brendon more and will move to UCLA.

Britney is disgusted by this and thinks she should stay in Vegas. While Ragan thinks she would be a beatiful Bride.

Finally the last Saboteur was relieved and everyone was in shock it was Ragan.
Ragan was happy and said, Suckers, I won 2o thousand dollars.

Ready to see who won BIG BROTHER 12

Hayden wins 4-3
500,000 is what he wins..
In this publicity image released by CBS, Hayden Moss, 24, a college student from Tempe, Ariz., is shown in Los Angeles. Moss is a finalist to win $500,000 on


Then American voted for the favorite house guest which was Britney to wins the 25,000
I heard that her house burned down not sure if this is a rumor or not.
I hope Britney and her family are okay.
Big Brother Britney Haynes.jpg

Do you want to be a Contestant for Big Brother 13?

Click here for the details

Thanks to Jen for having this wonderful blog.
Can't wait to see you guys next Summer..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking Back...

It was a look back by the Brigade the last three members...

Enzo was the whole master mind behind this whole alliance. He gave out the names and helped this group of boys stay together. It is sad to see that Enzo really did not win much in the game but he win a POV and that was a great win for him. At first I really did not care for Enzo. But now I think he is a pretty cool cat as they call him.

The Brigade got a wonderful meal of Lobster, cheese cake, and champagne . Those lucky boys.

We see a look back at the first Saboteur. When I watched this show I had taped it and had seen two people up and walking. I was not sure what was going on. But if I would have I would have know that it was Annie all along.

Andrew was a wild one in the house for a short time. Breaking the secret "Show Manse" of the season. I wonder if Hayden and Kristen will ever really talk after the show or go there separate ways.

Day three is when the "Show Manse" between Rachel and Brendon started. They had a pretty good run in the house together. Poor Brendon he is right under her fingers. I wonder if they will really last? What do you think?

Rachel did not only leave her annoying laugh in the house but more. She had a huge fight with Kristen that was just wild and wrong. Then Rachel and Ragan went at it. I think that Rachel had a way with words and could dish them out but was not happy when they were dished back. I do think that Rachel was the main fighter in the house and they were pretty wild. What will she think when she gets a chance to watch herself on t.v.?

Then the wonderful Zingbot 3000 had his hits on the house guest which made them laugh. I bet it was fun to have something different in the house for a short time.

Of course the Bridged would have not lasted with out a few side alliances. Yes the side alliances were, Kristen and Hayden and Lane and Britney. They all did there part to help out these boys.

Kristen even ate a spider to show that she could do anything. Crazy.

Britney and Lane were a great pair to watch. They hung out joked and had fun. Like a Brother and Sister would hang out. I think maybe if there was no Nick then maybe they would have been a "Show Manse"

Then we had Matt who helped and used the hottest power of the Summer the Diamond Power of Veto. That was the best Pandora's box according to Lane. When Lane opened up the box he only got some change to fill up his truck. But his Pandora's box did bring out some laughs. Oh the dancing for 12 hrs. was the best. I still laugh when I see Enzo dancing in the shower, Lane getting out of bed to bounce around and poor Hayden just bouncing around like a hopeless bunny.

After Rachel left the house she was back in for a short time. Another unlucky Pandora's box for the house. Know one was happy about this. Which brought on the worse fight of the season between Ragan and her. Ragan calling her a wicked witch and wanting her to ride off on her broom. I think if Rachel sees this fight again she may see how mean it really was.

Then they boys shared "That's what she said" Anytime someone had a sexual thought they would say "That's what she said" Poor Lane did not get it but in the end he finally caught on.

It is time for the Brigade to come to an end. As Hayden and Lane battle it out for the last HOH. Whomever wins this will pick who they want for the Final Two. While the un lucky guy will go out with Julie and join the jury.

Get ready for the two hour final This Wednesday 9/15
For the final show down at 9/8C.

Are you ready?
Any thoughts on who you want to win?
Did you enjoy this season?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Animal, Beast and Meow Meow

Yes we have now made it to the final three.

Let the games begin as the Brigade is ready to play for them selves. There is no longer an alliance it is every man for himself.

They had this alliance set in stone after day two and now after 69 days it is time to let it go.

Enzo wants to win this first part of HOH because he thinks he will not be picked.

Lane can't trust Hayden or Enzo to take him to the final two spot either.

Hayden loves both Lane and Enzo but he has to play for himself.

How interesting that these boys are no longer a pair of three but playing each for themselves.

This first competition for HOH was hard on all three men. They are being throw back and forth into a wall and getting wet. Which in turns makes them cold. As the get wetter it is hard to hold on. Hayden feels it is like his football days as he goes banging into the walls. Enzo does not care for the wooden seat. Enzo is out with time is 19 seconds and 14 mins. While Lane feels he is in a Texas bar fight and you when you wake you are in pain.

Enzo lost the first part of HOH
'Big Brother 12' Recap: Enzo is the Biggest Loser

After Enzo falls he is sad and thinks of his family. He makes his way into the house and loves his alone time and make a hot meal. Of course he takes it outside with him to show the boys what he is eating. Hayden is freezing at this point and Lane is not happy about the hot food as he slams into a wall. He was to get down and crawl and slap Enzo in the face.

After 2 hrs. and 35 mins Lane goes crashing into the wall and falls off.

It is Hayden who wins the first part of the HOH. He did it.

Julie talks with the boy tonight.

Asking Enzo how they pulled off their alliance. He said he really has not idea how he did it. Maybe his personality. Lane felt it was hard to keep the secret he was so happy to be in it and could not tell anyone. Hayden thinking the jury house will probably hate them.

Lane and Enzo have to compete to see who will go up against Hayden for part three of the HOH.

We get a chance to see into Enzo's life. He family is very proud of him and love him. Enzo is a very caring husband and Father.

Jury house update:
Kathy is still not talking with Matt and wanting to have anything to do with him.
Matt hopes that Ragan does not walk in he wants him to win.

In walks Ragan saying, "Another Show Manse is here"
They all watch DVD and when that is over Matt wants to talk to Ragan alone.

Matt lets Ragan know about his lie. Ragan says, "Wow and that is pretty hard core" Ragan was in shell shock and had cried a lot in the house because of Matt. Matt leaves Ragan alone to collect his thoughts. Ragan really felt numb and like Charlie Brown when Lucy takes the football away from him.

Ragan lets the house know that he has his PHD and that he is a professor for a college in communications.

Then we have the fighting we saw in the house between Rachel and Ragan. Ragan lets her know she had worn her heart on her shoulder for the game. That she was the drama and the heart of all of the fights in the house. Since Rachel had been gone there were not fights or screaming going on. Rachel thinks it is funny because there had not been any fights in the jury house until he has gotten there. These two just do not get along and that is just how it will be.

Lane and Enzo are ready to play "It's alive"
There are five house guest faces in this game. Two faces are put together or Frankensteins together and both guys have to match two names with the faces. Whom ever gets all five right win. If they both get them right then it will be a tie between the two and the best time will win. Lane and Enzo both get all five right. Since it is now down to time Enzo got 1 minute and 43 seconds while Lane got one minute and thirteen seconds. Lane is crowned the winner of the second part of the HOH competition.

Now Hadyen and Lane will face off for part three. Then whoever wins this part will be the new HOH and will decided who they want to take to the final two.

Lane feels sweaty and numb after the win and can't walk.
Enzo knows it is up to Lane or Hayden to chose and it was a ruff one for him not to win. He feels for his family. But "it is what it is."

Stay tuned to see who will be in the Final two.
After the final two are known the third house guest is sent out to hang with the jury.
Then the questions begin for the last two house guests.

Will it be Lane and Hayden?

Hayden and Enzo ?

Enzo and Lane?
'Big Brother 12' Goes Dark: What's Happening Inside the House?

Who do you think it will be?

On Sunday it is special behind the scenes for BB 12?

Then on Wednesday final HOH will be crowed.
Which means they will be the winner of 1/2 a million dollars...
Two hours of fun...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's coming to an end

Wait Jen, I think we have the best BB blog out there.

Yes, the feeds have been down and know really knows what is going on. There have been some tweets to say what has been going on. But we have to wait until tonight to see what is really going on.

Julie is ready for her live show saying the Brigade has controlled the Big Brother house this whole season. The last POV will be played and some one will leave tonight.

It is now day 68 and in one week the we will have a winner of Big Brother 12.

Of course as we see the house talking to each other wondering what will happen next.

Enzo trusts Hayden like a Brother.
Hayden wants to separate Lane and Britney and get rid of her.
Then this will help hold the Brigade together.
Lane wants Britney to go with him to the end but will stick with the Brigade until the end.

Hayden asks Lane if he got mad when he put him on the block. Lane was not upset at all. Lane does want the Brigade to go to the end but he really wants Britney and Hayden to be there.

Enzo knows the POV is going to be big. If he does not win he know he will go up and then be out of the house.

Britney and Hayden have a little talk. She is nervous and thinks that know one will keep her around. Hayden feels the same way. Then they talk about Enzo being in the same spot.

It is time for the POV this time a movie style. There are posters with each house guest face on i two house guest on each poster. These posters have the two house guests on both sides of the poster. There are clues that have to match up to the posters. The house guest have to place the posters with right clues to win. Lane is so lost and can't think straight to get this done. Enzo is trying hard to get the clues and posters right. Along with Hayden who is trying to get things right. While Britney seems to have gotten a little bit nervous and places all the posters on the ground to get them in the correct places. In the end Hayden takes it to the top and wins.

Yes it is another win for Hayden and he will decide what to do next.

Since Hayden won they decided to tell Britney about the Brigade. Only Lane and Enzo tell her what is going on. Enzo tells her how he was in an alliance with a few people. Britney guessed that Matty was a part of it. Enzo says, yes and then there were four. Enzo names off the alliance and then tells her the name and all of the nicknames. Finally Hayden walks into the HOH room where they had told her. Hayden tells her he is sorry. Lane is worried and ask if she is pissed at him and she does not say anything.

bb12 hoh hayden2

Britney gets up to leave and is crying so hard. She feels all of her work was for nothing since the boys are all together. She knows she will be going home and she is not happy. She just wants to go bed and not even talk to Lane. Britney feels that Lane is not her friend and she was an idiot for talking to him. She is so mad at all of the boys. Lane does let her know she is his friend and he never lied to her. Britney says, "this just sucks when you have no chance" They did let Britney know she would be going home. Maybe that is why the feed were off.

It is time for Hayden to do a live POV nomination. He lets Lane and Britney know that are going to be friends for life.

Lane goes first and says his hellos to his family. That Hayden is a great friend and will have fun in Steamboat. Enzo is the funniest cat around. He really cares for Britney and she is a 100% the nicest, kindness lady he has met and he will miss her.

Britney gets up and says hello to her family and friends. I did not hear her say anything to Nick though. She was happy to be an Alternate to the Brigade and a causality. Hayden is a great friend, Enzo is funny and of course Lane is her best friend. Then of course go HOGS.

It is time for Enzo to vote. He talks about how he is loyal to the Brigade and he has respect for Britney. If Nick wants to punch him in the face he can have one chance. Enzo sends Britney packing.

Enzo is so happy that the Brigade has done so well.

Britney is out of the house talking with Julie. She is upset because she wanted to win but they were her family for the Summer. She did have anger and did not want to vote for any of the boys at first. Julie brings up how Ragan told her about the boys being together. Britney was so close with them that she did not really care but she is friends with all of them.

The boys all had nice messages about not wanting to hurt her. Hayden did not want to betray her, Enzo did not want to see her cry. While Lane felt horrible and will miss her a lot. That the house will feel empty with out her in it.

Now Britney is off to the jury house which she is not looking forward to at all.

Britney is gone
bb12 hoh hayden2

No worries Britney you will only be there for one week.

The final HOH has started and it is very important.
Rumble in the Big Brother Jungle is the name of the game.
The house guest are on a rope like tree looking thing. They have to hang on and get swung from one side back yard to the next. Slamming into a wall at one point. Before we leave for the night the house guest gets water on them from a waterfall. It will be a long night for the Brigade.

Part one of HOH is played tonight and everyone gets to play for the last HOH.
Whom ever wins this HOH will go to the part three of the competition.

Who will win the first part of the HOH?
Then who will end up in the final two?
May the best man win.
Tomorrow night we will get to see what Ragan thinks about the jury house and the lies Matt has told. What will he think?

Stay tuned and on Wednesday September 15, 2010 the winner of Big Brother 12 will be crowned...

Who do you think is going to win?

Want a chance to help your favorite house guest win 25,000?
Click here to vote.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Did you know there was an eviction tonight?

If you follow the better BB blogs on the internet than you probably know there was an eviction tonight! Yep, that's right TONIGHT!!

Tomorrow's show was pre-recorded tonight. I am fairly certain Brittney was evicted. Tonight was also the endurance comp for the first of two HoH Competitions

The feeds have been off since about 1:30 today. Apparently they are showing footage from the first of the season along with other fun stuff from previous house guests like Chelsea and Howie.

The interesting thing will what they show for BBAD.

I wonder who won the the endurance comp tonight? I predict Hayden as he seems to be the best competitor and probably in the best shape. I guess we won't know for sure until tomorrow night!!

So until then, who do you think will win this season?

Are you happy the Bro-gade made it to the final 3?

So hard to believe the season is almost over!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Smaller and there is a new HOH

The house has now grown smaller.

A smaller table is brought in and the house guests are not sure how they will all fit. They are starting to realize it is getting down to the wire.

We were left wondering which house guest would be able to decorate their tree first. Enzo, Britney, and Hayden had to put 18 ornaments on the tree. Then top it with a star. The only tricky part was that they had chicken wire in the way and had to be careful getting the ornaments on the tree.

Britney seems to have a hard time at first dropping many of the ornaments and while Enzo and Hayden were doing pretty good. Hayden felt since he was in softball he knows how to have soft hands and would be fine. Enzo was not happy when the snow began to fall on them. Finally Britney figures out what she has to do and gets almost caught up with Hayden and leaves Enzo in the dust. In the end Hayden wins HOH leaving Enzo with the feeling he can never win and HOH.

Hayden, Lane and Enzo spend some time talking. Very happy about the Brigade of course Enzo is so happy because he was the master mind behind this alliance.

Lane had wished Britney had won the HOH while Hayden wants to get Britney out of the house.

Big Brother never disappoints us. We see Britney laying in bed crying and sad music is being played. She is not happy at all, but she know she is acting like a baby and is really sad. She does not even care to see Hayden's HOH room.

Hayden was happy to be back in the HOH room for the third time. This time he got a letter from his Dad. He had some wonderful pictures this time and offers everyone to have the treats in his basket.

Hayden wins HOH

Lane pulled a funny one this week. He was trying to get the grill to start up but was having a hard time getting it to start. Britney thought it would blow up. With a bang the grill finally started up.

The deals begin. Lane telling both Enzo and Hayden he will take them to the Final 2 anything so he will be sure to be picked. While Hayden makes sure he will also make it.

A piggy is in the house with money for the house guests. They all run into the back yard and see coins with each others names on them. Each house guest has to take their coin and hide it in the house. If there coin stays hidden and no house guest finds it then they win ten thousand dollars.

Lane hides his in the recycle bin.
Enzo hides his in the plant wall art.
Hayden hides his in an un opened cereal box.
Britney hides her coin in the trash inside a cereal box.

They all run through the house making a huge mess of the house. Enzo found Hayden's coin, while Britney found both Enzo's and Lane's. In the end Britney wins the money.

Britney is not having everyone just sleep in the house anymore. She decides to have a pillow fight with the boys. Which brings in some fun for a little while.

It is time for Hayden to announces who will go on the block.
He picks Lane and Britney and wishes them luck with the POV.

Britney is on the block

Lane is on the block

Britney knows it is a do or die and wants to win and send Enzo home.

Who will go home?
We will find out on a special night this Wednesday.

Who do you think will be the final three?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Final Four

Ragan wants to work his magic so he can stay in the house. He wants to talk with Britney in hopes that she will talk to Lane. He was to stay in the house. Ragan lets Britney know that those three boys are together and if one of them wins Britney and Lane will be up on the block. It would be great if Lane could flip the vote and keep Ragan in. Only if Britney would take the chance to vote for him and then he could stay.

Ragan does go and talk to Lane and lets him know his plan.

Lane is not sure what he should do. Should he stay with the Brigade or keep Britney? He has to think about what the best thing to do is.

All of the house guest get a chance to see themselves dancing in the house. They are shown their final punishment of dancing for 12hrs when they heard music. I have to say this was a fun one to watch.

Julie ask Hayden who the worst dancer was and he says, "I was"

Julie asked Ragan which one was harder the sock puppet or the dancing. Ragan liked both and thought they were fine. In the end he really loved the dancing part because he enjoys dancing.

The Penguin suit is brought up one last time by Julie asking Enzo if he will live it down that he wore the outfit. Enzo thought it was a cool Penguin and he beat the curse because he was not sent home in the Penguin outfit.

Since Britney is the only girl left in the house Julie asks her what she thinks about the house and boys? She tell her the house is messy and food every place and everything needs to be cleaned. While the house guests think Britney is the dirtiest house guest.

We get to see inside of the Jury House.

Rachel was first and said, she had been working out hard, tanning, and dreaming of Brendon. She thinks that Matt will be the first one in the jury house because of the message she left in pretzels.

She was wrong as Kathy comes into the house and lets her what happened with Matt and the Diamond power of Veto.

Matt comes in next saying there are too many women in the house. He lets them know that Britney sent him packing. They watch the DVD that Matt brought in. Rachel likes the way Brendon looks with his shaved head.

Brendon walks in saying, "Not that I want to be here, I was burned by Hayden" Rachel just sits at the table looking at him not even getting up and hugging him right away. She is disappointed he is in the house. What? Did she only want him to win so she could have his money. For someone who says they love Brendon she sure does not act like it. I am sorry but if I was in love with someone and in they walked in the jury house I would be so happy to see them. Finally Rachel does get up and give kisses and hugs.

Matt decides he is ready to give the jury a surprise and let them all know that his story about his wife. He tells them it was a lie and she is fine.

Brendon tells him he is going to hell.
Kathy says, "it is so wrong and that is sick"

Kathy takes this news the hardest she is a cancer survivor. She is so mad at Matt and asking him if he had ever lost anyone?

Matt he is not happy with what he did but he told them he would have given some of the money to that disease.

It seems as though Matt may not have many friends in the jury house. I wonder what will happen after the show is over and the other house guests get wind of this?

Lane gets his one on one talk with Julie. He is not worried and he trusts his boys 100%. He knows that things may change and he knows it will be hard to back stab if he has to. He thinks Britney is looking good up next to him. He would take Hayden with him to the final two.

It is time to hear a few speeches from the house guests.

Ragan is very sweet and thanks his Mom and Sister. He even lets everyone know it was his Dad that he was playing hard for. That his Dad would have been proud of him, his youngest son. He says, sorry for being a pill this week in the house. Then the I love you everyone.

Hayden takes the time to say he was lucky and Ragan was a great guy. That everyone one in the house knows him for who he really is. Then int he end he talks about this Steam Boat trip they will all take.

Well Ragan better pack up his bow tie his is going home a 2-0 vote and he is gone.

Ragan is gone.

Ragan talks with Julie and lets her know that group inside is really tight and that they would not vote each other out just yet. He feels that made a mistake by kicking him out. But they all knew he would win. Ragan did walk out with 20 grand. He wants to get a new car. I hope he does.

We are left watching an HOH competition.

Big Brother Christmas
'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Live HoH Competition Results

Each house guest has to decorate their own tree and top it off with a star. They have a chicken wire fence and makes it hard to get the ornaments on the tree. They have to pick them up one at a time and get them threw the chicken wire. Of course it begins to snow on the house guest.

We see that Hayden has five on his tree, Enzo has three and Britney has one.

Here are three of the final four
Enzo, Hayden, and Britney..

Then you have Lane...

Who will win the next HOH?
Who will go up on the block?
Who will win the POV?

Stay tuned and on Sunday see who won the HOH.

Then on Wednesday there is a special eviction night and we get to start the three part HOH.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

POV is won

The house is getting smaller and smaller with fewer people to be put on the block.

Hayden loves that the target is not him but on Ragan. This helps Hayden get further in the game.

Enzo is not happy to be up on the block and thinks that Britney should be up there and not him.

Ragan is talking with Enzo letting him know this is his third time up on the block. Enzo is feeling like this is not fun and both guys ask each other how they are feeling.

It is time to say good bye to the Penguin. They have a shunning ceremony for the penguin suit. Enzo says now Meow Meow can be himself again. A new celebrity is in the house and it is Howie the pool duck. Enzo lets Howie know he is not his Daddy and that the Penguin Suit is now Evicted from the house. Enzo feels there is no longer a black cloud over him anymore.

'Big Brother 12' Recap: Cruel and Unusual Punishments

Ragan feels all alone and has to study a lot. If the POV is an a game of knowledge he will be ready to go. Ragan knows that there are four people against him. He know about the boys sticking together and Britney and Lane are together.

It is time for the POV this time it is a swamp, smelly and a singing clam. They have to find two house guest names that make out a song and bring it back to the clam. If you pick up the wrong CD with names on it or are the last one back you are out.

Ragan is ready and wants to win and knows his butt is on the line.

Britney knows it is slim pickings and she better win.

Enzo feels his life is on the line and he has to win.

It is down to Enzo and Ragan. The calm gives them and both boys are off. Enzo knows right away where this CD is and goes running down into Ragan. Enzo goes flying and lounging down the slide and knocks Ragan out of the way as Enzo slams his body down on the CD. Ragan is so made he throws the CD which bounces off the calm and hits Enzo in the head. I guess they both go it in the game.

Enzo takes his win with pride and yells at Ragan in a way to make Ragan feel lower than he already does.

Ragan does feel again all alone and cries. While Enzo calls him a sore loser.

Lane asks Britney is she has her speech ready. She does not want to go up and lets Lane know that if he is up against Hayden will probably win and Lane won't.

Hayden and Enzo have time to talk and they both want Britney up so they can back door her.

The house guests are still waiting on two punishments from Pandora's box. The first was not
having the use of silverware or cups.

The next one deals with sock puppets that looks like each of the house guest. The house guests have 12hrs. and every time they talk they have to talk by using their puppets. If house guest do not do this they may become have nots for the week. Enzo's puppet has whiskers, and his hat. Ragan's has a bow tie. Lane even has his hat. Then of course you have a Blondie one for Britney.

'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: What Happened at the Power of Veto Ceremony?

Ragan is crying and talking to his sock puppet.

While Enzo, Lane and Britney are talking about golf with their sock puppets. Finally they hit 12hrs.

The third and final punishment is released and it is another one that lasts for 12hrs. This time it is dancing. Any time the house guest hear the music they have to get up and dance. No matter what if they are sleeping, swimming or showering.

Lane made me laugh a lot as he moved around. All of the house guest did a pretty good job. Hayden was the funniest he could not dance at all. Just kind of hopped around like a bunny.

Britney decides to clean the kitchen out. Tons food in a huge trash can sad to see all of that food go.

Lane talks with Hayden about maybe going up as a pawn. He really does not want to go up. But Lane know that if he puts up the Britney she will go home.

Enzo does take himself off of the block and is happy to do it.

It is time for Lane to put someone up.

Lane lets them know they are an amazing group of people who have made it to the final five.

Hayden is not happy to be a pawn and is not sure what Ragan may do. Will Ragan make deals and have Hayden leave?

Hayden is on the block

With Ragan

Ragan is ready to use some factors and division to do what he can do to save.

Lane wants the final two to be with Britney. He think he will do better and hopes the Brigade does not know this.

Who will go home next?
Who will join Lane, Enzo, and Britney to make it the final four?
Who will be the next HOH?
What will happen next..

Wait until Thursday to get these answers...