Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The house grows quiet

Since Rachel has won HOH and put up Hayden and Kristen the house has finally grown quiet.

Hayden is not happy and really wants to go after Rachel and Brendon.

Kristen had a feeling that they would be up and really does not want to hurt Hayden.

Rachel is re-thinking her words of "Bring it on" Brendon has become upset with her. He feels that by Rachel saying that will make them go soon. He really wants Rachel to say sorry for what she said. But Rachel is very upset. No worries Brendon still loves her.

Kristen and Hayden talk a little and feel it "sucks" to be on the block for.

Rachel does finally say she is sorry for what she said to Hayden and Kristen.

Then is happens the two love birds Rachel ad Brendon start to exchange words.
Brendon is not happy and feels bad about the two on the block. Rachel does not really care she just wants Brendon to be on her team. Brendon tell her she is kind of like a bully.

Rachel let him know she is not and he better start supporting her or this relationship or it will go no place.
Can you say Bully?
Uh Rachel he tells you he loves you.
Is that enough?
I guess a game makes you wild.

*Side note: Rachel was dying her hair in the game. Did she get that in her HOH package?
Or is BB 12 staff just cool?

It is time for the POV this time "Wizards of Pinball"

There are pinball machines all over the yard. The house guest get to use a huge pinball game and who ever gets the highest points each round will be the winner. If you lose you have to chose a wizard hat and keep the prize or exchange it for another prize a house guest has.

Finally after six rounds the game is over.
Hayden gets the loss and picks hippie unitard.
Of course he does not want this prize and goes after Kristen's prize which is the POV.

Britney then picks solitary confinement which she happily trades with Hayden to be the new POV Winner.

Here is what each house guest won who played for the POV:

Ragan: wins the Veto Ticket, this make him able to play in the next POV Competition next week. But not for long Rachel takes this away from Ragan to give him a second chance at the game. When Ragan is finally out he wins $5,000. He is turn gives it to Rachel so he can have the Veto Ticket back. Which Rachel does not like because she now has a bigger Target on her back because she now has $5,000. Ragan is smart to do this because he does not want the Target either.

Enzo: walked away with a 3-D flat screen TV for his eight month old to watch with little glasses.

Britney: wins solitary confinement but chooses to give it to Hayden for the Power of Veto.

Hayden won the hippie unitard but gave it to Kristen for the POV. In the end he ends up with 24hr. solitary confinement in the Have Not Room with French Bread and Slop to eat. No worries there is a toilet for him to use.

Kristen won the POV but her man Hayden gives her hippie unitard.

While the game was going on the whole house was quiet and not talking to anyone just playing the game. I guess a lot of tension is being felt.

Kristen: has to wear the hippie unitard with a silly wig.

While Hayden is in solitary confinement Kristen lays on the floor and talks to him. You see there fingers touching under the door. A lot of tears are dropped from Kristen. He was not all alone Kristen was there to cheer him on.

Enzo and Lane are talking and saying the "Animal" meaning Hayden needs to be let out. Then the Brigade will have to retrain him.

Lane thinks he will come out with a mane like a lion while Enzo thinks he will be a cave man.

Finally Hayden is free and he is happy. He loves the way Kristen looks but can't show it.

Hayden, Rachel, Brendon, and Enzo enjoy there movie night.

Hayden works on Britney to get her to use the POV and that she will be safe.

Even telling Rachel this, while Britney talks with her. Rachel wants to put Lane up. Britney is not happy about this either. She is friends with Lane.

Finally it is out Britney is not going to use the POV. She did not take any deals from anyone.

Hayden feels he has been slapped across the face.

Rachel is happy that everything has stayed the same.

Kristen is crying because she is put up against the one person she does not want to be up against?

Who will go home this Thursday?


Will the Brigade save their Boy?

What will happen next?
Who will win the next POV?
Any guesses?


Just Breathe said...

Great post, you got every detail!
I think it will be Kristen who goes home and I think that Britney has put a target on her back if Hayden wins HOH. The whole house is after Brendon and Rachel!

Jen said...

I agree it will be Kristen. Not sure if Britney has a target though, Hayden seemed to understand her reasoning. Honestly I think Britney is sitting pretty right now, but who knows anything can happen!!

I am hoping ANYONE except Brendon wins Hoh! I don't know if I can take another week of Rachel and Brendon on their high horse!