Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weird Week

This week the house went weird.

Russell and Jeff had crazy words flying back and forth. Not knowing if they really were going to have some blows. I mean Russell is know as a "shot gun". I would not want to be in that house when those two went wild. Jeff saying "You Got Got".

Russell went after Jordan and talked about her being fat because she eats cookie dough. I thought that was horrible. Yes, it is a game but I would not go that low to hurt someone. I loved how Jordan did not show any fear and let Russell have it. I am glad she stood up for herself. I am very proud and happy for her.

We got a peek into the jury house. Jessie is still a bit cocky staying tan and fit. What was up with the pink shorts with stars? Those things were so wild and crazy. I thought they were so 80's. Not my cup of tea.

Lydia flies in with her pink hair. Pushing on Jessie and giving him taps and hits. Letting him know she was not one to be played. That her and Natalie compared notes. In the end you could see that Lydia was so happy to have Jessie all to herself.

As you leave the house and go into the jury house the next person in brings in the scoop. Jessie saw what happen to Chima. Now those two are left waiting to see who will join them.

We all know that Russell is coming to greet them. He was trying to go out with class. Saying kind words and hugging everyone and telling them, "Good Luck". Come to find out Russell was trying to be like other BB cast members from the past. Why could he not just be himself? That is way silly.

We are left with a nice hot mess of chocolate as the house guest compete to win HOH.

What is going to be the new twist Julie was talking about?

Let's see who enjoyed their marshmallows and won HOH.

We are now down to Five.

The jury house grows:

Who will be up on the block next?
Tune in to find out.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The house goes Bananas

I was so happy to watch BB on Tuesday night. I sat down and was ready. I got to watch a little. Then the Veto game begun.

I was having fun hearing Casey's voice and raps when my t.v. goes blank. I was in a panic I wanted to know who was winning and what was happening. Not the weather man coming on to tell me the weather knocked out the satellite and when the it comes back on BB will be back up. Then what was he doing on?


I get to see the show and see a few people sliding around. I see Russell, Jordan and Natalie on the bench.

Finally it ends with Jeff bringing home the win.

What he does next surprises me. He decides to put Russell up on the block and take Kevin off.

Russell is going to explode this week. He does not want to leave. He has played word games with everyone. You really do not know what to expect and what Russell is really thinking.

Final four deals are still running wild in the house. Now it looks like things have changed since Russell is up.

Or will things change tonight? Will Jeff really keep Russell in the house and have Natalie leave?
You have Natalie and Kevin jumping up and down because they feel Jeff took the bait and they are going to be the ones who get that bus or door moving in the direction they want.

I say keep Russell and get Natalie out.

What do you think?

Who will really leave?



Who will be the next HOH?

Who will join the jury house?

Tune in and see if the house really goes Bananas tonight.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recycle Please?

This was an intense HOH competition . Everyone was trying to get the cans in.

Jeff finding a way to pull the tab up to put in each can.

Russell running wildly around shaking it up trying to win.

Russell and Kevin using the "Gold" can to better themselves in the game.

Natalie and Michele just trying to get them in.

In the end Jeff has finally won with 24 cans. Way to go Jeff I think he deserved this one.

Russell and Michele are on Churros and Chitlins.

The Drama is back because everyone is trying to make deals like these.

There are those who want this to be the final four.




What do you think will happen??

Who will win the Veto?

Will Natalie or Kevin come off?

Tune in tonight and see...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

No More Drama

Thursday was an action packed episode.

We watched as everyone got ready for the Veto. It was live and on the spot. Michele and Jordan were even every time. Finally Jordan wins again and brings home the Veto. She was able to keep things the way she wanted.

It seems new buddies are forming as Russell and Michele begin to hang out more with each other.

Kevin and Natalie are still sticking together. I wonder if they will buddy up with Jordan and Jeff to keep in the game?

We saw the Super Heroes true colors when she walked out of the house. Only Kevin is her friend and she does not want anyone else to win. Will she really blow Jessie away with her new super powers or will she run to him with open arms?

Who will become the next HOH?

We will soon find out who it is and who is going on the block.

I wonder if the Drama will be back after this all happens??

The Jury house grows:

Jessie Lydia

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Brother Babies

As Jen said in the post below a lot has happen in the BB house.

I think the house has been filled with some crazy Babies.

Yes, that means you Chima. It was just a game and you knew coming into this that things could change. Yes, you lose your HOH way but come on. You could have shown everyone and won it. But no you just decided to act like a child and throw your microphone in the water. Then other house guest try and help you out. Oh boy...

When Jessie left you would have thought he died or something. The tears flew and wine was toasted for in his honor. He is fine and was a strong player and that is why he was gone.

Lydia my friend with the pink hair and outfit and blow up. I know you are doing this to act out and all it is doing is giving you a bad wrap. Grow up...

Kevin is just hanging in there not sure what to do or think. He is happy but then sad and who knows.

Natalie is still playing along to be young and in the game.

Jordan is so sweet and really needs to win. She has her heart in the right place for sure.

Michele is also one who just hangs along you never know what to think with her.

Russell is a walking time bomb. He tries to be nice but then you never know when the shot gun will go off.

Jeff is the kind of friend I would want in the house. He says what he wants and keeps to the play. He is sweet and kind.

Now onto tonight...

Julie is going to be busy.

We have a Veto?
An Eviction
Then a new HOH to be crowned.

Who is leaving?
What will happen with the Veto?
Who will be in charge?

I guess no double eviction this week......

I will wait along with all of you to see what happens next and how many tears fall this tonight.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wild Week In the BB House!!

As we saw on tonight's episode this week as been WILD in the BB house! As long as I've been watching Big Brother (since season 4) I've never seen someone expelled from the house for not following the rules! Does anyone else know if this has happened before in the past?

We are now down the final seven and the paranoia is still running rampant in the house! Thursday's Live show should be action packed as we have a POV comp, POV meeting, Voting, Eviction and then another HOH comp!! Phew I get tired just thinking about it!! I am looking forward to Thursday to say the least! There's buzz on the other BB blogs this next Hoh comp might be an endurance competition! I have no idea if there's any truth so I guess we'll just have to wait and SEE!!

So who do you want to win the POV?

Who do you want to see go home this week?

and of course....

Who do you want to be the next HOH?

Come on THURSDAY, I can't wait!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just off the line...

Do not Read if you do not want a spoiler.....

Chima has been evicted by the Producers read the link about to learn more.

Jury House starts....

Wow the house sure went wild....

Kevin blew his chances when he decided he did not want to use the veto. He did not want to have any more enemies in the house. So he was a chicken and did not use the veto on his friend. When everyone in the house already knows he is friends. What will happen with the friendship between Kevin and Lydia?

Of course you have Chima beaming with pride because her nominations are still standing. But wait we have a "mystery power" out there. Will it be used?

First Russell lets everyone know he wants votes and wants to stay in the game. Jessie and Russell go to battle with words. I was not sure what would happen.

Things start turning when Natalie and Jessie think that Jordan or Jeff have this power. They start to hang out with them. What do they think Jeff and Jordan will not see what they are doing?

Then in comes time to vote and let a house guest go.

Then up stands Jeff and takes everyone off and places Natalie and Jessie up. The house is in shock as they begin to vote.

Then Jessie is out the door. He did tell Jeff it was a good move. He was not happy to leave but Jessie knew it was a game.

While Chima was ready to blow up...

As HOH comes to an end we find Michele has won.

What will happen next??

Who will go up??

Next Thursday is suppose to be a double eviction...

How will that play out??

Stay tuned this week to find out what happens next....

First person in the jury house:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is Next?

As we all have seen Ronnie the rat/cobra snake is gone. As he left he was so rude and crude to Michele. I guess she was the one person who stood up to him. Glad he left and the door was shut behind him along with the money.

Michele was very happy he is gone and won't make it to the jury house.
Kevin was also happy to see Ronnie go.

Has anyone noticed the hook up's yet? That is right sweet Jordan and Jeff are hanging out. They are a cute pair and will help each other to the end.

Then you have Jessie, Natalie and Lydia. Jessie just thinks he is so cool and that women flock to him. Please. He just wants the money.

The wizard as the call the mystery power is starting to stir the house. No one knowing who really has the power. Some house guest saying it would be silly to use it. But I bet if any one like Jessie, Natalie, or Chima would use it for sure.

Chima has the power as I get chills wondering what she will do. Then she shares her story of her past. I see her as a strong person and all but you would think she would be a little bit kinder to others.

How awesome to have a movie challenge. I think that breaks the game up.

Then Russell wins big 10 thousand dollars. Wow...

What will happen next?

Are these two safe?

Will Jeff use the power to take someone off?

I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens with the Veto Game.

The web is spinning.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Rat is OUT!!

Last night the RAT was evicted!! I have to say I am glad he's out!! If you want to check out Ronnie's interview with Ross Matthews Click HERE!! Ronnie finally admitted his regret was not evicting Russell Week 2!!

Who do you think Chima should put on the block?

Will Jeff use his Mystery power??

It's time for another week in the crazy BB house!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

COUP D' Etat?

Rat/Snake thinks he has it in the bag. Yes, that means you Ronnie. He does a horrible job on acting when it comes to fake crying as he went to Russell make sure he did not go.

What makes me laugh is when Russell says, he will marinate on all Ronnie had to say. While he performed his fake crying act.

Chima has a wild side to her as she jumps on Russell. It seems this season all of the women are going a bit wild for the men. They should just get their heads in the game. If not they may go next.

Natalie needs to move on out. She talks about others latching on and being free floaters. Look what she is doing with Jessie. Just holding on and picking away to get what she wants.

Now back to Ronnie he is so mean and I hope he does not get any power. I mean the way he threatened Michele about keeping him and pushing her around with his words. I would not be happy if I was his wife. Yes, it is a game but please do not be cruel.

Michele was able to whack the house into shape and did not use the Veto. She stood up and did not let anyone in her way. Will Michele and Russell become friends and help each other out?

Who knows?

Now on to the Coup D' ETAT?

Who do you want to get this power??

Who will go???

Ronnie or Lydia or someone new with the new power Coup D' Etat?

Watch tonight to find out...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Snakes or Mongoose

I was so happy to see a turn in the BB 11 House.

Glad that the clicks are out and ready to see the real Snakes and Mongoose come out to play.

What is a Mongoose?
Here he is and he is going to get Ronnie??

I am not sure what Jeff was thinking by dropping. I just hope Russell does keep his word. We saw that he did by not putting Jeff or Jordan up but what happens when some one wins the mystery power? Bad week to make deals as things seem to always change in the house.

When Kevin and Lydia win big the tables are turned on them. They have been sitting pretty but who know if it will last.

Jessie is so cocky and seems to keep the house under his big muscles. Yes, Russell did step up and make things go the way he wanted. But he did leave Natalie and Jessie alone. I hope nether of them get the mystery power.

Jordan finally got a chance to be free from the "Have Not Group" I think she was so funny with the hat pulling trick. Then my pal Jessie, Natalie are there to eat the yummy squid and squash. Have fun this week even if you have a slop pass Natalie.

As the house has opened more into Snakes and Mongoose powers. Who will really have the power?

Did anyone laugh when Michele had to be cut out of the challenge? Oh my...

Happy to see these people up?

What will happen next will the King Cobra get the Mongoose?

Way to go Russell now lets get the snakes out PLEASE!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

BB House=Looney Bin!!

Update: The feeds have been busy tonight! Chima and Russell went at it! Kevin and Ronnie are now going at it! Like I previously said the house guests are going C-R-A-Z-Y!!

---------original post------------

These past few days every single house guest has gone looney! Everyone is SUPER paranoid! Lies are flying left and right and NO ONE knows what to believe!! It's been so frustrating as a viewer of the feeds because I can't seem to keep up with who's on whose side!! Ugh!!

I think the the mystery power has also added to the craziness!! They are certain that the power has already been awarded so EVERYONE is suspicious of who has that special wizard power! Definitely a crazy week for sure! It'll be interesting to see where the dust settles this week only to be stirred up again next week!!