Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Claws are out

As Andrew left the house he left many bombs to go off.

Kristen is not happy that her little secret got out.

Lane says, "not only are they cousins but kissing cousins"

Hayden thinks he has Kristen wrapped around his finger and The Brigade in his back pocket.

Of course everyone is busy voting while the house is exploding with harsh words.

As the HOH ended as we have seen Rachel has won.
She is throwing down words, that the floaters need to watch out and grab a life vest.

No wonder everyone wants her out of the house.

Rachel lets is be know she heard the second Show Manse kissing in bed.

Words are still being thrown between Rachel, Hayden, Brendon and Kristen.

The claws start coming out for sure Rachel and Kristen just scream and claw away at each other.
While the house guest watch.

Brendon says, "You are Busted"

While Ragan has been waiting for a fight to come out.

Lane wants some popcorn to watch is all unfold.

Rachel has let her emotions really get to her.
She feels that Kristen would have put her up and is going after her and Brendon.

Britney is so happy because the target on her is getting smaller.

Enzo wants to have the two girls fight it out with gloves and jello.

Poor Kathy is caught hugs the losers and Rachel calls her out.

Kathy lets it be know that she likes everyone and wants everyone to get along.
Uh I do not think that will happen it is a game.

Of course you see those two love Birds at it again. Rachel and Brendon kissing and making out. They are happy, but Brendon wants her to be nice. If not he knows they will be out soon.

Enzo, Matt and Lane want Kristen to get out so Hayden can get his head back in the game.

Hayden goes to Rachel to say sorry for his harsh words. Rachel does not mind that they are a couple but that they are trying to get her out along with Brendon.
Again it is a GAME.

Hayden then goes and tell Kristen he is sorry. Kristen is not mad at him.

In comes Rachel to say sorry and Kristen is not taking it.

When it comes time to see the HOH room everyone goes but Kristen. Rachel is again happy and gets the Spice Girl CD, and goggles that chemist use.

Britney is overly happy because she does not want to be put up.

Britney plays it well and by having bath time with Rachel and bad talking Kristen.

Kathy lets Kristen know they are BFF's. Really?

It is time for a luxury competition.

Rachel is decked out in a cop's out fit.
Then Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg show up on the screen.

The house guest will get a chance to see a screening of "The Other Guys"

The Other Guys

All host guests are happy and want to win.

It is a fun crash course between three teams of three.

Kathy, Kristen and Ragan Yellow Team
Hayden, Enzo, and Brendon Green Team
Lane, Matt and Britney Red Team

In the end the Yellow Team has the slowest time 2 mins and 18 seconds, Red Team 52 seconds and finally the winners Green Team 47 seconds.

Guess what Rachel gets to attend the showing because she is HOH.

Brendon is happy because he can gets to go to a movie with her and make out with Rachel on a date.
They do that already in the house.

To hold her own Kathy goes to Rachel to let her know how she feels.

Finally Kristen goes in to talk but she does not want it to seem like she is kissing HOH A$$.

Who hits the block?
Hayden and Kristen

They are gunning for Brendon and Rachel to go home.
Rachel says, "Bring it on!"

Kristen is ready to bring her game on.

Hayden is not happy to be up against Kristen.

While Lane is ready for him to get rid of his Sister, Girlfriend, Boyfriend.

Brendon wants Rachel to be nice.

While she is ready to battle...

Will the Brigade keep Hayden safe?
What will happen with the POV if it is won?
Find out on Wednesday.

Do you have a favorite house guest yet?

I like Lane. He is just so funny.

HOH is Rachel:

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planet earth said...

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Jen said...

I like Lane too! I also LOVE Enzo!! He's hysterical! Before BB started I didn't think I was going to like him. I thought he was going to be really machismo and annoying but to my surprise he seems like a really cool guy!! Lane is also really funny and he's from TEXAS!!!

Just Breathe said...

I really enjoyed last nights show because I wanted to see the rest of the fight in the yard after HOH.
I didn't like Enzo at first but he is kind of fun to watch. Lane is nice too. I can't believe that people are not talking about those guys being together. How they have kept that under the radar I don't know!

Amy said...

Yes Jen, I love your picks also. Right now the house is just wild and pretty rude. It needs to calm down and get some of those girls out to stop the madness. Have a great day.