Friday, July 30, 2010

Cleaned up

The house guests are in a dust bowl as Andrew gave his speech this week during the POV.

Britney feels that "one wrong word could send you packing"

Rachel was very upset with Brendon because he did not talk with her about the deal with Andrew. She feels she can only trust herself in this game. Brendon lays on the love with kisses and I love you comes out of his mouth.

Kathy is ready to fight to stay in.

While Andrew feels he is safe because he wants to go after Rachel and Brendon and that will keep him safe.

Matt thinking Andrew is not really going after the Rachel and Brendon because of the blow up Rachel had.

Kathy really wants to stay in to help send her son to college.

Andrew's mops and brooms are starting to dance on their own. As he pushes harsh words towards Kristen. He is not happy that Kristen and Kathy are friends. He does not have anyone and wants someone to talk with.

The dust blows way too hard that Andrew goes off on Kristen and the house see it all unfold. Kristen letting him know he is digging his own grave.

The Brigade thinking they should maybe get rid of Andrew because he has a huge Target on his back. While Kathy is easy to get rid of later.

Rachel is Thankful she has not been on the block yet.

Julie is talking with the house guest.

Lane about what he misses about not being home. He misses the spot lighting and fishing.

Enzo gets a lesson in accents and finds out the house guest will be free of slop for a week.

We hear from Matt's wife. She is not happy about the lie and thinks her husband lacks common sense. Is a little bit shocked but she did help him out with the letter she wrote. She must not be that upset.

Matt is all cocky with Julie about everything. That he is the best player in the house. He is part of the Brigade but also in it for himself. He feel Hayden is the weaker link and has a secret friendship with Kristen.

Then the dust really falls when the last speeches come.

Kathy all I love you and so on.

Then Andrew gets up and exposes everyone. That Kristen and Hayden are hopping into bed with each other kissing and giving massages. Talking bad about Britney, Ragan, Enzo and Lane.

In the end Andrew is left cleaning up his own mess. He is booted out of the house.

With Andrew out Julie is amazed by his speech. It was the best speech ever. Andrew feels Hayden is a great guy but needs to stay away from Kristen.

Is Kristen really mean? I do not have any feeds or after dark shows to watch. I just see her on the show and she seems okay.

Now it is time for the HOH "Big Brother Knock Out"

Which fits in with all that has just happened in the house.

Rachel, Brendon, Kristen, and Hayden are put up against each other in this game a lot.

In the end Lane is knocked out and Rachel wins her second HOH.

New HOH is Rachel.

We find out that Pandora's Box will be back and another Saboteur will in the house again.
It is America's chance to chose who it will be.

We are left seeing Rachel and Kristen exchanging words.

Will Rachel put Kristen up?

Or who do you think she will put up?
Stay tuned for Sunday's Show

What is your thought about the house right now?


Just Breathe said...

I could not believe Andrew last night. Everyone was thrilled to eat and boy did they eat. I'm glad they gave them a week off. I actually got tears in my eyes for them. So Rachael was being a bitch last night which I think is wrong when you are HOH. Everyone went to see her room except Kristen. So when so opened her door, knowing that Kristen was just below she said "Everyone here will be in the sequestered house" and then she said it again when they were inside. Brendon tried really hard to get her to just shut up! I wish a saboteur wouldn't come back.

Amy said...

It seems Debby that Kristen my be the next to go. Unless her boy will help save her. Rachel better be careful or she may be gone also.. Who knows what happens next.