Monday, July 26, 2010

Back Door maybe be shut?

After 2:15:48 of surfing on a board a new HOH is crowned.

It is the one and only Matt who has won.

Matt Hoffman Big Brother 12

While Andrew, Ragan and Matt are the last three standing.
Deals are made that Ragan will not put up Andrew, leaving Matt out of these deals.

Matt speaks up wanting to know if he can get in on any deals but then choose to stay out of it until Andrew falls.

Ragan ask everyone to go in the house so some dealing can be done.

Finally Ragan falls and we have our new HOH Matt.

When it comes time to see the HOH room it seems as the letters are back. As Matt reads his letter from his wife, "She says she is feeling better and that everyone has been taking care of her." Which leads the house guests to think she is really sick and Matt was telling the truth about her.

NOT!!! We all know she is fine but not the house guests.

Brendon is now sad and feels he let Rachel down and they will be a huge target for Matt.

The Brigade is finding out about Hayden and Kristen. Saying that they look alike and my be cousins.

Then Enzo saying , "Bro's before H**'s in this game."

Will this make the Brigade start to fall apart?

Since Brendon and Rachel are not sure if they are safe they have been making out all week and cuddling.

Britney and Lane take a chance to poke fun at the couple. Brendon and Rachel are outside working out. While Britney and Lane are inside talking for them. Making silly comments.

I guess the house guests do not have much to do and can at least have some fun.

We find out that the Have Not's are eating Baby Food and Bok Choy?

Have Not's this week:

Andrew is so happy to have the Baby food?
I have a little one and when she ate that stuff a tasted it to see if it was okay. I have to say it was kind of gross.

Poor Andrew is another target as Matt lets him know he will be putting him up so he can back door Brendon and Rachel.

Matt plans on putting Andrew up and when POV is won Matt will then put up Brendon or Rachel. There's the back door move.

Is this a smart move?
What if Rachel or Brendon win?

Matt wants Kathy out because she voted for him.

Turns out that Andrew
Andrew Gordon Big Brother 12

and Kathy are put up on the block.
Kathy Hillis Big Brother 12

Matt saying, that they are gunning for him and he is on his own.

Enzo does hope there is a back door plan for sure.

What will happen next?

Will the nominations stay the same?
Will all of the love birds continue to find love?
Will Matt be in trouble with the Brigade if things fall apart?

Stay tuned and find out this Wednesday..


Jen said...

I think Matt is playing a good game so far. I was a little confused as to why he didn't put up Brendon or Rachel but I believe he's making moves that will help him later down the road. You can tell he's a smart guy but his continued response of being a supersonic genius is getting a little old! :)

Just Breathe said...

My husband is actually watching BB with me. I was laughing pretty hard when Britney and Lane were making fun out of Brendon & Rachel.
My husband thinks that Brendon is the nicest looking person on the show! I putting a plug in for this blog on a Post It Note tomorrow :)