Friday, July 16, 2010

One gone

The house has finally exploded in a way...

Alliances have been made by the so called Brigade. Which Enzo master minded.

Which includes:
Enzo/Meow Meow

The house guest have now been in for 13 days.

Of course you will see some more Cat fighting this time between Annie and Britney.
It does seem that Britney is the one who always gets brought into these fights.

Annie was put on the Radar by the Brigade to be placed out of the house.

After POV was won by Brendon there Radar beeps off as Hayden puts Annie up.

Hayden wants Annie to get her gun and move on out of the house.

Of course the fun language is back Britney saying that Annie is a Mountain Lion.

When the house guests are now dealing with one new person put on the chopping block along with Rachel.

Things stir again.

Brendon being a kind soul and is ready to comfort both women first Rachel telling her to lay low because Annie has already let it be known she is upset and is ready to blow.

Then the drama unfolds as Annie is upset and crying that Brendon is not her friend and right with Rachel because he likes her.

Of course Rachel is not happy and wants all of the attention on her not on Annie.

America thinks that the Saboteur is Kathy.

In the end we find out it is little Annie.

She was the one who locked up the food, put fun beeping sounds and left all of those crazy messages.

Then left a message that everyone thought it my really be Brendon who was the Saboteur.

Which leaves everyone thinking maybe the "Show Manse" should be broken up.

But no way.

Everyone voted to have little Annie the Saboteur out on her way.

As Annie comes out she said, she left a few things behind.

As everyone taped their good bye messages Rachel has words for Annie that she is glad she is gone so she does not mess with her man.

While we find out that Annie said, "Brendon had flirted with her first, but she turned him down". Annie let it be know that Rachel got her sloppy seconds.

Annie feels that Brendon will carry Rachel to the end. Just like last seasons love Jeff and Jordan.

Julie asked the house guest about being a slop.
Enzo was on it for a short time and said, "Is like an X girlfriend and wants nothing to do with it."

Now Annie and the Saboteur are both out of the house. It would have been fun to see her do more silly pranks.

But I guess Annie was not meant to stay in because it the was 10-0 vote...

Time for a new HOH.

This time it is questions and how the majority would vote.

It comes down to Britney, Monet and Rachel to win HOH.

They have to guess how much Carmel was used in the Popcorn challenge.

Britney guessed 40
Monet guessed 725
Rachel guessed 80

Rachel had the winning guess.

Now I wonder if the Brigade is re-thinking how they voted?

The women are taking over... Yeah...

Should they come together and be the Pink Ladies?

I bet that Brendon is safe this week.

What do you think will happen next?

Sunday the house guest will find out that Annie is the Saboteur while two other house guests are put up on the block. Ragan had a feeling it was her.

Wednesday is another POV challenge.

Then Thursday is another live eviction..

New HOH:

big brother 12 cast,rachel

Who will go up next?

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Just Breathe said...

I guessed 60! I am going to be honest here, last night was the kind of show that I clap and scream about. I was thrilled that Rachel won. Not that I'm a huge fan but I am tired off Enzo running the show. I hope she doesn't let him under her skin!