Monday, July 26, 2010

BB's schedule

I am back from my wonderful vacation and finally getting caught up with what's going on in the BB house!

Here's a rough sketch of the weekly schedule in the BB house

(CBS Live TV Show)
HOH competition

Possible Have/Have Not competition
Nomination ceremony

POV competition

(CBS Show Night Nominations Revealed)
Lots of game talk and campaigning

POV ceremony

Game talk and Campaigning


(CBS Show POV Comp/Ceremony)
More Game talk and Campaigning

(CBS Live TV Show)
Live Eviction

And it starts ALL over again!

----------------SPOILER ALERT!!-----------------

With today being Monday the POV ceremony did take place. Brendon WON the POV competition on Saturday and DID NOT use it today! Andrew's speech shook up the house a bit with him basically saying he's going after Brendon and Rachel (****Not a great idea if you want Brendon to use the POV on you.....Just saying!) Apparently Rachel had a huge dramatic reaction that seemed fake to the rest of the house. The house guests are now saying that Andrew must be in an alliance with Rachel and Brendon. It's been a crazy afternoon with LOTS of game talk going on! Several of the HGs mentioning that TODAY the game is ON!!! Honestly at this point I am not sure what will happen on Thursday. All I can say is it seems Andrew maybe in trouble!

In case you're wondering I don't have the feeds this year. With being on vacation for most of July I decided to wait to get them. Now that I am home I figure I can continue to get my BB fix by watching BB After Dark on Showtime and then during the day reading BB blogs on the internet! I may break down and get them eventually. I don't know! We will see!!


Just Breathe said...

Hey Jen, that's great news. Sounds like some crazy stuff going on.
Andrew is kind of different. I like Brendon and Rachel but she can be a little too much at times.
You never know what is going to happen week to week. I guess that's why I watch it every year!

Amy said...

I do not have any of the live feeds either. Last year I had Show time so I could watch it but this year I do not have it. I just watch the show and read on the internet.

I like Andrew and think he is funny. I am not sure if he will go or not. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Thanks for the up dates..