Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quick and Fast...

Last night the first POV was played...

I am not sure on all of the details.. I cheated today because I have not seen the show...
I got all of my information on the internet...
Which I see is a spoiler..

Sorry if you did not know who won..

My house has been pretty wild with a visitor of my own..

Any ways here are the facts for now..

HOH is Hayden
He picked:



Brendon to go up on the chopping block...

Soon the tables would turn as Brendon won POV and took himself off..

Now it is two ladies up on the block...





Who will go home tonight?


Will the love connection between Brendon and Rachel be saved?
Big Brother 12: Brendon <span class=

Who is the Saboteur?

We will soon find out...

Then we will get a chance to see who will rule the House and become the next HOH..

Any guesses on who will go home?

Who will be the next HOH??

Stay tuned to find out..

Enjoy the first eviction...


Amy said...

I want Rachel to stay in the house.. I love see two people fall in love if it is true..

But I also like Annie.. So who knows..

I am not sure who is the Saboteur is maybe Kathy..
I liked her at first but now I am not sure what I think..

Jen said...

I missed both last night and tonight's show! UGH!! Being on vacation is messing up my BB addiction!! I hoping to catch up by watching the shows online!!

Just Breathe said...

I was late in seeing the POV competation but I figured it out.
I was happy about him winning :)
They really should lay low because people will always want to break them up. I never would have imagined the two of them together.
Does he REALLY like her or is it all about the boobs?