Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tears roll and backstabbing begins

This week the as I call them "Mean Girls" are on the chopping block.


Let the tears roll as they realize they are up while the Brigade is still safe.

Rachel and Brendon give love and hugs but Rachel is worried. Was her speech okay?

Then you have Miss Britney crying feeling it is personal that she is up and not happy because she is a Have Not.

While Monet is flinging ugly words about Rachel, "Stupid hooker"

Britney pulls Rachel aside to give a huge guilt trip filled with lies.

Which in turn makes Rachel cry to Brendon and feel bad that Britney is up on the block.

I am not sure there are enough tissues around this week.

Not for long though Britney starts the back stabbing right after this talk and cutting Rachel down. With harsh words of "STD'S gone air born" What? I guess once a mean girl always one.

While her mean buddy Monet thinks Rachel is jealous of her.

It is story time while Matt comes up with a story to tell about his wife. That she is sick and that is why he is here to win to save her. He saw something on a medical show about a bone disease. No worries though she is fine and if Matt wins he will make a donation to the cause.
Excuse me? Not cool in my eyes. What about the people who are really going through this? I bet they are not happy.

Andrew who is a doctor is unsure of this term.

It is time for the mean girls to get the show on road. It is VETO time.

Wall street style this time. House guest are put in a holding spot with their heads and hands in a hole. (like a cut out) They have to hold a brief case for an hour with out going over. The one house guest that does not go over wins. Of course there is a bit of the twist as the house guests get hit with a dollar bill in the face.

Guess what? Mean girl Britney has the winning time.

Of course it is time for the "Mean Girls" to attack Rachel with more lies to get her to put up Andrew.

Monet is full of lines and Rachel is ready to listen. At least she has Brendon to talk with. He does not trust the "Mean Girls"

Then you have story teller Matt say he will be a pawn and go up to help get Monet out. He feels nice and safe and this will show his loyalty to the brigade.

Rachel feels that Matt is up to something but in the end he is up on the block.

Ragan thinks Pawns are bad because they seem to go home first.

While Monet wants to kick a$$ and have a sweet revenge.

What will happen next?

Will Monet go home?

Or will Matt get the boot for putting himself up there?

The bridged has Enzo, Lane, Hayden to keep Matt in.

How will all of the votes go?

Stay tuned tonight to find out if a "Mean Girl" goes or a Pawn?

Who will be the next HOH and what will happen next?

Do you have any thoughts?

As of right now HOH is Rachel

One the Block




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Just Breathe said...

I think Monet will be going home from what I have seen on BB After Dark. It's been a very interesting week. Matt's story about his wife is horrible. They have their doubts about it so that's agood thing. He was a little too smiley telling them.
I don't care to see the lovebirds all over each other all the time but I do like them. Each week brings a whole new show!