Friday, July 23, 2010

Tears are rolling

Hello BB 12 Fans,

I was not able to watch the show last night. We had huge storms rolling in along with tornado warnings.

So on my t.v. I got the weather man and the station going in and out.

I did hop on the Internet to find out what happened in the house though.

Here is how the votes went:

Andrew =MONET
Kathy =MATT

Turns out Monet is no longer a house guest. She was so sad and cried as she left the house. Not giving hugs to anyone just leaving.

When out of the house Julie asked "Why no hugs or good byes?" She told Julie that she had said her good byes to Britney and Kathy already.

The "Mean Girls" are now down to one as they cry and sob to each other.

Another "Show Manse" is in the making Hayden and Kristen are starting to hook up with each other. But guess what Andrew is right there hearing everything and knows about this new love connection
'Big Brother 12': Head of Household candid pictures: A new showmance... ?
What will the Brigade think about this one?

There was an endurance competition this week for HOH.

Here are some facts about the competition:

*The giant wave wall was 65 feet long and 12 feet high!
* The surfboards that the Houseguests balanced on were 8 feet long!
* The surfboards could be lowered to a 40 degree angle, increasing the difficulty of balancing!

'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Week 3 <span class=
We are left wondering who will be the new HOH?

Stay tuned to see who wins on Sunday.

Do you want to know who won HOH?

Leave a comment and I can let you know or do a post about it.

Just let me know.

Besides the competition for HOH it is one for the Haves and Have Not's.
The first five that are eliminated with be the Haves
and then the next four will be the Have Not's.

Monet is gone.

'Big Brother 12': Who Will Be Evicted in Week 2?

We are left wondering who the HOH is?

Who will that person put up?

Find out Sunday.


Jen said...

I know who it is too!!! I also know who's on the block!! I too was wondering if we should post spoilers! I think we should what do the other think? Do we have other readers?

Let us know!!

Amy said...

We have a few readers here and there. I say got for it..

Just Breathe said...

I do know because of BB After Dark.
I hope Andrew says something because the Brigade needs to know!

Just Breathe said...

Kristen ate a spider last night on After Dark - Ewww!