Monday, July 12, 2010

Sticky Mess

The house guests are going wild.

All the food is locked up and they are stuck eating slop for now.

Andrew is one person who is getting the Saboteur card pulled on him.
He decided it would be funny to hang out by the couch on the floor and scary everyone one.

While others think the Saboteur may be Brendon because he decided to brush his teeth when the black out happened.

We get a chance to see the HOH room as Hayden shows it off.
Hayden feeling the room is "sick" I guess he loves is. Of course you see the family pictures and learn the Hayden use to rope.

Clicks may be starting to form as house guest break off into groups and talk.

There my even be a love connection of chemistry between Rachel and Brendon. They are both into weird science.
'Big Brother 12' Recap: Nerd Love, Caramel and Sabotage

Annie lets Ragan know she has a girlfriend and a bond is made.

Then you we have Enzo who is trying bring in a Godfather kind of alliance that will be the best to be seen on Big Brother has ever seen.

That includes all men with nick names:
Enzo: Meow Meow
Lane: Beast
Matt : Brains
Hayden: Animal

All together they are known as THE BRIGADE.

It is time to get that room opened up and get some of those house guests off of slop.

Hayden is dressed as a tooth fairy while everyone one else is broken up into four team of fours.

Yes, "The Have Not's" and "The Haves" are back this season.

There is a fun pit filled with Carmel and each house guest has to go across the Sticky Carmel to get into the popcorn and look for white teeth.

The first two teams to get all eight teeth on their mouth board win.

What a sticky mess as they all compete to win.

In the end the "Have Not's" get stuck and have to eat slop, take cold showers, and live in a gross room. This room is filled with bugs in jars. Like maggots, and have to sleep in lawn chairs.
They really did a great job on this room this season.

"Have Not's " this week:

As the house guests get hit again by the Saboteur.

A Huge Green X's is placed upon Britney's and Kathy's face on the eviction board.

Of course it was Andrew who found clue which leaves the house guest wondering if he is the Saboteur.

While other house guests may think it is a woman is the Saboteur.

We all know Andrew is safe this week.

Hayden chose to put up:

Rachel because she has not connected with him.

Brendon because he was not around during the black out.

Is that who should have been put up?

Or are these two put up because they have a "Show Manse" as Hayden said?

I am not sure but Kathy and Britney are already cat fighting and maybe that is why they had a huge Green X's on their faces on the eviction board.

As the Saboteur runs free in the house what will happen next?

Stay tuned because the POV is coming into play.

Wednesday @ 8/7c more answers will be revealed.

Do you have a guess yet of who the Saboteur is?

I thought is was Lane but I am not sure anymore.

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Just Breathe said...

Well both those guys should not have been up while the lights went out. It does look suspicious.

I thought that there relationship,
Brendon & Rachel, was actually kind of sweet. (I thought she was just a Vegas bimbo) It's sad when people get targeted so quickly but someone must go up each week!

POV should be interesting.