Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who is going home?

It seems as Matt is playing both sides.
That is how the house guests feel.

Is he really with the Brigade or just for himself.
He is all talk saying he is there for him and is playing by himself.

Kathy lets Matt know she wants to stay and she was not gunning for him.

Hayden and Kristen are a little socked about Andrew. Hayden wants to help him get off the block with the POV.

The Brigade wants to do a back door and get rid of Rachel and Brendon. They are not sure if it will work or back fire.

Uh it went boom as Brendon won the POV.

Andrew is one in the house who kind of reminds me of myself. He is a clean freak and is always cleaning.

Enzo calls him "Captain' Clean up". I love it.

I also enjoy Lane he is from Texas. I love how he informed the house guest about the guns in his truck. The funny games he plays with his friends. I know it is not a cool game but Lane and his friend my drink and then go out into the woods and shoot at eyes and things they see.

Brendon thinks he is a cowboy.

Before the POV is given Brendon strikes up deal Andrew. Brendon wants to keep Andrew around he likes him. They plan to stay together until the end.

But when Andrew gave his speech to say in and it may have blown up. He makes it seem like he is totally after Brendon and Rachel. The house guest may have caught on.

With Andrew will he be mopping himself into a corner or will Kathy be there to clean it up...'Big Brother 12': Head of Household candid pictures: Sad nominees

Who will go home this week?'Big Brother 12': Head of Household candid pictures: And then there were 11...


Just Breathe said...

From BB After Dark last night it sounds like Andrew will be going home but you really never know!
Brendon is hurting himself big time by trying to keep Andrew in the house. They now think that he and Andrew are the secret couple.

Jen said...

I agree Brendon made a bad move by pushing for him last night. Regan has seemed to be sided with Brendon and Rachel but I think last night but doubts in his head! Tonight's show should be interesting!!