Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grenades are thrown

Tonight a re-cap is played to get everyone one up on what has happened.

We now know the Saboteur was Annie and she is now out of the house.

While Rachel has now become the new HOH and has left the house in world wind wondering what will happen next.

The Brigade is now exploding out grenades.
As Enzo has said, "Brendon and Rachel have hit the house with some grenades with the winning of Rachel.

Rachel is happy to be safe along with Brendon.

While Andrew jumps for joy in thinking he is safe. Which makes other house guest think there is an alliance in place between Rachel, Brendon and Andrew.

Brendon does come clean with the house and let them know that he is really a swim coach but does have a B.S. and is going for his PHD to help treat Cancer. He just did not want them to just think he was all of that because he did not want a Target on his back.

Rachel does show off her HOH room filled with Family Pictures and her Boa, M&M's and tequila. Which she is happy to have. Most of all she is happy to have a room alone with Brendon. Rachel is all filled with kisses when her and Brendon are alone in the HOH room.

Then they start to talk about who will go up and Rachel just wants to get those out who will go after her and Brendon.

Now you are starting to see the mean sides of Monet and Britney. To me they seem like those mean girls you would see in high school.

Britney does not like anyone in the house but Monet. Even going after Kristen who has done nothing but stay quiet.

Monet and Britney are two of kind just giving off rude comments.
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Is it because they feel threatened? Rachel is in charge now.

Will another romance come to the house as Hayden tries to crack the tough cookie of Kristen?

He thinks she is so hot. While she does not like cocky guys.

Who knows if Hayden will make her change her mind?

An Alliance may be made between Rachel and Brendon, with Hayden and Kristen. Hayden only wants to save himself, Kristen and of course the Brigade. Does the Brigade and Kristen know his thoughts?

What will happen when Rachel and Brendon find out this was just a lie?

It was time for the Have and Have Not's Competition:

This week it is time to for the house guest to team up in teams of four.
The one house guest from each team is placed on a wall and taped up and squirted with huge water guns and who ever stays on the wall wins.

Britney is up on the wall nice and tight and getting lots of water in the face feeling that everyone is doing it on purpose.

While Ragan falls of the wall.

In the end Britney is stuck on the wall and can't breathe while Kathy holds on.

Britney losses and is now a Have Not.

Along with:

America chose to give Have Not's fish sticks and fruit cake to eat along with slop.


Rachel /HOH puts up:


Britney who crying giving a sob story and is not happy to be up.


Monet who already has ten thousand dollars does not like Rachel anymore. What? This is a game and you know you have to leave at some point.

Who will win POV?

Who will go home next?

We will have to wait and see.

Lies are being spun around as each house guest tries to stay safe. As we have seen Annie is gone now and all of the house guest now know there is no Saboteur to get them just each other..

What will happen Next?

Find out this Wednesday as the battle for POV begins.

Here are a few Questions for all of you:

What are you thoughts on what has been going on?
Do you have any favorites yet?
Do you like the Show Manse?
Or the Brigade?


Just Breathe said...

I'm just watching it now! I only have one thing to say, Bridget is a big whiner! Does she like anything?

Kelli said...

I don't mind the brigade too much, but I can't stand "the meow meow"! Thanks for keeping this blog going, I am so happy to have another season of big brother!!!!