Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's kick off time get your game face on

Welcome to a new season of Big Brother...

Yes we have now made it to Big Brother 12 (BB12)

As Julie welcomes the houses guests to the house we find out that there will be 52 cameras watching every move that is being made.

While 95 microphones will record every word or lie that may come out.

As these 13 strangers move into the house.

Each house guest is not allowed to speak until they go into the house in groups of four.

When in the house the house guests go running in finding beds and exchanging names and a few words.

Knowing there is going to be a half of million dollars up for grabs as they find there bed or friends for 75 days.

Champagne is poured will others house guest are talking.

Then Julie has to reminds the house guest "to expect the unexpected in the BB House."

As Julie informs the house guest there is a Saboteur in the house.
The Saboteur has five weeks to stay hidden and if so he/she will win 50 thousand dollars and if he/she is evicted they will walk away with nothing.

The first HoH competition is held.

With one Mascot which is Andrew.

He soon becomes a human hot dog.
While the other house guests get divided into two teams of six.

Which are Red and Yellow teams.

House Guest get out to the yard to see a huge grilling pit. With huge ketchup and mustard bottles and huge hot dogs swinging in the air.

Before the games begin we find out Andrew will be safe from eviction and everyone else has a chance to win some money.

As the house guest ride this huge hot dog across the grill when they make it to the other side the first person to land will get money and the last person to land will win HOH.

The game goes on and the huge hot dog becomes slippery.

In the end Hayden wins HOH.

But a deal is made by Hayden in Matt that in hopes Matt will not go up.

Later that night The Saboteur hits as the house goes pitch black in the house.

A lock is placed on all of the food and supplies.
No worries house guest there is plenty of Slop to eat.

Who is the Saboteur?
When the lights went out you see two house guest walking around Andrew as a joke and Brendon thinking he needs to brush his teeth and go to bed. What?

I think it The Saboteur is Lane just by watching his moves.
What do you think?

Who will Hayden put up for HOH?

Find out Sunday night 8/7C

Then Wednesday is The Power of Veto Competition 8/7c

Thursday is the first live eviction.
Then The Saboteur will be shown the viewers but not the house guests.

Stay tuned...

I wonder if the house guests are happy they have expected their key to the BB 12 house?

What do you think?

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Just Breathe said...

I hope it's not Brendon, I live in Riverside, CA too so I would like to cheer him on! I thought that Lane was acting strange. Let the games begin...........this is my favorite time of year. I have been a fan since day one.