Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's going on in the BB house!

Today's been a busy day in the BB house! I actually haven't watched it much on the feeds today but read up on what was going on BB Dish! BTW if you don't have the feeds, Carolyn and her crew over at BB Dish do a fantastic job transcribing the import happenings going on in the house all day everyday!!

Well from tonight's episode we know Michelle won the PoV! I felt so bad for her when she went head first in the mud but was happy to see her win! And as predicted Casey is up in her place!! (Bummer) I really liked Casey but I think he shot off his mouth one too many times which put a target on his back! I have a feeling he will be going home this week, however you NEVER know what's going to change in the BB house!

I am pretty certain this week's HOH competition will be an endurance competition. Today the house guests all received new tennis shoes which is a pretty good sign that it's an endurance comp this week. In seasons past it's typically the 4th HoH comp of the season. If history repeats its self, the smaller house guests have a better chance at winning. Which scares me a little because one of the smallest house guests is Natalie, UGH!!

So definitely TUNE in this Thursday for the live eviction and HOH competition. OH and the competition will be shown on the live feeds so I recommend getting the feeds this week! (FYI, I don't have ANY affiliation with REAL player or CBS!) If you don't have the feeds, once again check out BB Dish, I am sure they will be covering the comp!

Who do you want out of the house this week? Jordan or Casey!


Who would you like to see win HoH?


Jodi said...

I guess I'd pick Casey over Jordan to go home. I don't want Jesse, Ronnie, or Natalie to win HOH. Maybe Jordan, Jeff...I don't know.

Amy said...

This was a hard show to watch. I really did not want Casey to go up. I am not happy with Ronnie just thinking he is so cool. Oh well.

I say that Casey will go home but I am not happy about that.

I want Jeff to win HOH. But if he wins then Jessie and Natalie are safe. But I hope he does get Ronnie out.

Are those feeds free you are talking about?

Jen said...

It's funny how all of pretty much have the same feeling about what's going on the BB house!

I have a feeling that the Click twist will be over on Thursday. Remember they said there's a big announcement that will change the game? Which I am glad because then if Jeff wins he can go after the other Athletes!

I hope the power shifts in the house this week because if not I am thinking BB ratings will go down the drain! I don't think America wants to see Jessie and his crew in power again!!

Amy, no the feeds are not free. I think it's about 15 dollars a month. You can get the first 2 weeks free when signing up but you have to cancel before the 14th day or they will charge your account. I did that last Summer when I finished my Summer classes and before I started back to teaching. So if you could sign up and get the free 2 weeks this week you can see the live comp on Thursday!