Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My thoughts on the up coming endurace comp!

As I mentioned in last night's post, I am pretty sure the next HOH competition will be an endurance comp! I also mentioned, if history repeats its self it's most likely the smaller girls have a better chance at winning! Why I do think this? Well, lets think back to other endurance comps of seasons past!

Season 8- Danielle won
Season 9- Natalie won
Season 10- April won

All three of these girls were the smallest girls in the house!

Even though Jessie, (although he won't be playing) Russell and Jeff are athletic and muscular their bodies are heavy therefore it's harder to endure with all that dead weight. The small lighter girls have less weight to "hold" up therefore are able to endure longer!

So, if my theory is right (and I actually hope I am wrong) Natalie and Chima have the best chance at winning! Michele and Lydia may have a chance also! I think a lot of it depends on how much they really want to win!

Chima, even though she probably weighs the least, is a diva and in my opinion a weak player so she may not be able to handle it mentially. Michele's not the lightest girl in the house but I think she's really starting to play the game and may be able stick it out! (although she was the first to drop in the very first HOH comp. The Big Brother wedgie!) So it just depends! I checked out the first HOH comp on line, it was definitely apparent that Natalie was the strongest player in that game! Russell actually held on to the end too, so you just never know!!

It might be an endurance comp but we don't know exactly what they will have to endure! So I suppose anything is possible! I just really HOPE Natalie is not the winner! I don't think I or America for that matter can watch ANOTHER week of Jessie and Natalie having the power!!! So I am rooting for Lydia or Michele but would be THRILLED if Jordan won!

I guess for now we wait until tomorrow night to see how it all plays out!

And watch, the joke would be on me, if it's not even an endurance comp after all!! Ha!!

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Amy said...

I want Jordan to win I love her sweet voice and thoughts she has..