Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not Jessie AGAIN!!!

The athletes have the power AGAIN this week!! Jessie won Hoh and honestly I am bummed! I am tired of the athletes being in power! Even though technically a Brain won last week, we all know who ran Ronnie's Hoh week!

It will be interesting though, to see how Jessie handles the whole Ronnie situation. From what I gather from the feeds, he actually doesn't want Ronnie out this week! I predict Jessie will put up Michele and Casey or Maybe Michele and Jordan. Honestly with four of them safe this week it doesn't give him as many options.

I wonder who will be the Have Nots this week! I hope it's not Jordan again! I will say she handled it pretty well last week!! It should be interesting to see how it plays out with her being the only one in the popular group!

I am not excited about this week but we all know this game changes all the time!!


Ames said...

I too hated to see Jessie win HOH this week. Bummer!

Diane said...

i third that! i wasn't stoked whatsoever about this!! but, to be honest, i'm a little disappointed with this season as a whole so far. :( i'm gonna keep watching in hopes that it gets more fun/exciting.

Jen said...

I have to agree with you Diane!

Amy said...

Yeah this season is okay. But I do not like all of the labeling. That is what we do not want to get into I think. Everyone is there own person and should not get label just not cool. Oh well. I think that Jess my try and win it again. He has all of the power.