Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pop Goes the House

The house has now erupted. No more being nice it is Game Time.

I love the first veto game. I thought it rocked with pimples and gross stuff flying around. Can you say eruption?

Lydia is very upset that she may go home since she is on the block. She is crying and feeling she is up on the block because she is different. It is a game that can get mean and ugly. If you want to win then keep your head held high and keep going. I think Lydia can do it. I mean she was rubbing up on Russell when he won the power of veto. She wanted him to take her off. In a way maybe she does not how to play the game.

Did Chima really make the right choice to be a pawn? I think she is regretting this idea. Not really sure what is going to happen. I mean when the veto game started she wanted to win and chose a very big word that she could not even get out. Oops....

I mean all you had to do was pick a simple long word you could spell. Like Natalie (also know as Scrappy) chose her word LAST.

Then you have Russell who takes it all with "shot gun". Now he thinks he is a king and a ruler of the house. I mean he is a "shot gun" with the way he went after Jesse for no reason. That was so crazy. He put a big "shot gun" on himself by doing that.

Poor Ronnie chose to lie to Russell's face and swore on "God" he did not tell. That is going to come back and give him a big pop when the news erupts. I do not really care for Ronnie that much he is just so sneaky in the wrong way.

Besides Russell being a "shot gun" You have Natalie blowing it also. If you blow up early even though you feel you have the upper hand watch your back. Others will catch on to this game.

Is love coming into the mix? Jeff and Jordan playing this little piggy goes to the market instead of the game?

Braden is left in the green chair.
Why him???
He wears leather pants, does silly things with his hair and makes others laugh. Or is this just a way to keep him in?

Who do you think will go on Thursday?



Do you have a favorite player yet?



i would be fine with either one going home. They all kinda get on my nerves! LOL! I like Lydia but I agree with her maybe not knowing how to play the game...

Amy said...

I think I would want Chima to go home. But we shall see. I also am starting to like Michele she seems pretty sweet so far...

Rebecca Jo said...

That pimple thing was just GROSS!!!!!

I really like Kevin so far & Casey... It'll probably change though! :)

Jen said...

I too like Casey he is so funny! I also want Chima to go. Last night on the feeds it was looking like she will be the one to go but we all know things in house change on a dime. So we shall see. I can't wait for tonight's show.

Diane said...

ok the next one starts in 10 minutes!! i hope Chima goes home!!!