Monday, July 20, 2009

Week 2: FIip Flop Week

I didn't get much of a response on my spoiler question. I think that means there aren't too many people reading this blog so I figured I'd go ahead with the latest news that's going on in the house this week!

As we all know Ronnie is HoH this week and MAN the dude can flip flop!! He cannot make up his mind! I have to say I've been frustrated watching him this week! He talks to EVERYBODY and he is so easily influenced by what other's say, especially Jessie and Natalie. As last night's show told us Laura and Jeff have been nominated for eviction.

If you don't want to know who won the PoV don't read any further!!!!

The PoV competition was held Saturday and Jeff WON!! This is where the flipping and flopping has come into play! Since Jeff won, the big question is who to put up as Jeff's replacement. There was serious talk of back dooring Russell. Chima, Lydia, Kevin and Ronnie were all on board! They then brought in Jordan, Jeff and Laura to this plan (which of course they were in agreement) UNTIL Jessie and Natalie got wind of this plan, EVERYTHING changed!!! Who is running Ronnie's Hoh? Utlimately Ronnie chickened out of the backdoor plan and put up Joran at the POV ceremony!!

So we now have Laura and Jordan on the block! Tonight there's been campaigning by Laura to Ronnie as to why she should stay! She pretty much agreed to do anything Ronnie says. Ronnie is now trying to convince the rest of the NBK(Natural Born Killer) allignance to keep Laura! (The man is SO impressionable!!) Keeping Laura would be a DUMB move! But nothing is for sure! It's only Monday and I am sure there will be LOT more flipping and flopping before Thursday!

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Amy said...

I read the blog. I did not get a chance to until today because I was not around much. It is fun to read the live feeds I do not get them so I enjoy it...