Friday, July 17, 2009

Spoilers: Yes or No

Ok BB Fanatics, I have a question for you!! Do you want to get info from the live feeds before it's aired on CBS or do you want to wait!! I've been wanting to post the results from the Have/Have-Not composition and Ronnie's nomination but I don't want to SPOIL it for others!! So let me know! Should I dish the dirt or wait until Sunday?



Ames said...

What? I thought you didn't like the spoilers. (I hope I have the right JEN, now that I think about it. HA) Well, you know me. I like the spoilers. I stayed up really late last night on my computer and watched (listened) to the live feeds. It is amazing what you learn in the late/early hours of the night. hehe

Jen said...

I know so did I! It was getting good after BBAD!! Crazy isn't it?? Well since you are the only one that's answered and I know you already know the dirt, I think I am going to go ahead with the spoilers!!

Oh and BTW I DO like the Spoilers just not on Thursdays! I like to watch who is being evicted and the HOH comp. on CBS!! HeeHee!!

Amy said...


Just a question the live feeds you see is what is going to happen on the show right. Then when you watch the show it always matches up. I think if you want to you should. But like you said wait on Thursdays maybe so we can all be in shock??

Jen said...

Yes, Amy it does match up! The feeds are live, well I think there is a 10 sec delay. So yes, I knew who was nominated before tonight's show. I also know who won POV ect.but yeah I don't know who's evicted or the next Hoh because Thursday's show is live!

Ames said...

Amy, the live feeds are great and very intertaining. hehe. That is really where you get "hooked". :)