Thursday, July 9, 2009

It has begun!!!!

The fun has just begun!!! I have been so excited & now, already loving getting to know the cast. The following are just little things I picked up about the new crew!

Ronnie - the Gamer.... he is 30 yrs old & needed his mom to come tell him bye.. hmmm..

Jordan - "NO BOOGER"... when did Sex = slang for nasty, disgusting stuff from a nose?

Natalie - How is girlfriend going to lie & say she's 18? Everyone knows they try to liquor everyone up in the house so they have to be over 21... Kevin totally called her on it speaking of which....

Kevin - LOVE this guy... Love the different races he calles himself - "blackinese"... & how he speaks "Geekinese"... I may have to become "Kevinese" by the end of this!

Chima - anyone else think her face changes completely when she smiles?

Michelle - gotta say I like her because she does exactly what my step-daughter does...but thought its weird she's saying her husband wouldnt want a man sleeping with her, but yet she's on camera saying "He's my type".... trouble brewing there!

Laura - Boobs... all you can say... again, Love Kevin saying "I think I threw up a little in my mouth"

Lydia - she made the best line of the night for me.... "He'll be my Duckie - I'll be his Molly"... ahh - who doesnt love a girl who is a fan of 80's movies!

Casey - 5th grade teacher who seems pretty DOPE (is that a good word for a 40 yr old white rapper?)

Jeff - Football... that's the only word I have for him - he didnt impress me much... he did all the ladies though... he's Michelle's type by the way

Russell - boxer... intimmidating looking... muscles.... & can withstand some major underwear ripping him in two!

Brayden - Surfer... shows he can do wonderful chin ups on a toilet bowl... nice to know if you are ever in that situation that you need to do that

And then, my nightmare happened... no not flashbacks of a wedgie - I could handle that - even the SUPER wedgie - but NOT JESSIE!!!!! Dang! I couldnt stand that guy... & now he's back!!!

One thing I can say for sure - he'll mix it up!

So who do you like from the get go? Which "clique" would you be in? I'd totally want to be friends with the "Off Beat" group... they seem the one with the most laughs!



Sue said...

I wish Jessica got back in the house - I liked her from her season. I was bumming on that.

I liked Kevin & Lydia too. Maybe Brayden.

I didn't like Natalie. Why did she lie so much. Who cares how old she is and why lie about being an athlete. That was ridiculous.

Jen said...

I am SO excited about this season!! Good description of the housemates Rebbecca!!

I too was BUMMED that Jessie was the one that came back!! UGh!!! It will make it interesting for sure!!

Live feeds are about to start! I am so excited!! Yay!!

Amy said...

I am happy to see what will happen next. Still trying to figure out who I enjoy. This is going to be a great season for sure.