Friday, July 17, 2009

The house is Twisted....

Last night was such a twisted show with many turning events.

Lydia was still happy as a calm and letting Russell know it by hugging on him. Does she think she needs him to keep her going? I mean it is kind of twisted and creepy. Lydia can use fighting words when she has been knocked down by two guys in the house Jeff and Braden. Yes, Braden was cruel with his words but why did Lydia go after Jordan?

Jordan did not do anything she just became close friends/maybe a love match with Jeff. Lydia is not having it as she bashes out at Jordan. I am so proud of Jordan for not sitting there and taking it. Yes, Lydia got on the block and no tears were shed for her. But when Braden went up they were there. Who cares it is a game Right? Jordan is supporting her team member Right??

Water was thrown by Braden which was kind of amusing because I saw a side of Kevin I did not like. What is up with his little attitude and swaying around and being all big? I mean he was just being a snot. I think even when he gave up his vote it was pretty snotty. I think he needs to go. I just do not care for his attitude. Kevin sure has done a bit of twisting.

As we have seen clicks are forming and changing at a flip of a dime. Like Jordan trying to be strong and getting everyone behind her. She is a kind soul I think and I hope her and Laura stick together to make it through.

Ronnie is just a twisted mess. I mean he won HOH. What??? I guess being a liar and sneak gets you by. I just hope it catches up with him soon enough. He is twisted and needs to leave also.

Braden is now gone which is sad in away. He did say some harsh words but Chima did also. I mean what happen in that speech? She is safe for now but I hope not for long.

What is Michele doing? I am starting to like her. She seems to mind her own. Maybe her and Casey will team up.

What do you think will happen next?

Who do you think is going up in this twisted house?

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