Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eviction Day: Week 1

UPDATE: So I was wrong, Chima stayed!! The swing vote was Ronnie and I have to say I thought that may happen! Last night he was telling each group exactly what they wanted to hear so I had a hard time knowing exactly who is was voting for! It's a good thing he won HOH because he would probably be going home next week!!

So today's eviction day in the Big Brother House!! Who will go home Chima or Braden? It's surprising to see the house divided so quickly! Remember last year when the house voted and played the game as an entire house for weeks? Well this year it seems our house guests are shaking up the house and playing their cards early!! I honestly don't know who's going to be evicted! There were times throughout the week, I thought it was going to be Braden and then after watching the feeds last night I am thinking Chima is on her way out!! It won't be long now!! I always enjoy Thursday nights as we get to see who's evicted and who will be the next HoH! Will the power shift in the house? Oh I just love it!!

So who are hoping will be the next Hoh?? I am routing for Jordan or Laura! No, they are not my favorite players but I think they will shake things up!! I want my favorites to float a little longer before gaining power!!

On a personal note, I am now home from vacation and plan on getting more involved with this site!! I haven't even added Jessie's picture to the house!! Sorry for not being up with the latest!! I promise this week I'll be better at updating! Thanks Rebecca Jo and Amy for picking up my slack!! I'll be back after we know who's been evicted and who's the next Hoh!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, this show is infuriating! Ronnie is a weasel. I can't believe he won HOH. I predict that he's out in two weeks.

I was so unimpressed with Chima's speech. I have no idea what exactly she said...thank goodness for the delay and bleeps...but for a journalist, I'm surprised she couldn't come up with non-cussing, colorful words. They do exist. Go get your thesaurus, honey.

Jen said...

Auburnchick-I completely agree with you about Chima's speech. I lost all respect for her last night! Yes, Ronnie is a rat! Last night on the feeds he was still talking out of both sides of his mouth! It should be interesting to see who he nominates! I have a feeling Casey will be put up!! He was laying the ground work that last night!! I hope I am wrong because I am really liking Casey!

Amy said...

I do not get to watch feed.

Do you watch them on Show time or on line. I can't wait to see what happens next...

Jen said...


I actually watch both!! I am that addicted!! Today has been the first day that I've actually tuned into the feeds on line! It's been a wild day for sure! I am going to write a post about today here in a bit!!