Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Spinning Endurance Comp

As predicted we do have an endurance comp going on right now!

7:01 BBT So far the people who have dropped so far are:

(The spinning got to Natalie and she threw up!!)

That means these house guests are still fighting for Hoh!!


7:17 BBT No one else has dropped! They all seem to be holding on well. The feed cameras are only on Russell, Chima and Michele so I am not exactly sure how Jordan or Jeff are doing! It's "raining" right now and Chima said she's freezing!

7:25 Chima just mentions that she's not gonna be able to hold on much longer, that's she's not doing that great. I predict she's the next to drop!

7:28 BBT Just as hit published Jordan fell (dang it!) She got lots of "good jobs" from several of the house guests, most especially Jeff. And now the feeds cut out!! Ugh!! I'll be back in a sec! If you are following me on this post right now, keep hitting refresh as I am publishing often to help keep you updated!!

7:35 BBT Feeds are back! We still have: Chima, Michele, Russell and Jeff still hanging on!

7:56 BBT We still have the final 4! Michele starting to look really tired! I hope she can hang on!

8:11 BBT Chima's OUT!!! (I was so happy!! I was hoping she would be the next to drop!) And once again the feeds cut out! (They seem to be doing that when someone drops! Ugh!!!)

8:33 BBT The feeds cut out and when it came back Michele was in the shower! We are now down to two! Jeff and Russell! (I guess my theory in my last post was wrong! But that's ok! I am happy!) I really want to see Jeff win but if Russell wins it should make for an interesting week!

9:06 BBT Jeff and Russell are still holing on! They send everyone inside so they can talk. They both agree that they want the same one (Ronnie) out this week. Jeff recommends they, "Paper, scissor, rock") it but Russell says he can't, he wants a letter from his Pops! Both are being stubborn and not giving up! Jeff say's he's too low on the pole to give up now. Russell also tells Jeff that he was the one vote for Casey! That he promised Casey early in the game that he would never vote him out. So I guess for now we will see which on can hang on the longest!!

9:25 After a deal with Russell that he and Jordan are safe, Jeff dropped! So the new HoH is.....


It will definitely be an interesting week!! They just showed Ronnie and he looks SCARED!! He should be!!!


Jodi said...

Well, I hoped it would be Jeff, but now I hope Russell stays true to his word and keeps Jeff and Jordan safe.

Jennifer said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Post!!! Great job Jen!!!