Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking Back...

It was a look back by the Brigade the last three members...

Enzo was the whole master mind behind this whole alliance. He gave out the names and helped this group of boys stay together. It is sad to see that Enzo really did not win much in the game but he win a POV and that was a great win for him. At first I really did not care for Enzo. But now I think he is a pretty cool cat as they call him.

The Brigade got a wonderful meal of Lobster, cheese cake, and champagne . Those lucky boys.

We see a look back at the first Saboteur. When I watched this show I had taped it and had seen two people up and walking. I was not sure what was going on. But if I would have I would have know that it was Annie all along.

Andrew was a wild one in the house for a short time. Breaking the secret "Show Manse" of the season. I wonder if Hayden and Kristen will ever really talk after the show or go there separate ways.

Day three is when the "Show Manse" between Rachel and Brendon started. They had a pretty good run in the house together. Poor Brendon he is right under her fingers. I wonder if they will really last? What do you think?

Rachel did not only leave her annoying laugh in the house but more. She had a huge fight with Kristen that was just wild and wrong. Then Rachel and Ragan went at it. I think that Rachel had a way with words and could dish them out but was not happy when they were dished back. I do think that Rachel was the main fighter in the house and they were pretty wild. What will she think when she gets a chance to watch herself on t.v.?

Then the wonderful Zingbot 3000 had his hits on the house guest which made them laugh. I bet it was fun to have something different in the house for a short time.

Of course the Bridged would have not lasted with out a few side alliances. Yes the side alliances were, Kristen and Hayden and Lane and Britney. They all did there part to help out these boys.

Kristen even ate a spider to show that she could do anything. Crazy.

Britney and Lane were a great pair to watch. They hung out joked and had fun. Like a Brother and Sister would hang out. I think maybe if there was no Nick then maybe they would have been a "Show Manse"

Then we had Matt who helped and used the hottest power of the Summer the Diamond Power of Veto. That was the best Pandora's box according to Lane. When Lane opened up the box he only got some change to fill up his truck. But his Pandora's box did bring out some laughs. Oh the dancing for 12 hrs. was the best. I still laugh when I see Enzo dancing in the shower, Lane getting out of bed to bounce around and poor Hayden just bouncing around like a hopeless bunny.

After Rachel left the house she was back in for a short time. Another unlucky Pandora's box for the house. Know one was happy about this. Which brought on the worse fight of the season between Ragan and her. Ragan calling her a wicked witch and wanting her to ride off on her broom. I think if Rachel sees this fight again she may see how mean it really was.

Then they boys shared "That's what she said" Anytime someone had a sexual thought they would say "That's what she said" Poor Lane did not get it but in the end he finally caught on.

It is time for the Brigade to come to an end. As Hayden and Lane battle it out for the last HOH. Whomever wins this will pick who they want for the Final Two. While the un lucky guy will go out with Julie and join the jury.

Get ready for the two hour final This Wednesday 9/15
For the final show down at 9/8C.

Are you ready?
Any thoughts on who you want to win?
Did you enjoy this season?

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Amy said...

I did like this season. It was pretty good. I loved the alliance of the Brigade they were smart with their side alliances and got on by. Too Bad for Enzo though. I am not sure if he got the best deal. We will see what happens to night.

I really loved Lane but I think that Hayden will maybe win. He could really use the money.

I can't wait to see what happens next. yeah..

Soon we will find out who wins.

I really do not want to see Rachel again. I really did not care for her.

Until the winner is announced. Thanks everyone who stopped by and read this blog.