Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Did you know there was an eviction tonight?

If you follow the better BB blogs on the internet than you probably know there was an eviction tonight! Yep, that's right TONIGHT!!

Tomorrow's show was pre-recorded tonight. I am fairly certain Brittney was evicted. Tonight was also the endurance comp for the first of two HoH Competitions

The feeds have been off since about 1:30 today. Apparently they are showing footage from the first of the season along with other fun stuff from previous house guests like Chelsea and Howie.

The interesting thing will what they show for BBAD.

I wonder who won the the endurance comp tonight? I predict Hayden as he seems to be the best competitor and probably in the best shape. I guess we won't know for sure until tomorrow night!!

So until then, who do you think will win this season?

Are you happy the Bro-gade made it to the final 3?

So hard to believe the season is almost over!!

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Debby said...

Oh my, she wouldn't have even been ready. That's why they taped After Dark yesterday morning. I would think it was her. Well tonight should be interesting.