Saturday, September 4, 2010

Final Four

Ragan wants to work his magic so he can stay in the house. He wants to talk with Britney in hopes that she will talk to Lane. He was to stay in the house. Ragan lets Britney know that those three boys are together and if one of them wins Britney and Lane will be up on the block. It would be great if Lane could flip the vote and keep Ragan in. Only if Britney would take the chance to vote for him and then he could stay.

Ragan does go and talk to Lane and lets him know his plan.

Lane is not sure what he should do. Should he stay with the Brigade or keep Britney? He has to think about what the best thing to do is.

All of the house guest get a chance to see themselves dancing in the house. They are shown their final punishment of dancing for 12hrs when they heard music. I have to say this was a fun one to watch.

Julie ask Hayden who the worst dancer was and he says, "I was"

Julie asked Ragan which one was harder the sock puppet or the dancing. Ragan liked both and thought they were fine. In the end he really loved the dancing part because he enjoys dancing.

The Penguin suit is brought up one last time by Julie asking Enzo if he will live it down that he wore the outfit. Enzo thought it was a cool Penguin and he beat the curse because he was not sent home in the Penguin outfit.

Since Britney is the only girl left in the house Julie asks her what she thinks about the house and boys? She tell her the house is messy and food every place and everything needs to be cleaned. While the house guests think Britney is the dirtiest house guest.

We get to see inside of the Jury House.

Rachel was first and said, she had been working out hard, tanning, and dreaming of Brendon. She thinks that Matt will be the first one in the jury house because of the message she left in pretzels.

She was wrong as Kathy comes into the house and lets her what happened with Matt and the Diamond power of Veto.

Matt comes in next saying there are too many women in the house. He lets them know that Britney sent him packing. They watch the DVD that Matt brought in. Rachel likes the way Brendon looks with his shaved head.

Brendon walks in saying, "Not that I want to be here, I was burned by Hayden" Rachel just sits at the table looking at him not even getting up and hugging him right away. She is disappointed he is in the house. What? Did she only want him to win so she could have his money. For someone who says they love Brendon she sure does not act like it. I am sorry but if I was in love with someone and in they walked in the jury house I would be so happy to see them. Finally Rachel does get up and give kisses and hugs.

Matt decides he is ready to give the jury a surprise and let them all know that his story about his wife. He tells them it was a lie and she is fine.

Brendon tells him he is going to hell.
Kathy says, "it is so wrong and that is sick"

Kathy takes this news the hardest she is a cancer survivor. She is so mad at Matt and asking him if he had ever lost anyone?

Matt he is not happy with what he did but he told them he would have given some of the money to that disease.

It seems as though Matt may not have many friends in the jury house. I wonder what will happen after the show is over and the other house guests get wind of this?

Lane gets his one on one talk with Julie. He is not worried and he trusts his boys 100%. He knows that things may change and he knows it will be hard to back stab if he has to. He thinks Britney is looking good up next to him. He would take Hayden with him to the final two.

It is time to hear a few speeches from the house guests.

Ragan is very sweet and thanks his Mom and Sister. He even lets everyone know it was his Dad that he was playing hard for. That his Dad would have been proud of him, his youngest son. He says, sorry for being a pill this week in the house. Then the I love you everyone.

Hayden takes the time to say he was lucky and Ragan was a great guy. That everyone one in the house knows him for who he really is. Then int he end he talks about this Steam Boat trip they will all take.

Well Ragan better pack up his bow tie his is going home a 2-0 vote and he is gone.

Ragan is gone.

Ragan talks with Julie and lets her know that group inside is really tight and that they would not vote each other out just yet. He feels that made a mistake by kicking him out. But they all knew he would win. Ragan did walk out with 20 grand. He wants to get a new car. I hope he does.

We are left watching an HOH competition.

Big Brother Christmas
'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Live HoH Competition Results

Each house guest has to decorate their own tree and top it off with a star. They have a chicken wire fence and makes it hard to get the ornaments on the tree. They have to pick them up one at a time and get them threw the chicken wire. Of course it begins to snow on the house guest.

We see that Hayden has five on his tree, Enzo has three and Britney has one.

Here are three of the final four
Enzo, Hayden, and Britney..

Then you have Lane...

Who will win the next HOH?
Who will go up on the block?
Who will win the POV?

Stay tuned and on Sunday see who won the HOH.

Then on Wednesday there is a special eviction night and we get to start the three part HOH.


Debby said...

I thought it was a good show on Thursday. I wish to God that Rachel would get rid of that fake hair! I was glad that they were mad at Matt, what he did was wrong in my book. It's going to get very interesting. I know it is hard when it gets down to the final four, especially when they like each other.

Jen said...

I can't believe it's down to the final four!! This season has flown by!

I want to say Thank you to AMY for basically keeping up with this blog this season!! you've done a great job!!

Amy said...

Debby is was a great show this week and it is only going to get better and harder for the house guest as they get down to the final three and two. I do not like Rachel's hair either..

Jen you are so welcome..