Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's coming to an end

Wait Jen, I think we have the best BB blog out there.

Yes, the feeds have been down and know really knows what is going on. There have been some tweets to say what has been going on. But we have to wait until tonight to see what is really going on.

Julie is ready for her live show saying the Brigade has controlled the Big Brother house this whole season. The last POV will be played and some one will leave tonight.

It is now day 68 and in one week the we will have a winner of Big Brother 12.

Of course as we see the house talking to each other wondering what will happen next.

Enzo trusts Hayden like a Brother.
Hayden wants to separate Lane and Britney and get rid of her.
Then this will help hold the Brigade together.
Lane wants Britney to go with him to the end but will stick with the Brigade until the end.

Hayden asks Lane if he got mad when he put him on the block. Lane was not upset at all. Lane does want the Brigade to go to the end but he really wants Britney and Hayden to be there.

Enzo knows the POV is going to be big. If he does not win he know he will go up and then be out of the house.

Britney and Hayden have a little talk. She is nervous and thinks that know one will keep her around. Hayden feels the same way. Then they talk about Enzo being in the same spot.

It is time for the POV this time a movie style. There are posters with each house guest face on i two house guest on each poster. These posters have the two house guests on both sides of the poster. There are clues that have to match up to the posters. The house guest have to place the posters with right clues to win. Lane is so lost and can't think straight to get this done. Enzo is trying hard to get the clues and posters right. Along with Hayden who is trying to get things right. While Britney seems to have gotten a little bit nervous and places all the posters on the ground to get them in the correct places. In the end Hayden takes it to the top and wins.

Yes it is another win for Hayden and he will decide what to do next.

Since Hayden won they decided to tell Britney about the Brigade. Only Lane and Enzo tell her what is going on. Enzo tells her how he was in an alliance with a few people. Britney guessed that Matty was a part of it. Enzo says, yes and then there were four. Enzo names off the alliance and then tells her the name and all of the nicknames. Finally Hayden walks into the HOH room where they had told her. Hayden tells her he is sorry. Lane is worried and ask if she is pissed at him and she does not say anything.

bb12 hoh hayden2

Britney gets up to leave and is crying so hard. She feels all of her work was for nothing since the boys are all together. She knows she will be going home and she is not happy. She just wants to go bed and not even talk to Lane. Britney feels that Lane is not her friend and she was an idiot for talking to him. She is so mad at all of the boys. Lane does let her know she is his friend and he never lied to her. Britney says, "this just sucks when you have no chance" They did let Britney know she would be going home. Maybe that is why the feed were off.

It is time for Hayden to do a live POV nomination. He lets Lane and Britney know that are going to be friends for life.

Lane goes first and says his hellos to his family. That Hayden is a great friend and will have fun in Steamboat. Enzo is the funniest cat around. He really cares for Britney and she is a 100% the nicest, kindness lady he has met and he will miss her.

Britney gets up and says hello to her family and friends. I did not hear her say anything to Nick though. She was happy to be an Alternate to the Brigade and a causality. Hayden is a great friend, Enzo is funny and of course Lane is her best friend. Then of course go HOGS.

It is time for Enzo to vote. He talks about how he is loyal to the Brigade and he has respect for Britney. If Nick wants to punch him in the face he can have one chance. Enzo sends Britney packing.

Enzo is so happy that the Brigade has done so well.

Britney is out of the house talking with Julie. She is upset because she wanted to win but they were her family for the Summer. She did have anger and did not want to vote for any of the boys at first. Julie brings up how Ragan told her about the boys being together. Britney was so close with them that she did not really care but she is friends with all of them.

The boys all had nice messages about not wanting to hurt her. Hayden did not want to betray her, Enzo did not want to see her cry. While Lane felt horrible and will miss her a lot. That the house will feel empty with out her in it.

Now Britney is off to the jury house which she is not looking forward to at all.

Britney is gone
bb12 hoh hayden2

No worries Britney you will only be there for one week.

The final HOH has started and it is very important.
Rumble in the Big Brother Jungle is the name of the game.
The house guest are on a rope like tree looking thing. They have to hang on and get swung from one side back yard to the next. Slamming into a wall at one point. Before we leave for the night the house guest gets water on them from a waterfall. It will be a long night for the Brigade.

Part one of HOH is played tonight and everyone gets to play for the last HOH.
Whom ever wins this HOH will go to the part three of the competition.

Who will win the first part of the HOH?
Then who will end up in the final two?
May the best man win.
Tomorrow night we will get to see what Ragan thinks about the jury house and the lies Matt has told. What will he think?

Stay tuned and on Wednesday September 15, 2010 the winner of Big Brother 12 will be crowned...

Who do you think is going to win?

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Jen said...

Yeah, Amy I would like to think our blog is the best but I really haven't contributed much so I feel like it's not been too good on my part! You've kept it up and I am so thankful! Maybe next year I'll have my act together!!

Amy said...

I think that blog is wonderful. You have put in your posts and I have enjoyed them. Have a great night. Be ready to see what happens next..