Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Smaller and there is a new HOH

The house has now grown smaller.

A smaller table is brought in and the house guests are not sure how they will all fit. They are starting to realize it is getting down to the wire.

We were left wondering which house guest would be able to decorate their tree first. Enzo, Britney, and Hayden had to put 18 ornaments on the tree. Then top it with a star. The only tricky part was that they had chicken wire in the way and had to be careful getting the ornaments on the tree.

Britney seems to have a hard time at first dropping many of the ornaments and while Enzo and Hayden were doing pretty good. Hayden felt since he was in softball he knows how to have soft hands and would be fine. Enzo was not happy when the snow began to fall on them. Finally Britney figures out what she has to do and gets almost caught up with Hayden and leaves Enzo in the dust. In the end Hayden wins HOH leaving Enzo with the feeling he can never win and HOH.

Hayden, Lane and Enzo spend some time talking. Very happy about the Brigade of course Enzo is so happy because he was the master mind behind this alliance.

Lane had wished Britney had won the HOH while Hayden wants to get Britney out of the house.

Big Brother never disappoints us. We see Britney laying in bed crying and sad music is being played. She is not happy at all, but she know she is acting like a baby and is really sad. She does not even care to see Hayden's HOH room.

Hayden was happy to be back in the HOH room for the third time. This time he got a letter from his Dad. He had some wonderful pictures this time and offers everyone to have the treats in his basket.

Hayden wins HOH

Lane pulled a funny one this week. He was trying to get the grill to start up but was having a hard time getting it to start. Britney thought it would blow up. With a bang the grill finally started up.

The deals begin. Lane telling both Enzo and Hayden he will take them to the Final 2 anything so he will be sure to be picked. While Hayden makes sure he will also make it.

A piggy is in the house with money for the house guests. They all run into the back yard and see coins with each others names on them. Each house guest has to take their coin and hide it in the house. If there coin stays hidden and no house guest finds it then they win ten thousand dollars.

Lane hides his in the recycle bin.
Enzo hides his in the plant wall art.
Hayden hides his in an un opened cereal box.
Britney hides her coin in the trash inside a cereal box.

They all run through the house making a huge mess of the house. Enzo found Hayden's coin, while Britney found both Enzo's and Lane's. In the end Britney wins the money.

Britney is not having everyone just sleep in the house anymore. She decides to have a pillow fight with the boys. Which brings in some fun for a little while.

It is time for Hayden to announces who will go on the block.
He picks Lane and Britney and wishes them luck with the POV.

Britney is on the block

Lane is on the block

Britney knows it is a do or die and wants to win and send Enzo home.

Who will go home?
We will find out on a special night this Wednesday.

Who do you think will be the final three?


Debby said...

I don't have a clue. I would like to see Hayden win because he has worked the hardest out of the three of them. What a mess they made in that house, I wonder who cleaned it up. Last night on BB After Dark they all had a nice time at the hot tub. Even Britney had a good time. They are sending someone home on Wednesday's show. It should be a good week.

Amy said...

I think that Britney is on her way out. Then who knows what will happen. I also think Hayden should win too. He had played a great game and should win.