Thursday, September 9, 2010

Animal, Beast and Meow Meow

Yes we have now made it to the final three.

Let the games begin as the Brigade is ready to play for them selves. There is no longer an alliance it is every man for himself.

They had this alliance set in stone after day two and now after 69 days it is time to let it go.

Enzo wants to win this first part of HOH because he thinks he will not be picked.

Lane can't trust Hayden or Enzo to take him to the final two spot either.

Hayden loves both Lane and Enzo but he has to play for himself.

How interesting that these boys are no longer a pair of three but playing each for themselves.

This first competition for HOH was hard on all three men. They are being throw back and forth into a wall and getting wet. Which in turns makes them cold. As the get wetter it is hard to hold on. Hayden feels it is like his football days as he goes banging into the walls. Enzo does not care for the wooden seat. Enzo is out with time is 19 seconds and 14 mins. While Lane feels he is in a Texas bar fight and you when you wake you are in pain.

Enzo lost the first part of HOH
'Big Brother 12' Recap: Enzo is the Biggest Loser

After Enzo falls he is sad and thinks of his family. He makes his way into the house and loves his alone time and make a hot meal. Of course he takes it outside with him to show the boys what he is eating. Hayden is freezing at this point and Lane is not happy about the hot food as he slams into a wall. He was to get down and crawl and slap Enzo in the face.

After 2 hrs. and 35 mins Lane goes crashing into the wall and falls off.

It is Hayden who wins the first part of the HOH. He did it.

Julie talks with the boy tonight.

Asking Enzo how they pulled off their alliance. He said he really has not idea how he did it. Maybe his personality. Lane felt it was hard to keep the secret he was so happy to be in it and could not tell anyone. Hayden thinking the jury house will probably hate them.

Lane and Enzo have to compete to see who will go up against Hayden for part three of the HOH.

We get a chance to see into Enzo's life. He family is very proud of him and love him. Enzo is a very caring husband and Father.

Jury house update:
Kathy is still not talking with Matt and wanting to have anything to do with him.
Matt hopes that Ragan does not walk in he wants him to win.

In walks Ragan saying, "Another Show Manse is here"
They all watch DVD and when that is over Matt wants to talk to Ragan alone.

Matt lets Ragan know about his lie. Ragan says, "Wow and that is pretty hard core" Ragan was in shell shock and had cried a lot in the house because of Matt. Matt leaves Ragan alone to collect his thoughts. Ragan really felt numb and like Charlie Brown when Lucy takes the football away from him.

Ragan lets the house know that he has his PHD and that he is a professor for a college in communications.

Then we have the fighting we saw in the house between Rachel and Ragan. Ragan lets her know she had worn her heart on her shoulder for the game. That she was the drama and the heart of all of the fights in the house. Since Rachel had been gone there were not fights or screaming going on. Rachel thinks it is funny because there had not been any fights in the jury house until he has gotten there. These two just do not get along and that is just how it will be.

Lane and Enzo are ready to play "It's alive"
There are five house guest faces in this game. Two faces are put together or Frankensteins together and both guys have to match two names with the faces. Whom ever gets all five right win. If they both get them right then it will be a tie between the two and the best time will win. Lane and Enzo both get all five right. Since it is now down to time Enzo got 1 minute and 43 seconds while Lane got one minute and thirteen seconds. Lane is crowned the winner of the second part of the HOH competition.

Now Hadyen and Lane will face off for part three. Then whoever wins this part will be the new HOH and will decided who they want to take to the final two.

Lane feels sweaty and numb after the win and can't walk.
Enzo knows it is up to Lane or Hayden to chose and it was a ruff one for him not to win. He feels for his family. But "it is what it is."

Stay tuned to see who will be in the Final two.
After the final two are known the third house guest is sent out to hang with the jury.
Then the questions begin for the last two house guests.

Will it be Lane and Hayden?

Hayden and Enzo ?

Enzo and Lane?
'Big Brother 12' Goes Dark: What's Happening Inside the House?

Who do you think it will be?

On Sunday it is special behind the scenes for BB 12?

Then on Wednesday final HOH will be crowed.
Which means they will be the winner of 1/2 a million dollars...
Two hours of fun...

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Debby said...

I think that it will be Hayden and Lane but mainly because Britney convinced them hard on that one. She was trying get Enzo out so she could stay. I do believe that Hayden would win for sure with Enzo next to him. I couldn't believe that Rachel argued with Ragan. She's a bitch.