Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is Next?

As we all have seen Ronnie the rat/cobra snake is gone. As he left he was so rude and crude to Michele. I guess she was the one person who stood up to him. Glad he left and the door was shut behind him along with the money.

Michele was very happy he is gone and won't make it to the jury house.
Kevin was also happy to see Ronnie go.

Has anyone noticed the hook up's yet? That is right sweet Jordan and Jeff are hanging out. They are a cute pair and will help each other to the end.

Then you have Jessie, Natalie and Lydia. Jessie just thinks he is so cool and that women flock to him. Please. He just wants the money.

The wizard as the call the mystery power is starting to stir the house. No one knowing who really has the power. Some house guest saying it would be silly to use it. But I bet if any one like Jessie, Natalie, or Chima would use it for sure.

Chima has the power as I get chills wondering what she will do. Then she shares her story of her past. I see her as a strong person and all but you would think she would be a little bit kinder to others.

How awesome to have a movie challenge. I think that breaks the game up.

Then Russell wins big 10 thousand dollars. Wow...

What will happen next?

Are these two safe?

Will Jeff use the power to take someone off?

I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens with the Veto Game.

The web is spinning.

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Jen said...

I hope Jeff uses the power and puts up Jessie and Natalie! I think he will so tomorrow night's show should be GOOD!!! I can't wait!!