Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Snakes or Mongoose

I was so happy to see a turn in the BB 11 House.

Glad that the clicks are out and ready to see the real Snakes and Mongoose come out to play.

What is a Mongoose?
Here he is and he is going to get Ronnie??

I am not sure what Jeff was thinking by dropping. I just hope Russell does keep his word. We saw that he did by not putting Jeff or Jordan up but what happens when some one wins the mystery power? Bad week to make deals as things seem to always change in the house.

When Kevin and Lydia win big the tables are turned on them. They have been sitting pretty but who know if it will last.

Jessie is so cocky and seems to keep the house under his big muscles. Yes, Russell did step up and make things go the way he wanted. But he did leave Natalie and Jessie alone. I hope nether of them get the mystery power.

Jordan finally got a chance to be free from the "Have Not Group" I think she was so funny with the hat pulling trick. Then my pal Jessie, Natalie are there to eat the yummy squid and squash. Have fun this week even if you have a slop pass Natalie.

As the house has opened more into Snakes and Mongoose powers. Who will really have the power?

Did anyone laugh when Michele had to be cut out of the challenge? Oh my...

Happy to see these people up?

What will happen next will the King Cobra get the Mongoose?

Way to go Russell now lets get the snakes out PLEASE!!!!!


Alicia W. said...

HILARIOUS! I found this blog today and SO glad I did. I LOVE BB and will def be reading more of this because I have the same thoughts. :)

Jen said...

So that's what a Mongoose looks like! I had no idea!! Ha!!!!