Thursday, August 27, 2009

The house goes Bananas

I was so happy to watch BB on Tuesday night. I sat down and was ready. I got to watch a little. Then the Veto game begun.

I was having fun hearing Casey's voice and raps when my t.v. goes blank. I was in a panic I wanted to know who was winning and what was happening. Not the weather man coming on to tell me the weather knocked out the satellite and when the it comes back on BB will be back up. Then what was he doing on?


I get to see the show and see a few people sliding around. I see Russell, Jordan and Natalie on the bench.

Finally it ends with Jeff bringing home the win.

What he does next surprises me. He decides to put Russell up on the block and take Kevin off.

Russell is going to explode this week. He does not want to leave. He has played word games with everyone. You really do not know what to expect and what Russell is really thinking.

Final four deals are still running wild in the house. Now it looks like things have changed since Russell is up.

Or will things change tonight? Will Jeff really keep Russell in the house and have Natalie leave?
You have Natalie and Kevin jumping up and down because they feel Jeff took the bait and they are going to be the ones who get that bus or door moving in the direction they want.

I say keep Russell and get Natalie out.

What do you think?

Who will really leave?



Who will be the next HOH?

Who will join the jury house?

Tune in and see if the house really goes Bananas tonight.

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