Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weird Week

This week the house went weird.

Russell and Jeff had crazy words flying back and forth. Not knowing if they really were going to have some blows. I mean Russell is know as a "shot gun". I would not want to be in that house when those two went wild. Jeff saying "You Got Got".

Russell went after Jordan and talked about her being fat because she eats cookie dough. I thought that was horrible. Yes, it is a game but I would not go that low to hurt someone. I loved how Jordan did not show any fear and let Russell have it. I am glad she stood up for herself. I am very proud and happy for her.

We got a peek into the jury house. Jessie is still a bit cocky staying tan and fit. What was up with the pink shorts with stars? Those things were so wild and crazy. I thought they were so 80's. Not my cup of tea.

Lydia flies in with her pink hair. Pushing on Jessie and giving him taps and hits. Letting him know she was not one to be played. That her and Natalie compared notes. In the end you could see that Lydia was so happy to have Jessie all to herself.

As you leave the house and go into the jury house the next person in brings in the scoop. Jessie saw what happen to Chima. Now those two are left waiting to see who will join them.

We all know that Russell is coming to greet them. He was trying to go out with class. Saying kind words and hugging everyone and telling them, "Good Luck". Come to find out Russell was trying to be like other BB cast members from the past. Why could he not just be himself? That is way silly.

We are left with a nice hot mess of chocolate as the house guest compete to win HOH.

What is going to be the new twist Julie was talking about?

Let's see who enjoyed their marshmallows and won HOH.

We are now down to Five.

The jury house grows:

Who will be up on the block next?
Tune in to find out.

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