Sunday, August 23, 2009

No More Drama

Thursday was an action packed episode.

We watched as everyone got ready for the Veto. It was live and on the spot. Michele and Jordan were even every time. Finally Jordan wins again and brings home the Veto. She was able to keep things the way she wanted.

It seems new buddies are forming as Russell and Michele begin to hang out more with each other.

Kevin and Natalie are still sticking together. I wonder if they will buddy up with Jordan and Jeff to keep in the game?

We saw the Super Heroes true colors when she walked out of the house. Only Kevin is her friend and she does not want anyone else to win. Will she really blow Jessie away with her new super powers or will she run to him with open arms?

Who will become the next HOH?

We will soon find out who it is and who is going on the block.

I wonder if the Drama will be back after this all happens??

The Jury house grows:

Jessie Lydia

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